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7 Underrated Elements of Running a Successful Hotel




Running a successful hotel involves more than providing somewhere for your guests to get their heads down. You want to create experiences and engage with your guests, delivering unforgettable stays that make them want to come back time and time again. 

Whether you’re creating a sumptuous retreat where luxury is at the top of the agenda or a party palace with fun-filled vibes, there are a few staples you need to nail down to ensure your hotelier venture is a triumph. We’ve compiled a list of underrated elements of hotel management to ensure your future success.


Running a hotel relies on ultimate time management from you. You need to keep tabs on bookings, deliveries, keeping guest details confidential and secure and accounts before you even turn to hosting duties. It’s a huge amount of plates to keep spinning, but this is where technology comes in. 

Using the right systems can make the admin of hotel management more efficient, saving you precious time to spend elsewhere. You’ve got various options open to you when choosing a booking system, hotel management software and channel managers to name a few, so spend time finding the packages you gel best with. 

Implementing new technology is a swift way to streamline every element of hotel management, as well as opening up a channel of communication via a website and social media pages. Social media is one of the biggest ways to engage with old, new and potential guests, so don’t overlook this opportunity.

Communication and Reputation

As we’ve briefly touched on, communicating with guests is vital to your success. And we’re talking about in person as well as online, including the bad stuff. You don’t want to leave bad reviews about your hotel floating around the internet without addressing them.

Look at reviews guests have left and try to rectify poor experiences. If someone has posted a bad review, make sure you reply to it. Reach out to the person and see how you can soothe any ruffled feathers. You may or may not be able to change their opinion, but you’ve definitely lost out if you don’t try. 

Another trick here is to see how you can improve the hotel experience for potential new guests. Look at your competitors’ reviews to see what guests say about them. Implement any good ideas and swerve away from trends of disappointment. Finding ways to communicate effectively is a sure-fire way to build up a reputation for your hotel; attracting new customers and adding to your guest book. 

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Exceeding Expectations

Getting customers through the door is brilliant but also a little scary. Especially as you want to exceed their expectations to ensure they love their stay and return time and time again.

But how do you exceed expectations? Well, aim to delight your guests. Go one step further with your customer service, create those personal connections that make their hotel stay feel more like a home-tel stay. Something as simple as a warm and welcoming smile and a complementary drink at check in starts their experience on the right foot after a potentially long journey.  

Got a list of regular returning guests? Make a note of what they love and deliver it each time they stay without them asking for it. It may be they prefer orange chocolates to the minty ones or would rather have sparkling water in the fridge instead of still. 

By personalising their stay, you build a connection with them to ensure they make your hotel their go-to destination. These small details will make your hotel thrive. It helps to build your reputation, which is fundamental in the competitive world of hospitality. 


Delivering outstanding service isn’t easy when staff feel like they need to ask for help whenever a guest approaches them. Empower staff to make decisions so they can cater to guests’ needs. That way, if a guest asks for an extra bottle of water or a second cot in their room, your staff can sort it swiftly and create a positive lasting impression. 

Providing extra training to empower your staff will also create a great working environment for them, leading to a welcoming atmosphere for guests. After all, you can tell when people enjoy their job and when they’re simply getting through the day.

Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s

Not every element of running a hotel is fun and glamorous, as there are some serious laws and regulations you need to comply with. Providing an excellent stay for your guests is only worthwhile if you can keep them safe at the same time. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your guests’ safety and secure the necessary compliance for the hotel.

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Fire safety is a hot topic, so you must have evacuation procedures in place for your guests and fire extinguishers, doors and alarm systems. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your hotel compliant, so it’s worth seeking help from a professional to carry out a fire survey to arrange a management plan and any remedial work.

Hygiene is another big area, especially when people are going to be eating, sleeping and washing at your establishment. A dirty hotel isn’t a safe hotel, so keep cleanliness at the top of the charts to help make people feel relaxed and at home. From room service to swimming pool maintenance, hygiene is a top priority.

Identity, Details and USP

Every hotel needs an identity. It helps you establish a brand, attract the right people and adorn your hotel with all those little details your guests will love. 

Are you aiming for a family-friendly hotel with soft play and larger rooms? Or a plush boutique hotel for romantic getaways? Identifying what you’re offering will really shape the business, as well as give you a unique selling point, or USP. 

Work out your USP and flaunt it. If your hotel includes quirky decor, a coveted location or even an interesting art collection that sets it apart from your competitors, make sure people know about it. In such a competitive market, bravely and boldly brandishing your USP draws guests into you rather than your competitors.

Outstanding Events

Events are big money. Whether you’ve got the facilities to host weddings or want to arrange poolside activities for younger travellers who tend to spend less time inside their rooms, it’s worth giving it a try. They’re a fantastic way to engage with guests and create memories with them.

There are, of course, prime events across the calendar, such as Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas, but getting creative during the quiet periods can boost your numbers. Events don’t have to be overly extravagant affairs, but you can work with the space and team members you have available.

Hoteliers: A Summary

Running a successful hotel is undoubtedly hard work, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. You need to, quite literally, get the foundations in place before you can implement these ideas. But once you’re up and running, trying a few of these underrated hacks will set you up for success. 

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