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5 Compelling Reasons You Need Email Automation



Reasons You Need Email Automation

Before we talk about the importance of email automation and why it’s essential to your business growth, let’s quickly define email automation workflows. When we talk about email automation, we refer to pre-written emails that are sent to clients or customers when they perform a certain action. Need an example? Let’s say a customer visits your site and checks out a certain product page. Now, you could have a system send automated emails to them offering advice or more information about that product. You can send cold emails to a broad audience. But it’s not a good strategy in a situation where your prospects and customers expect highly specific communication. Have a look at these email marketing insights to clearly identify the significance of personalized customer experience. Email automation helps you become more targeted and streamlined in your outbound communication approach. Let’s get down to highlighting 5 compelling reasons you need email automation regardless of your business nature. 

1. No manual intervention 

Your time is valuable. It’s not feasible for any business to send marketing messages to the masses manually. Sending robotic messages to your audience isn’t recommended either. The only option you have at this point is the use of email automation workflows. Once you set up email campaigns in a system, it sends those emails whenever someone triggers the event. 

You don’t have to do anything manually at this stage. So, you end up having a system that serves your audience 24/7 with the information they need to move forward with your business. Epsilon Email Institute tells us that triggered emails offer 152% higher click-through rate and 70.5% higher open rate than generic email newsletters.  

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2. Personalized experience 

The second reason you need email automation is the rising need for a personalized customer experience. The success of your business depends on your ability to send the right message to the right people and at the right time. Email automation can help you achieve this objective with ease. What you have to do is understand your audience and create relevant messages. According to stats, 75% of email revenue is generated from Personalized Campaigns. 

Instead of sending emails in bulk to all of your subscribers, smart email automation tools help you send targeted communications to your customers or prospects based on their unique needs. For example, if you send an email to your prospects containing a video and several links to your blog or product offerings, the follow-up emails will be personalized based on where your email readers click on your email. 

3. Lead nurturing 

Healthy customer relationships play a vital role in business growth. If you don’t have a strategy to build relationships with your prospects and customers, you’re missing out on business-building opportunities. Email automation can be designed in a way that nurtures your leads based on their position in the buyers’ journey. If they’re looking for a possible solution, you can choose to send education emails. Likewise, if they need to learn more about your products, you can adjust your email messaging accordingly. Simply put, email automation focuses on what your audience wants and needs. 

4. Measurable marketing initiatives 

The good thing about automation tools is that it lets you track your performance and the effectiveness of your messaging. A robust tool always comes with some sort of analytics that tells you a lot about your customers and prospects. Analyzing how people interact with your emails generates valuable insights that you can use in other marketing campaigns. If your emails are not producing satisfactory results, use those insights to improve your content. Most importantly, you have the option to measure your ROI. 

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5. Time and cost savings 

When everything is automated, you will be able to find time for important business aspects. For example, you can reach out to your warmer prospects and have one-on-one conversations. On top of this, email automation saves you man-hours. When implemented correctly, email automation eradicates the need for hiring a marketing and sales team. 

Final Thoughts 

Implementing innovative ways of doing business is no longer a luxury. Smart automation becomes a necessity when you have to survive and grow in a competitive environment. So, are you ready to power up your business with a strong email automation system? 

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