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Apple’s iPad Air is Available at $500 in Amazon — Revealed



Apple’s iPad Air in Amazon

Apple’s iPad Air officially rolled out in the global market on March 18, 2019. Since its inception, it has received immense positive responses from iPadOS users. According to the consumers, the iPad Air is the best Apple-generated tablet. Earlier, this fourth-generation Apple product was available at $599. But now, you can get the iPad Air for only $500. Let’s see Apple’s iPad Air available at $500 on Amazon.

Don’t go to the Apple Store to buy this Apple tablet. Visit the official website of Amazon and get a $99 discount on the iPad Air. Amazon has already offered these sorts of product deals in their Black Friday Sale. But, this is the first time Amazon is selling all five colours of iPad Air at this price.

Do you want to buy the rose gold coloured iPad Air model? It’s available for $649 at Amazon. This means you are getting a $100 discount on this iPad series. Whereas, the silver and blue iPad Air can be purchased at $539. But, if you want to buy all four models of iPad Air at $500, make sure to apply for the coupon. 

You can even get the Space Gray model within this price range. But, currently, this discount offer is only available in the United States. So, grab this deal and replace the existing iPad Air if it has stopped functioning.

Why Should You Buy an iPad Air 4 from this Amazon Deal?

Apple has revamped the design of the iPad Air to separate it from the other iPad models. But still, many users have found the iPad Air’s design similar to the iPad Pro. Recently, Apple has launched a green colour iPad Air model. Consider buying that at $500 from the ongoing Amazon sale. So, what are you waiting for? Spend a few bucks and buy this Apple product, instead of spending money on iPhone repair service

Apple’s iPad Air 3 was the last model with a Home button. In iPad Air 4, Apple has removed the Home button to increase the screen size. With iPad Air 4’s 10.9-inch screen, you can do more than web surfing. You will get more security features in iPad Air compared to iPad Pro. There is a touch ID fingerprint technology in iPad Air 4, which wasn’t there in Pro.

Moreover, the iPad Air 4 doesn’t have a Lightning USB-C Port or a headphone jack. Apple has included a plethora of standout features in the iPad Air 4. 

Here, we have compiled a list of features which has increased the market value of this iPad model:

1. Get Incredible A14 Bionic Technology

By equipping an A14 Bionic chip, Apple has taken the iPad Air to the next level. Moreover, with this processor, iPadOS users have improved their graphic performance. Starting from playing intensive games to streaming online movies, you can do everything. iPad Air’s A14 Bionic chip consists of two components — a quad-core GPU and a Hexa-core CPU. It helps the Apple product to run 3x faster compared to the Snapdragon 870 processor. Additionally, this chip has the capability to handle daily workloads. Do you like to play Hitman Go or Minecraft? Now, you can play these anticipating games on iPad Air without facing system crashes.

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2. A Compact-Sized Display 

iPad Air’s display is slightly larger and narrower than the previous model of iPad. Moreover, Apple has integrated a Liquid Retina display in this iPadOS product. You won’t be able to see the screen pixels with bare eyes in this sort of LCD screen. The Retina Display offers more colour saturation. And, it also improves the viewing experience of the users. You can continue the office work or watch movies without getting eye fatigue. 

Apple iPad Air 4’s display is armed with a True Tone feature which is for adjusting the screen brightness. You can even use this Apple product in the low light. Do you know why millions of people chase iPad Air over iPad Pro? Because iPad Air 4’s display is less damage-response and fingerprint-resistant. But, the iPad Pro doesn’t come with a 120Hz refresh rate monitor. So, you can save the device’s battery life for more hours. 

3. Excellent Audio Quality and Clarity

The iPad Air 4 comes with two incredible speakers. And, these in-built speakers have enhanced the user’s audio experience. Switch to the landscape mode while listening to songs or during game streaming. But, there isn’t any quad-speaker in the iPad Air, which was a notable feature in iPad Pro. Moreover, in iPad Air 4, the users will get dual stereo microphones for hassle-free calling. Even so, this Apple tablet’s audio recording capability is worth appreciating.

You can clearly hear the sound effects of the movies on iPad Air 4. But, a few users have experienced sound glitches in this 4th-generation iPad Air. So, if you are unable to hear anything, move to the Settings section first. From there, tap on the “Sounds” option and check if the toggle is off, besides the “Speaker” button. But, if the sound error persists even after changing the audio setting, contact a professional.

4. Sleek and Sturdy Design

After the massive popularity of the iPad Air 3, Apple thought about launching a new model. Earlier, the users encountered random system crashes and lags in the iPad Air 3. But, Apple has resolved these performance issues in the fourth-generation iPad Air. Further, iPad Air 4 is light weighted; it weighs only 1 pound. Therefore, iPadOS users can carry this device anywhere without any hassle.

iPad Air 4 comes with an aluminium chassis that is resistant to corrosion. And, this iPad Air model is slightly thicker than the iPad Air 3. But, there isn’t any face ID technology in the iPad 4. You have to unlock the tablet by activating the fingerprint detection feature. Moreover, iPad Air 4’s stylish and industrial design has been liked by millions of users. 

5. Touch ID Technology — The Ultimate Solution 

With the iPad Air 4’s Touch ID sensor, you can do more than just unlocking the device. Do you want to purchase any item from Apple Pay? Use the touch ID button to do that instantly. Moreover, you can easily find the required applications without further searching them. This built-in security feature can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. 

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In its latest blog, Apple stated two reasons for replacing face ID with Touch ID technology. Usually, the Face ID feature has caused a lot of data vulnerabilities. It would be risky for an individual to unlock the device in the crowded environment in this pandemic. But, when using the touch ID, there’s no need to open the face masks. So, Apple took such drastic action to increase the safety level of iPad users.

6. Improve your Productivity with Apple Pencil 

Have you used an iPad Pro before? Then, you must know how the Apple Pencil works or what this iPad accessory is capable of doing. Though, the Apple Pencil isn’t something new in an iPad 4. It was earlier included in the 1st and 3rd Generation of iPad Pro. But, Apple has made a few modifications to iPad Air 4’s Apple Pencil. 

You no longer need to connect the 2nd generation of Apple Pencil to the charging port. Put the Apple Pencil on the side of the iPad Air 4 to automatically charge the device. And, when this Pencil is paired with a fourth-generation iPad, it can be powered up within 15-30 minutes. Use the Apple Pencil while taking down notes. 

Moreover, an Apple Pencil can help you to highlight the important portion of a PDF file. You can even draw sketches and doodles with the 2nd-Gen Apple Pencil. What else can you do with this Apple accessory? Well, the iPad Air 4 users can sign any online document and audit the files with an Apple Pencil. 

7. Increase the Writing Speed with Magic Keyboard

Like iPad Air Pro, iPad Air 4 also comes with Magic Keyboard functionality. With this super-swift keyboard, you can write long paragraphs without making any mistakes. Moreover, iPad Air 4’s keyboard has a “vertical Travel” feature that brings typing ease. Apple has also included a trackpad inside this iPad model’s Magic Keyboard. Consider adjusting the hinges of the iPad Air 4 when you are not using the keyboard. 

But, there isn’t an Esc key in such an advanced keyboard. Moreover, Apple has removed the “Fn” row from the iPad Air 4’s Magic Keyboard. So, instead of using function keys, go to the Control Center to create shortcuts. 

What are the Other Features of the iPad Air 4?

iPad Air 4 would be the best replacement for a laptop or PC. You can perform all the necessary office work on this Apple device. Moreover, professional photographers can enhance their photography skills by using high-resolution cameras. iPad Air 4 comes with a 7MP front-facing and 12MP ultra-wide angle rear camera. You can capture crystal-clear and sharp images from this iPad model. 

Additionally, the users can clearly see all the details in the clicked pictures. Even iPad Air 4 can last up to 10 hours, which will be ideal for your 9-5 job. The fourth-generation iPad Air also takes less than 3 hours to charge completely. So, choose the Amazon deal and purchase this iPad Air in a cost-effective way.

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