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Christie Brinkley Net Worth In 2023: She Has $100 Million In Bank!




Christie Brinkley was in the news recently! For those who have just heard her name, you must not be aware of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues that made the stunning model their poster girl. Celebrating her ageless beauty once again, the raging model – going strong even at 69(!) recently shut down the online ‘wrinkle brigade’ trolls like a boss lady. So, much so that people have actually gone back to browsing the old issues of magazines, and the search engines are popping up instant replies to queries like – What is Christie Brinkley net worth(btw she has $100 million in her bank), what is her age, how many kids she has, is she single and the likes of it.

If you, too, are one of the hordes of the search brigades and have landed on this article, your search ends here assuredly! As you scroll down this article, you will get highlights of her professional monetary worth, a look into her impeccable career, and a quick glimpse into her personal life. Here’s to exploring more details about the ‘hottest swimsuit model’ who had hearts wrapped around her little finger –

What is Christie Brinkley net worth?

Christie Brinkley net worth (1)

Image Credit: The Today Show

Most financial websites and the official data obtained from her publicist state her net worth to be $100 million as of the first quarter of 2023. Though there have been reports of it being extended to $110 million, there have been no credible sources to prove the same.

With her roles as a model and actress, as well as her successful business ventures – there may be a chance that there is a glitch or two in the figures, but nothing can be said of the same. Hence, officially, the experts associated with this website would formally go with the value of $100 million.

Having said that, you must already know that reaching this magic number is no small feat. So, how did Christie Lee Hudson (her birthname) from Michigan achieve this unparalleled success and truckload of cash? Scroll down for the details –

How did she garner this money?

For the unversed, she has been one of the biggest names in the modelling and television world. Apart from that, she also has a host of business ventures under her name and supposedly earned a lumpsum as part of her divorce settlement from her last husband. Let’s take a look –

Her earnings as a model

Christie Brinkleyas a model

Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

Her primary source of income is through her modelling career, of which she is still one of the ‘most-wanted’ faces. During her heydays, she has successively pasted her pictures on some of the topmost fashion journals of the day. She has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated thrice, and apart from that, Allure, Men’s Health, Glamour, best-selling issues of Life, Harper’s Bazaar, People, Newsweek, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire, to name a handful. She has also been the face of multiple brands and endorsements that have successively pushed up her net worth.

She was a noted actress of her times

Christie Brinkley net worth (2)

Image Credit: YouTube

Apart from being the cover face of multiple magazines, a chunk of Christie Brinkley net worth is also accrued to her television appearances and music videos. Her film debut happened in 1983 in National Lampoon’s Vacation, and her initial music video was Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. After that, she was seen in a host of other roles, such as – The Goldbergs, Mad About You, Parks and Recreation, Chicago, and Dancing With the Stars, to name a few.

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Her list of endorsements is endless

Christie Brinkley net worth (4)

Image Credit: Us Weekly

One of the most popular models of her time, she has been the face of many products. For the record, she has endorsed brands like Chanel No.19, Yardley of London, Nissan, Revlon, Vogue Patterns, Healthy Choice, Diet Coke, Black Velvet, Gottex, Halston and Borghese Cosmetics to name a few. She has also been a part of the National Family Fitness Day campaign as part of Xbox 360.

She has had super-successful business ventures

Christie Brinkley net worth

Image Credit: Dallas Morning News

The model-actress-turned entrepreneur has had a dream run when it came to launching her business ventures. She has a wine label, haircare, eyewear, jewellery collection, fragrances, and makeup line under her name. Along with that, she also has designed clothes under the name – Simplicity Pattern.

Note: Brinkley is a true-blue American beauty with a brain woman who has also authored a book on beauty and health titled – Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book. It was listed as a bestseller by NYT.

Her divorce settlement amounts have been humongous

Christie Brinkley net worth (1)

Image Credit: Daily Mail

She has had 4 divorces in total, and the financial details of only the last one are available to the public. Unlike her previous divorces, with Peter Cook, there was an equal division of assets. On the one hand, Brinkley paid $2.1 million as part of the settlement, while on the other, she received a total of 18 properties from Cook – which immediately upgraded the figures of the then-listed Christie Brinkley net worth.

These are some of the areas from which the model-turned-businesswoman has earned significantly. She has also invested her money well, which surely has provided her with fantastic returns.

Is there any information on her investments?

Christie Brinkley net worth (2)

Image Credit:

A significant amount of Christie Brinkley net worth has been invested in her skincare line Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, as well as – Christie Brinkley Eyewear, Hair2Wear – a line of hair extensions, and Bellissima Prosecco, a wine label. All of this has returned favourable amounts to the model entrepreneur. She has also launched her jewellery collection and her line of fragrances called Believe. Both of these have turned out to be profitable ventures.

Does she have any real estate to her name?

Christie Brinkley net worth (3)

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

From what has been revealed by different portals, Brinkley has made some intelligent investments in real estate, the most noted of which is her investment in The Hamptons (a NY coastal community project known for its exclusivity).

As per reports, she has invested close to $60 million in real estate, some of the most prominent pieces of evidence of which are – a 21-acre estate in Hampton (later sold out in 2007), her current residence on a 20-acre land in Tower Hill (an old mansion dating back to 1891) as well as a property in Hampton daring back to 1843, details of which have not been made public.

What cars does she own?

Though other details are available online, there has been no information regarding any vehicles that she may own.

Her charitable endeavours

Christie Brinkley net worth (4)

Image Credit: Credit of a Credit

As much of a showbiz person as Brinkley is, the lady does have her heart in place.

  • Christie was given the Merit Award from Make A Wish Foundation and also by the United Services Organisation. In the first case, she had contributed massively to allow the wishes of terminally ill patients to come true, while in the second scenario, she was awarded for her travels on goodwill missions on behalf of USO.
  • She was presented with the Humanitarian Award by the March of Dimes for her contribution towards improving the lives of children who had birth defects.
  • Brinkley was also awarded another Merit Award by a non-profit organization, Mother’s Voice, for her unparalleled support of the agency’s commitment towards communicating sexual issues with the family.
  • The model – film star is a noted animal activist and has constantly spoken out about the Ringling Brothers Circus against the capturing and showcasing of animals.
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Though the monetary specifics of Christie Brinkley net worth that is invested in these charitable ventures have not been made public on her insistence, one may state that the model has spent handsomely on the same. What is known, though, is a donation of $1,000,000 towards a host of political organizations looking after charitable purposes.

How has her net worth grown?

2023 $100 million
2022 $90-95 million
2021 $80-85 million
2020 $75-77 million
2019 $70-75 million

How did her career shape up?

Christie Brinkley net worth (5)

Image Credit: People Magazine

As you have already seen, how one after another, the success of her television shows and modelling stints made her one of the most formidable names in the entertainment business – it is time you take a quick look at how it all started.

The tale goes that – she was spotted at a post office in Paris by a US-based photographer who convinced one of the leading Paris-based modelling agencies to cast the girl as a model.

A lunch meeting later, Brinkley was on her first modelling assignment and famously was signed up for an exclusive contract with cosmetics brand CoverGirl for 25 years! Added to that, her series of appearances in magazines like Sports Illustrated, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Rolling Stone not only improved her footing as a global supermodel but also propelled the metrics of Christie Brinkley net worth from its initial value.

A quick glimpse into her personal life

Christie Brinkley net worth (6)

Image Credit: People Magazine

As much of her appearances on the magazine’s cover have been in the news, her personal life has not been any less entertaining. The National Lampoon’s Vacation star is a mother to 3 kids (2 daughters and 1 son) and has had 4 husbands in her lifetime. She was initially married to – Jean Francois Allaux, and the marriage ended without any kids.

She was then married to musician Billy Joel, with whom she has a daughter. The marriage ended in a divorce. After that, she was married twice to – Richard Taubman (the couple had a son) and then to Peter Cook (the couple had a daughter). However, unfortunately, all her marriages ended in divorce. Currently, she is single.

Last words

The fact that if you have the guts to go ahead despite societal pressures and your age, keep away that ‘guilt’ of being a woman aside, and stride through the world confidently – there’s nothing you cannot achieve! The value associated with Christie Brinkley net worth is a testament to that. Even now, at 69, she is definitely one of the hottest models who has absolutely no intention of slowing down. If you liked this article and would want to know more updates like this, keep a close eye on this website and leave your comments below.


1. What is Christie Brinkley net worth?

As per reports, her net worth is $100 million.

2. Why is she so famous?

She has been one of the topmost models of renown, with her gracing covers of some of the biggest magazines like Sports Illustrated, Allure, Men’s Health, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan.

3. Has she been in any controversy?

Throughout her life, she has been engaged in a number of controversies, whether it was about her whirlwind romances or her back-snapping answers to everyone who questioned her. Recently, she was involved in an ageist controversy online, where she hit back at her trollers.


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