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Best FFXIV Addons & Mods (2022)




Although addons are not counted as essentials for participating in or enjoying any game, they can improve your gaming experience. Addons are the extra benefits, including better graphics, better lighting, and additional features which can level up your performance and experience while gaming.

Each add-on or mod has different rules for providing various textures and qualities of Avatar, which you can customize according to your own choice. The addons and mods for FFXIV can help you have a better and more magical gaming experience by allowing you to customize your Avatar and give you additional benefits.

Since these addons and mods are updated with time, it can be challenging to find the best ones available for gamers at any instant. Do not worry. We have created a list of the latest and the best FF14 mods and addons for gamers. You can find what you are looking for in this list easily. So, let’s start with the top FF14 Addons and mod.

Top FFXIV Addons & Mods (2022)

Face Defined

After all, “It’s all about face value”; hence, this add-on is on the top list of Best FFXIV Addons & Mods. Every gamer wishes to have a new look for their face in the gaming universe. Since looking good is essential, gamers must install this mod with their games and enjoy customized face looks.

You can easily find new textures, eye colours, skin colours, etc., for the face of your Avatar using this mod. Also, this addon allows you to customize all the male Avatar and female avatars with specific customization. However, this mod will improve how you look. If you enter a crowded region, it can also degrade your performance by a margin.

Material UI

The material UI add-on is specifically designed to replace FFXIV’s existing theme, and it helps the game look better and is convenient for gamers to use. Once you get this add-on for your gaming PC, you will get access to new icons, more straightforward bars, a better inventory screen, the option of finding duty, new characters, and many such upgrades.

One of the most notable features of this addon is that it automatically adds the coordinates in the treasure map hunters. You can operate this addon only in dark mode

Alive Gshade Preset

This mod is one of the most efficient, colourful, and exciting additions to make Final Fantasy XIV better and more entertaining. This add-on will make the graphical representation of the game better and more interactive. However, you will need updated hardware to use this mod on your PC.

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Custom UI

You can now customize your layout using this mod. Although gamers do not widely use it, this mod has more potential than it is known for. You can enjoy additional features and upgraded options on your gaming PC by installing this addon. Also, this mod is free to use and comes with many hidden features. If you are also looking for an addon that costs nothing yet will change the layout of your game, this is the best fit for you.

The Newness

As the name suggests, this mod will ensure that your game feels new and exciting to you. It is one of the rare graphic mods that does not strain your frame rate, and this feature is difficult to find amongst the other addons Or heavier mods. You can experience more lighting in the FF14 world. This mod does not degrade or upgrade your performance and only works on visuals.

Touch of Real

Touch of real is also one of the ffxiv mods you can consider if you are looking to upgrade your visuals. This mod can only be used to modify and enhance the visuals of the male characters in a game. This addon helps you get a more realistic face for male characters of your game if you don’t like the current face looks. This addon is easy to install and can be one of the easiest ones to use to transform your male Avatar’s look.

Moogle Maps

If you are bored of your traditional maps and wish to have an exciting map on the screen, this mod can help you. This mod enables you to transform your map and add various features that depict where the treasure is hidden throughout the path. You can also easily enjoy daily hunting as this mod will ensure that the monsters are placed right in front of your eyes.

Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

You might think that the eyes of your Final Fantasy avatar are not as sparkly or attractive. You can install this addon and transform your character’s regular eyes into an owl’s eye. This mod can be used on female or male avatars and for any Final Fantasy XIV or ffxiv.

Hair Defined

Using this mod, you can also replace different components such as eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair, beard colour, or texture according to your own choice. These ffxiv mods ensure that you can give your Avatar a complete and perfect look by replacing the default hair type.

Heavensward SweetFX

As complicated as it may sound, this mod is straightforward to install and capable of transforming your game’s look. This mod enables you to experience an outstanding visual and graphic representation with a unique display of shadows associated with the Avatar. Giving the game a realistic and unique look. You can also access the guide to learn everything about how this mod works.

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How to Add FF14 Mods

Firstly you will need an updated gear, including a white x570 motherboard, a processor with which mods are compatible. If you have the appropriate equipment, follow the given steps to add ffxiv mods:

  •     First of all, shut down your game completely
  •     Now download and set up ff14Textools on your PC to apply the mods
  •     Once the set-up process is completed, simply select a mod you wish to add
  •     Now, open the text tools on your device
  •     Find the file you want to replace with the mod
  •     Now, find the option export at DDS from the current menu and tap on it
  •     Then, click on the folder button to gain access to the file that you want to replace
  •     Now, replace this selected file with the downloaded one
  •     Lastly, return to the text tools page and tap on import


Q: What are Ffxiv add-ons?

A: Ffxiv add-ons are third-party applications or plugins that enhance the gameplay and visuals of Final Fantasy XIV, a popular MMORPG. They can provide features such as damage meters, UI customization, performance optimization, and more.

Q: Why are Ffxiv add-ons important?

A: Ffxiv add-ons are important because they can improve the player’s experience and enjoyment of the game. They can help players monitor their stats, track their progress, adjust their settings, and personalize their interface.

Q: How can you install and use Ffxiv add-ons?

A: You can install and use Ffxiv add-ons by downloading them from various websites, such as Nexus Mods, XIV Mod Archive, or Gamer Tweak.

Q: What are some of the best Ffxiv add-ons?

A: Some of the best Ffxiv add-ons are Upscaled Weapon Textures, which improves the look of the weapons in the game; Blue UI, which changes the default UI color to a classic Final Fantasy blue; A Tummy Reborn, which adds more body definition to most races.

Q: What are some risks and limitations of using Ffxiv add-ons?

A: Some risks and limitations of using Ffxiv add-ons are that they may not be compatible with the latest game updates or patches and may cause errors, crashes, or performance issues.


Mods or Addons make the gaming experience better and help you gain better visuals and a convenient layout. If you want a customized game which can provide you with the most realistic experience, these Addons will help you achieve it.

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