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Best Drinks to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency




Vitamin D is an important nutrient that your body needs to do many functions. Many people experience different symptoms like fatigue, laziness, etc. that can affect their quality of life. Doctors may ask you for vitamin d deficiency tests if you experience any of these symptoms. 

Sometimes, people take supplements to fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Common causes of vitamin D deficiency is poor nutrition which can lead to many health conditions. You should focus on what foods you should eat and how you should stay healthy.

Some beverages are also beneficial for overall health. Less exposure to sunlight can also lead to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin that helps your body to stay healthy with proper functions.

Some essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium absorption are crucial that occur due to the contribution of vitamin D. The more benefits of vitamin D include boosting the immune system and facilitating development and growth of bones and teeth.You can check out orthodontics in orange city if you want more information on how vitamin D is good for your teeth.

Vitamin D deficiency results in weak bones, back pain, and also in muscle pain. This is a potent nutrient that you can take through sunlight or even through some healthy diet, such as fruits, vegetables, beverages, etc.

Let’s explore what drinks you should add to your routine.

Orange juice

Many people are not seafood lovers but they can get essential nutrients like vitamin D through healthy beverages. You can consider orange juice which is rich in vitamin D. Always prefer fresh juices as they contain more healthy nutrients and natural sugar. Packed juices often contain artificial sweeteners that can lead to obesity issues and are also not a good option for people who are living with diabetes.

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Yogurt made drinks 

To get more vitamin D, you need to prefer drinks that are made up of yogurt. Buying yogurt from a store is also a good option but always read the ingredients so it does not contain any artificial ingredients that can cause any damage to your body.

But the best way to get the benefit of yogurt is to make it at home. It helps to avoid preservations. Many people do not like to eat yogurt but they can enjoy the drinks that are made with yogurt and other ingredients. You can also add some other ingredients that can add flavors to your drinks.

For example, you can add mint that gives your drink a new flavor and reduce the yogurt taste.

Soy milk 

There are very less options to get vitamin D, such as vegans, vegetarians, animal-based foods, etc. Plant-based milk substitutes like soy milk are beneficial and fortified with vitamin D. The essential nutrients are also found in cow milk. But you should avoid buying packaged soy milk but go for fresh milk. You should also avoid the other form of preservatives that can cause other health problems.

Cow milk

It is one of the most consumed drinks that are common worldwide. Full fat milk consists of 4% fat and also other essential nutrients like vitamin D, E, K, and A. People who do not like to drink milk can go for the smoothies. The full-fat milk contains an excellent amount of vitamin D that can let your body perform properly.

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People who do not like beverages that much can eat foods with a high amount of vitamin D.

These foods include:

Canned tuna 

It is easy to store and can be preserved in cans. It is inexpensive as compared to fish. Canned tuna also contains vitamin K and is rich in vitamin D 268 IU in a 3.5-ounce serving. But you should be careful while eating canned tuna as it contains methylmercury that can cause various health issues.

Egg yolks 

Not a lover of seafood? Well, you can get vitamin D by eating egg yolks. The whole eggs contain proteins, fat, vitamins, and other nutrients.

The vitamin D in the egg yolk depends on the sun exposure and what the chicken fed on. More sun exposure can lead to more vitamin D content in the egg yolk.


Non-animal sources include mushrooms that provide enough vitamin D. They also synthesize the vitamin after getting exposed to the sunlight.

Vitamin D2 increases the blood level of vitamin D. Mushrooms can provide your body with vitamin D2.

Cod liver oil 

It is a common yet popular supplement that can be used in the replacement of fish. The intake of cod liver oil provides enough vitamin D along with other essential nutrients. It is a great source of vitamin A that provides 150% of the daily value.

But making sure that you do not take in excess amounts of vitamin A can work against your body functions as a toxic element.

Final thought 

Anyone can experience a deficiency of vitamin D at any age but a healthy diet can fulfill the deficiency. Make sure that you drink the vitamin D-rich drinks that help you live a healthy diet. Vitamin D can prevent many potential health conditions.You can visit Magazine Hubs for more details, if there is any ambiguity you can contact them.

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