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A WAY FORWARD or TOTAL DOWNGRADING? What Do You Have To Say About Willian Leaving Chelsea To Join City Rival Arsenal?



The Brazilian forward has revealed his decision to cease his days in the Stamford Bridge as he bid farewell with an open letter
This has really caused a lot of controversies as both fans of the North London Clubs roar the internet.

He’ll be the second player to join the club after David Luiz’s arrival last summer.

Average football lovers, precisely Chelsea fans have tagged Arsenal “the retirement club for Chelsea’s players” as Peter Cech also played his final career with the Gunners.

Both Peter Cech and David Luiz have only managed to win a FA Cup with Arsenal as they have won so many trophies with the blue.

It’s quick and obvious to say Chelsea has offered more than what Arsenal as ever tabled to both Cech and Luiz.

Now that Willian has decided to join the names. What do you think about that?

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