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Ant Anstead Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Ant Anstead net worth

Ant Anstead is currently the ‘ideal’ man of the moment. Irrespective of his custody battle with ‘ex’ Christina Hall, he wishes his ‘ex’s’ son a ‘happy birthday’ and is caught playing the perfect beau to Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger on Valentine’s. With the internet going ga-ga over British TV presenters’ capacity to balance it out, a section of them have been wondering about his net value and future projects. For the record, Ant Anstead net worth stands at $ 5 million in 2024 (as per Celebrity Net Worth). 

As you scroll through this post, you will get an idea about his set of investments, his journey from a police officer to a TV presenter, and glimpses of his personal life. Let us explore this in detail – 

What is Ant Anstead net worth? 

Ant Anstead net worth is $5 million

Image Credit: Men’s Health

According to the credible piece of information received from Celebrity Net Worth, and other prominent websites – the estimated net value of the British TV presenter (For The Love Of Cars), car builder, artist, designer, and motor specialist stands at $5 million!  

He is a noted TV presenter who has expanded his reach to – designing and restoring cars. This business acumen and correct investment results in escalating his net worth over time.  

What are the sources of his income? 

Among his peers and competitors, he has the most diversified career portfolio. Here are the specifics of the same – 

He kickstarted his career with the British police department 

Ant Anstead was a police officer

Image Credit: Daily Mail

As everyone knows, he started his career with the British Police Department and even went to win bravery commendations. No doubt, that he did receive a worthy paycheck from the department, till he quit. There has been no mention whatsoever of the monetary details. 

His earnings as a TV presenter 

Ant Anstead as a tv presenter

Image Credit: IMDb

He has multiple shows under his name as a presenter. They are – For The Love of Cars, World’s Most Expensive Cars, The One Show, Ant Anstead Master Mechanic, Christina on the Coast, Wheeler Dealers (he signed a 5-year contract for this show), Celebrity IOU: Joyride, World’s Greatest Cars, Craft it Yourself, Building Cars Live, The Lost Lotus: Restoring a Race Car and more! Most of his TV shows are huge TRP rakers, escalating his net worth to its current value of $5 million. 

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He collaborates with multiple brands 

Ant Anstead brand collabs

Image Credit: Salon Prive

As per specifics from his website, he collaborates with a range of noted brands like – Tipo184, HarperCollins Publishers, Haynes, Motortrend, and Discovery. However, no specifics of the monetary transactions with these brands, and how they add to the value of  Ant Anstead net worth have been made public. However, it goes beyond saying that his earnings are handsome from these sources. 

Earnings from the restoration of cars 

Ant Anstead car restoration job

Image Credit: This Is Money

Ant Anstead is an avid car enthusiast, who has numerous successful car restorations under his name. He has gone ahead to monetize multiple restored cars and taken on vintage car restoration projects. All of it has added to his professional value, which has only escalated over the years. 

Royalty from his books 

Ant Anstead royalty from books

Image Credit: eBay

For the unversed, he is the author of the book – “Cops and Robbers: The Story of the British Police Car” and co-authored – “Petrol Head Parenting: The Essential Guide To Diagnosing and Nurturing A Petrol Head.” The precise monetary details of the proceeds of this have not been revealed. 

Returns as a producer 

Ant Anstead net worth as a producer

Image Credit:

His monetary increments also escalate from the proceeds he gets as a producer for The World’s Most Expensive Car and co-founder of Radford Motors. 


The key reason behind the massive Ant Anstead net worth is his diversified career portfolio. Though most people know him specifically as a British TV presenter, he has a keen interest in automobiles (which he has monetized) and has been a part of the British police department as well. Here are the specifics – 

HERTFORDSHIRE CONSTABULARY – 1999  As a police constable (posted at Bishop’s Stortford)
CAR BUILDER – 2005  Build and restore cars for clients. Also, build recreational cars. 
TV PRODUCTION COMPANY  Show: The World’s Most Expensive Cars 
FOOTBALL CAREER  He has played semi-professional football for 15 years. He has played over 700 matches at Ryman Level. He is also the only player to win Ryman League promotions both in the positions of – goalkeeper and striker. 
SHOWS  Channel 4, BBC Two shows 

Real Estate 

Ant Anstead Laguna Beach home

Image Credit:

As per TMZ’s reports, Anstead previously owned a 2,000 square feet Laguna Beach pad, that he recently sold off for $3.1 million. Currently, he is looking for a new house in the same neighborhood. 

Car collection 

Ant Anstead car collection

Image Credit: Plymouth Live

He is a man synonymous with cars! For the unversed, he is a fan of British classic cars and has a collection of modern and vintage vehicles, details of which have not been revealed. 

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Ant Anstead investments

Image Credit: The List

From what has been revealed, he has invested a considerable amount of his net worth into his production house and personal car restoration work. Also, he has invested a significant amount of money on his website. 

Early Life and Education 

Ant Anstead with his kids

Image Credit: People

Ant Anstead’s christened name is Anthony Richard Anstead. He was born at Plymouth, Devon, England in 1979. The name of his parents are – Nigel Anstead and Sue Anstead. Anstead went to Richard Hale School, and then went off to Haileybury School in Hertford. 

Philanthropic Activities 

Ant Anstead at charity event

Image Credit: ant anstead

A significant portion of Ant Anstead net worth has been invested in – Harrison’s Fund, a charity organization that extends its support in researching Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Apart from that, he also, along with Mike Brewer, raised 45,000 Pounds for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show (Discovery). 


Anstead is a man who, despite his professional highs, does manage to keep away from controversies. The only time he was part of a media circus was during his son’s custody battle with his ex, Chistina Hall. Anstead, went to court demanding full custody of his son, citing reasons that Christina was exploiting their son. The court case is under scrutiny. 

Personal Life 

Ant Anstead with ex wife Christina

Image Credit: House Beautiful

FIRST WIFE  Louise Anstead (divorced: 2017)
SECOND WIFE  Christina Haack (divorced: 2021)
KIDS  3 (Amelie, Archie, Hudson)


As we close this post, one cannot deny that Anstead’s journey has been nothing short of stupendous! From his humble beginnings as a police officer, he has managed to make his mark as one of the most noted British TV presenters and a connoisseur of cars. Today, as we talk of his achievements, the metrics of Ant Anstead net worth stands strong at $5 million, looking to get more! Despite the levels that he has reached, he is still a hardworking man, who with every passing day, is bettering his impressions. 

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1. What is Ant Anstead net worth? 

As per authentic reports, his net worth stands at $5 million. 

2. What is his website about? 

His website gives details about his personal life, professional commitments, and a timeline of his work. Anyone who wants to know more about him can visit the website. 

3. Is he married to Renee Zellweger? 

The couple is currently not married. But news portals state that they have had an ‘engagement’ and are looking at the possibility of marriage in the future. 

4. Why did he get police medals? 

When Ant Anstead was in the police department, he guarded the noted serial rapist and killer (Railway murderer) John Duffy for 3 days in a police safe house. He received 2 bravery medals from the department for that. 

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