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Best Shopify stores take your eCommerce business to a higher level



A Shopify store that looks and works great is a favourite for many.  That means you might think getting a gorgeous storefront is easy. However, you are competing with beautiful-looking stores. That leaves you with the option of whether to raise your level to stand out among competitors. Or stand behind the competitors.  

To be honest, several things make Shopify a great one in the market. Being a multifaceted option, Shopify is based on a certain consumer base. You should make your brand more attractive than the competitors. A striking & unique storefront is something that every merchant looks for. Let’s see the popular Shopify stores to take your e-commerce business to another level. 

Things that make a store look bigger than others 

  • Good stores have great imagery with a  designed site experience. 
  • Shopping usually happens where people are. It can be on their mobile or laptop. Make sure to optimise the store for the mobile experience
  • No one is patient enough. Everyone wants to get answers as quickly as possible. If your website isn’t loading quickly, then people visit other stores. How faster a website loads, the more the conversion rate you get.
  • A simple store could get you sales on its own. However, with integrations, it can offer you more functionality. Shopify apps & integrations can implement customer loyalty programs, customer support, social proof, etc. 
  • Free shipping is another popular power to attract customers to the store. A good 73% of the customers who get free shipping can change their buying decisions.
  • Consumers pick a product after looking at everything. You should post videos and photos along with detailed descriptions. Try to be more descriptive. A Shopify agency can make your job easy from designing a store to creative 

Popular Shopify stores to get inspired

1. Chubbies

 Chubbies store is a place that’s especially founded just for the s short shorts in a retro theme.  This company sold real quick and expanded more. With over 1.6 billion Facebook followers it makes eight figures. Like most stores, Chubbies uses Shopify agency and stock apps for enhancing sales. It utilises  Signifyd, for fraud-related issues. That avoids money loss. This popular brand updated the feel & look of its site for creating a strong consumer experience.

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2. AllBirds

Allbirds main goal is to make people pick their footwear hassle-free without worrying about the environment or style.   Because, they come up with shoes that are environmentally friendly, stylish, and soft. The modern and bright website offers outstanding contrast against the brand’s earth-tone shoes.

Coming to its website, Allbirds tried tested strategies and excited them flawlessly.   Allbirds’ unique selling point is that they show how eco-conscious they are. And highlighted  “Renewable Materials” on their homepage and product page.

Not just that, they went on further to prove their positive feedback from well-known publications  CNN, and wall street. Social proof attracts trust and makes people purchase from you. 

3. Thrive Causemetics 

 Karissa Bodnar, who is shaken by her friend’s death from cancer, decided to launch Thrive Causemetics. This company donates a product to the woman-in-need for each product bought.

Now, Thrive has tallied revenue of 3.1 million dollars. Where donated over $1 million. What we love about these brands is that they are clear about their brand purpose. They run with a purpose and that’s too good a cause. With a touching backstory,  Thrive isn’t an eCommerce store but a movement. 

Their purposeful movement made customers spread the word about the brand and that resulted in Thrive’s discovery. Start talking about the brand’s purpose on the website or the social media etc. Do you need help with the storytelling, reach out to a Shopify Plus agency for more ideas.  

4. GetVineBox 

All we can say is that Gevinebox is an excellent example of a Shopify store in terms of solving issues for its potential market. Getvinebox lets consumers enjoy their wine easily with a few clicks from their comforts of home. With sophisticated and soft background colours that match premium delivery services. You can find details on their homepage regarding their launch and the benefits of wine delivery services. You can even find out important insights in their blog section. In case you are a wine lover then you can enjoy professional tricks and tips by sipping a glass of wine frame Getvinebox. They offer a disability friendly at page bottom that makes online stores more inclusive and accessible.

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5. Huel

Huel is a combination of humans and fuel. It launched in 2015 to make nutritious food that’s affordable and convenient.  Now, it’s reached the top position in the list of offering supplements and needs that are completely nutritional. Huel doesn’t follow any nonsense approaches in terms of marketing.

 Anyone who visits the hotel homepage can easily understand that they are exploring popular and winning brands. Because they claim themselves as the world’s top food along with their million counts of meals sold. This kind of simple and short copy can attract a potential audience. Along with the information on how they help you achieve fitness goals made them a unique brand among the competitors. 

6. Fashion Nova 

Fashion Nova is one of the most well-known e-commerce brands in the fashion industry. With over 400 million dollars in revenue, its unique selling point is that they design affordable clothes for women and men.  It’s quite opposite to the stereotypical sizing by other retailer brands. They offer clothing for curvy women. 

That made plus-size consumers feel valued and special. What mostly made fashion Nova stand out was its social media marketing. With their unique selling point, fashion Nova always features their customers pictures on the homepage wearing their clothes. This simple brick made them popular. Not just that fashion nova even approaches famous influencers such as Cardi B.

7. ColourPop

Very similar to its name, colour pop stands out uniquely and dominantly in the competitive cosmetic market. Due to its playful and beautiful colours, it offers more attraction to the consumer experience. This company crossed four million dollars in terms of revenue. They also collaborated with biggies such as Disney thatwhicherated quite a chunk of consumers via social media. 

Their elaborative product reviews and stellar player of colours made the colour pop a successful Shopify store. Along with several product options they offered cruelty-free and vegan products that turned out to be a huge plus point for them. What you can learn from colour pop is that merchants can send free products to influencers to promote products. So, that makes you strong enough through influencer and organic marketing strategies. 

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