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5 Tips to Write Your Essay Faster Than Usual




An essay is a small paper expressing the author’s personal impressions and thoughts on a particular topic. Essays are a common assignment in many disciplines, and English is no exception. 

It is not easy for everyone to express their thoughts competently and quickly. To complete the task, you need to have a large vocabulary and know grammar well. It is important to express your thoughts competently but concisely because, usually, an essay includes 400 to 700 words. Therefore, you should find out in advance the required volume from the teacher.

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There are tips that will help you write an essay quickly.

1. Don’t be afraid to start.

Many do not know where to start writing, so first, you should look for information on the topic. The author is not recommended to collect long fragments of text into one file – this will complicate the work on a future essay.

2. Choose an essay type.

  • The first essay type involves consideration of all the pros and cons of the issue under consideration. Here you need to give all arguments for the phenomenon, in conclusion expressing your viewpoint on the problem and drawing a conclusion.
  • The second essay type implies presenting only a personal opinion, which should be supported by a number of very weighty pieces of evidence.
  • The third essay type is to offer solutions to problems. In such an essay, some kind of global problem is usually considered. Here it is important to suggest ways to solve it as well as explain the need for taking certain measures.

3. Make a plan

An essay plan is an outline that contains a brief but consistent review of the work material. What should be done before writing an essay? Having chosen a topic, be sure to draw up an essay plan. Typically, an essay plan consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction. It can be a question or a thesis that will be revealed in the text. 
  • Arguments. Remember that there must be at least three arguments. 
  • Conclusion. You need to sum up everything here.
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How to write a plan correctly?

  • A draft version of the plan is drawn up before the final choice of the topic of the essay.
  • The author highlights the main questions (tasks) of the study, dividing them into several stages. Each stage is reflected in the text of the plan.
  • All components of the plan are logically interconnected and sequentially presented. This approach will make it easier for the reader to familiarize themselves with the contents of the document.

4. Follow the structure.

Of course, first, you need to formulate a topic. And it’s not as easy as it seems. First, you need to choose what you are interested in (for example, your favorite book). And secondly, to determine what problem to reveal (relevance of literature, characters, conflict, and so on).

Once the main thoughts are fixed, you should proceed to the format of the essay. A good essay includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction, which should be concise, should give a clear idea of the subject matter. Here you can also define the basic concepts, designate the topic of the essay and the aspects under consideration, and emphasize the plan.

The content of the main part directly depends on the chosen type of essay. Various arguments, examples, or quotations are given here. This part of the work is the most important. The author processes the prepared materials from literary sources on the topic of the essay on the basis of the information studied, describes their own conclusions, and forms a logical relationship between the compiled structural units.

In conclusion, the results are summarized; answers are given to the questions formulated on the topic.

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Section headings must necessarily correspond to their essence: it is forbidden to use vague phrases that are not related to the topic of an essay. The most used concept in the text is always placed in the heading.

5. Don’t be lazy to check.

When checking your work, pay attention to the words and expressions used. Avoid slang, long and difficult-to-read sentences, and abbreviations. Check punctuation. Make sure that the work reflects all the aspects indicated in the assignment. 

Pay attention to whether you have gone off-topic. Reread the essay several times, leave it for a while, and read it again. If, after that, you did not find any mistakes and made sure that the topic is fully disclosed, the essay can be considered ready for submission.

After the complete drafting of the text and its proofreading, the author draws up the paper in accordance with the requirements of academic standards and the methodological recommendations of the educational institution.

How to avoid spelling mistakes?

You should take into account the mistakes that often happen to novice authors. Therefore, be sure to avoid the following:

  • Presenting false arguments.
  • Complications. You should learn to put more opinions and information into fewer phrases.
  • Punctuation and spelling errors.
  • Stylistic mistakes.
  • Profanity, slang phrases, jargon.
  • Clichés.
  • Languages of hate and violence.


To write an interesting essay quickly, you should choose a suitable topic not from among the “general” ones. The text of the paper is drawn up in a scientific and journalistic style and in strict accordance with the requirements of academic rules. Using keywords on the topic of research and drawing up a plan simplifies the work on the essay.

When searching for information sources, it is important not to use Wikipedia articles and the opinions of authors without higher academic education. As literature, it is recommended to use specialized articles of a profile direction from reputable scientific journals, monographs by famous scientists, textbooks, etc.

Having figured out how to write an essay correctly, you can succinctly and consistently formulate a thesis, give arguments and draw the correct conclusions faster than ever.

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