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Body leasing – what is it?



What is body leasing? When is it needed? What are the benefits? Learn here!

Body leasing: important aspects in detail

Body leasing (as well as Team Leasing) is an increasingly popular form of employee recruitment. Its use allows companies to skip the recruitment process, which can be costly and time-consuming. What are the advantages of IT body leasing and is it the best way to recruit employees for projects? 

Body leasing is usually used as a short-term form of cooperation. It is not difficult to imagine a situation in which a company needs an expert for a task, and there is no such person in a team. The candidate must have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and skills in a particular area, but permanent employment is not required. 

How is body leasing different from employment?

It is often believed that full-time employment is the best form of employment, as it is the only option that ensures stability for both the employee and the employer. However, the situation is very different, especially in the IT market. The high dynamics of industry development make it necessary to constantly acquire new skills and competencies – so that the company remains competitive and employees can develop further. For this reason, other forms of employment are often used instead of full-time employment.

IT specialists are characterized by high mobility – they are often willing to move to another location for some time to complete diverse tasks for the company. They are also constantly looking for ways to improve their skills. For this reason, a full-time employee who would not receive new incentives (because the company is looking for a new investor or there are no active projects) would quickly start looking for a new employer. It would also be a heavy financial burden for the company itself.

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When is it worth thinking about body leasing?

Body leasing of employees was originally carried out directly between companies on the basis of cooperation and mutual connections. It requires an enormous network of contacts and knowledge of the employees of other companies. There are many companies that, in addition to carrying out their own projects and subcontracting, have specialized in making employees available to other companies. Thanks to a wide team of specialists, they can quickly offer another company the right person for the job.

This differs significantly from the complicated and expensive recruitment process – it not only does not offer 100% security over the person won but can also last for months, so if the company needs a specialist for the time being, whether due to the long absence of a full-time employee with the result of the obligation to pay compensation or the lack of appropriate skills in the team, it is worthwhile to opt for such a temporary form of cooperation.

Advantages of body leasing by IT specialists

Body IT leasing offers the company numerous advantages:

  • The elimination of the time-consuming recruitment process allows you to recruit an employee much faster, avoiding downtime, the search for other technical solutions, or difficulties associated with an employee’s unforeseen malaise.
  • If certain competencies are not constantly needed in the company, the costs of acquisition, such as commissioning an agency for the recruitment process and employee retention, can be significantly reduced compared to full employment. 
  • More flexibility in the design of the team – not every employee has a sufficiently wide range of competencies to always be able to solve complicated tasks. Temporary collaboration allows you to dynamically select the skills and size of the team.
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Should you be afraid to use body leasing?

The peculiarity of body leasing, which leads to a high rotation of IT specialists in the company, sometimes raises doubts about data protection – a temporary worker sometimes gains access to data, trade secrets, etc. People who are not familiar with this form of cooperation may be afraid to use the solution. Fortunately, there is no such risk, and the protection of the company’s interests is guaranteed by appropriate regulations in the contract.

Suppose the company has had negative experiences in this regard, instead of waiving this form of specialist acquisition. In that case, it should simply opt for cooperation with a better professional who has an impressive portfolio and numerous positive reviews.

Can an employee benefit from body leasing?

Although the traditional feeling of stability provided may be important to some IT specialists, body leasing is no worse in this regard. The employee is bound by a contract with an intermediary who entrusts him with the performance of specific tasks tailored to his skills and the directions in which he wants to develop. This form of employment offers professionals the opportunity to improve their skills and get to know different organizational cultures.

For experts with particularly narrow specializations, such a solution brings advantages in terms of the lack of need to independently search for jobs. Many people also appreciate the try-and-hire mechanism, in which temporary work can lead to permanent employment.

IT body leasing: is it a good long-term strategy?

Body leasing is most often recommended for short-term cooperation (when carrying out a specific task or part of the project) or for a limited period of time. Also, body leasing allows you to manage the budget more easily and reduce costs.

Companies looking for IT specialists do not have to carry out a lengthy and costly recruitment process or keep a full-time employee whose skills are only sometimes needed. On the other hand, experts save their precious time by skipping the search for jobs tailored to their skills and requirements. Body leasing is an ideal solution for both short-term and long-term cooperation.

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