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Can Narrow-Lot Houses Be Attractive and Functional? Let’s See!



Everyone wants to build their dream home because the ready ones offer little flexibility with design and layouts. The only option can be to demolish everything and start construction from the ground up. Some people choose this path based on their convenience. You can also take this approach if you wish. However, if you are considering buying an old house and remodeling it because yours is a narrow property, you should reconsider. Narrow lots can also accommodate fantastic constructions. Proper floor planning can make your house as spacious, functional, and aesthetic as you desire. 

So, take your time deciding. Talk to your architect and get some ideas. Once you realize the scope, you may get into granular details like buying a reliable bath faucet brand or, for that matter, any bathroom and kitchen appliance from a trusted label. The high-quality materials and finishes last longer. Nevertheless, before consulting a designer, do you want to explore a few narrow lot home designs? Let’s get started, then!

A less than 1,000 sq. ft. house

If it’s a hillside lot, you can still translate your dream of building a cozy modern home with an angled roof. The angular roof design will give it a unique touch. When someone enters the house, there can be an elegant hall bathroom leading to the living area. The hall bathroom can be a thoughtful addition for guests visiting your home often. They can head straight there without hesitation. The living room area can have an open floor plan with a beautiful kitchenette in one corner. The layout helps you extend your entertaining space. You can build two bedrooms on the upper floor with vaulted ceilings. It will keep the rooms well-fed with natural light. There can be a shared bathroom between the bedrooms. You can optimize this section by adding a double vanity. Even an additional linen closet can be easy to include.

A four-bedroom narrow lot house

Make your exteriors effortless and welcoming. A simple floor plan can be the highlight of this type of requirement. You can have a covered porch leading to the main living area that opens to the kitchen. Again, the open floor plan can be the right fit here. Do you admire traditional kitchen décor? You can infuse suitable features to enjoy the charm of traditional designs. Spacious worktops, storage, and pantries can be the key contributors to this theme. The main level can accommodate one primary suite and two bedrooms. The suite can have a bathroom and a walk-in closet. It can also be close to the laundry room. You can plan one more bedroom, bathroom, and efficient storage space in the loft.

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A modern house with a flex room

Most people feel they must compromise on many desired elements just because the plot size needs more width. But this approach can limit your imagination and stop you from exploring excellent design possibilities. When you meet your architect, go with an open mind as the first thing. Modern homes on a narrow lot can have a garage space for two cars and a mudroom with seating and storage capacities. When you pass through these two sections, the house lets you in the hall with a small pocket office that feels intimate and private. Kitchens boast islands and walk-in pantries as an extra storage solution. They incorporate a beautiful eating nook leading to the covered patio by the side of the kitchen. The living area also features a half bath along with a flex room.  

These houses build bedrooms on the upper level – two bedrooms for guests and one private suite. The suites feature luxurious bathrooms and spacious walk-in closets.

A towering house design

If width is the challenge, you can solve your space problem by taking advantage of the height or length. That’s why many narrow-lot houses tend to be one or two stories. In these houses, textures and large windows play a critical role in improving the aesthetics. You can have a nicely done foyer, a private office room, a plush kitchen island overlooking the dining and living area, and much more. When it’s hot inside, you can walk to the balcony at night and enjoy your meals there. You can build two bedrooms, a primary suite, and a study room on the upper floor. The personal suite can have a private balcony. The lower level can have one more guest room with dedicated nooks for laundry and recreation. 

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Ultra-modern simple house plan

If you enjoy everything ultra-modern, the house should have a simple design to match the theme. Close to the entrance, there can be a quiet office space. The main living room can pave the way to the kitchen island. You can extend the entertainment space by installing the French doors leading to the outdoors. Two guestrooms can be on the upper floor with a shared hall bathroom. The primary suite can have a full bathroom and walk-in closet.

28 feet wide, narrow house design

You can include a main bedroom on the main level at the back, a proper bathroom containing a tub and shower, a walk-in closet, etc. A utility room close to the storage area can be even more exciting and functional. It can be wise to use the upper level for two extra bedrooms with a shared full bath. 

A home with three levels

Construct a sleek house with three levels and a good facade. Windows should be large to allow the natural light in effortlessly. The main floor can cater to the primary suite and entertainment needs. A secondary bedroom and a bathroom can go on the upper level, and there can be a family room on the lower floor. You can also create an eye-catchy outdoor living area.

By looking at these ideas, you can calculate that the narrow size of your lot will be fine if you keep the right vision. For this, it’s essential to choose reliable contractors and consult your likes and dislikes about certain home features. An open discussion lets both parties understand each other’s expectations well and attain the desired outcome without much hassle. Remember, while building a home, you must keep a small budget aside from the central funds. It will help you meet sudden demands or situations tension-free.

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