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Choose Your Winning Fantasy Cricket Team




The online gaming industry has become especially popular in recent years. People have gone to playing classic offline games via online platforms. 

It has gained attention because players can access multiple online games like this. Moreover, they can avoid wasting time searching for their favorite games. 

Play Numerous Games Online

Games like Ludo, chess, Carrom, arcade games, card games, fantasy games, and more are all available on a single platform. There are so many pros to playing games online that players are especially ecstatic about it. 

If you play online games, then you can play them at any point in time, from anywhere, and with anyone. 

If you do not have anyone to practice playing chess with, go online. Find hundreds of players online from across the globe and they will play with you at any time. So, play at your convenience without worrying about location and time.

Win Real Time Cash Rewards

In many of these platforms, you can also play online games and earn real-time cash rewards by winning those said games, and this point makes the whole experience a whole lot better. 

You will only have to find a trustworthy site ensuring your privacy, and the transactions will be smooth and safe. 

Learn and Practice Unknown Games

Another good point about online gaming is that even if you do not know the rules and regulations of a specific game, playing online can help you learn and practice the games so that you can become a master of what you are playing. 

In this article, we will focus on one of the most widely played online games nowadays, the fantasy cricket game, and understand its details.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Many enjoy playing or at least watching the game of cricket. We know the most insignificant rules and the minute detail of the game. We know the players of most teams and each player’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The game of fantasy cricket is quite simple. Here you will not have to play or even control your in-game players to score more so that you can win the game. You are only responsible for creating your fantasy cricket team

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So, to win this game, you must know about the players participating in the live game. 

Another crucial thing to keep in mind while you are forming your fantasy cricket team is that the whole game of fantasy cricket is based on the live match that is taking place. 

For instance, suppose there is a scheduled match between India and Pakistan. 

You can play your fantasy cricket best in this scheduled match between two random teams. Your fantasy cricket game will be linked to this scheduled match, and the way the players you have chosen for your fantasy cricket team will play in the live game and will get reflected in your fantasy game, and your win or loss is heavily dependent on that. 

Hence, it is a given fact that while you are choosing your fantasy cricket team, you will have to analyze all the players involved in the game from both teams. Why? Because for your fantasy cricket team, you can select anyone from any and form the strongest team to ensure your victory in the game.

How is Your Fantasy Cricket Team Formed?

When your victory is heavily dependent on one single task, then completing that task with near precision is very important. 

As mentioned earlier, your victory entirely depends on the team you create. Therefore, you must carefully select players for your fantasy cricket team. 

While creating your fantasy cricket team, remember the following:

  • First, just like in the case of any traditional live cricket match, here, also your fantasy cricket team will be made up of 11 players, and the ideal formation and ratio of players for this team are 1 to 4 wicketkeepers, 3 to 6 batters, 1 to 4 all-rounder players, and 3 to 6 bowlers. 
  • Remember you must select at least seven players from one specific team. You will also have to choose a captain and a vice-captain amongst all these players. 
  • Give these two positions to two all-rounder players because in the case of a captain, his score is doubled, and in the case of a Vice-Captain, you will get 1.5 times his score which is very high compared to the regular players.
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Tips to Form Your Dream Fantasy Cricket Team

To form the best fantasy cricket team, you must keep in mind some points and make sure you follow the game closely. 

Things you must remember and never forget are here below:

  1. When you can select any player from either of the teams, then it is only natural that you will choose the best players from both teams.
  2. It will be better to know which matches to play and which matches you should steer clear from. It is impossible to be up to date with each player from each team. So, it is wise to invest money in teams and players you are aware of.
  3. Do not select players just because, at one point in time, they used to be great players. Analyze the most recent performances of each layer before choosing them for your fantasy cricket team.
  4. The weather and the pitch play a vital role in a cricket match, so you should choose players remembering these two essential points.

Thus, these are the few things you must remember while playing your fantasy cricket game.


While you are forming your fantasy cricket team, you will be given a certain amount or number of gems based on the platform that you are using to play your game, and you will have to keep the value of your team less than or equal to this allocated amount or number of gems. 

So, with such exciting rules, it is natural that players enjoy playing fantasy cricket leagues so much.

When are you creating your team in a fantasy cricket game? Stop waiting! 

Start choosing your players for your team!

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