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Daya Net Worth In 2020, Biography, Awards, Career And Lots More



Daya Net Worth In 2020

Daya Net Worth In 2020

Grace Martine Tandon is popularly known for her stage name as Daya is an American singer and songwriter currently signed to Artbeatz, Z Entertainment, and RED Distribution.

Daya has made a substantial impact in the Music Industry by singing with reputable artists such as Khalid, The Chainsmokers and many more.

Keep reading to unveil Daya Net Worth in 2020, Biography/Early Life, Career, and lots more.

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Daya Biography/Early Life

Daya Net Worth In 2020

Daya was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in the suburb of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

She was born on October 24th 1998 to the family of Hans Tandon (Father) and Christine Tandon (mother).

She also has four sisters named Rachel, Mariana, Celia, and Avery.

She attended St. Bernard School but later switched to Mt. Lebanon High School where she graduated.

From the age of three, Daya started playing numerous musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and flute.

At age eleven, she enrolled in Accelerando Music Conservatory, where she started studying music.

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Daya Musical Career

Daya’s musical career began in Los Angeles when she teamed up with Christina Chirumbolo (whom she met at her music school) and Gino Barletta, founders of INSIDE ACCESS by Accelerando, Brett McLaughlin, Britten Newbill and Noisecastle III at Paramount Recording Studios.

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She then released her first single on April 22nd 2015 titled Hide Away.

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She as well released several pieces of music and we’ve compiled a list for you below;

  • Sit Still, Look Pretty (2016)
  • Hide Away (2016)
  • Don’t Let Me Down (2016)
  • Insomnia (2019)
  • Left Me Yet (2019)
  • Words (2016)
  • New (2017)
  • Safe (2018)
  • Forward Motion (2019)
  • Wanted (2019)
  • Keeping It In The Dark (2019)
  • Back to Me (2016)
  • Dare (2016)
  • Talk (2016)
  • U12 (2016)
  • Cool (2016)
  • Thirsty (2016)
  • Legendary (2016)
  • Love of My Life (2016)
  • I.C.Y.M.I. (2016)

Daya Awards

According to Wikipedia, Daya has won 2 awards out of numerous nominations.
Below are the two awards won by Daya;

  • Grammy Awards – (2016)
  • WDM Radio Awards – (2017)

Daya Net Worth In 2020

Daya Net Worth In 2020

Presently in the year 2020, Daya net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.

Daya Best Quotes

Daya Net Worth In 2020

Music has been a massive passion of mine ever since I started playing the piano at age 3. Going to concerts, performing on my own, and listening to my favourite artists growing up confirmed that love for music and made me want to pursue it as a career.

I have been taking voice and singing lessons since age ten and initially got into it because I was really interested in musical theater. After writing my first couple of songs and performing at age 14, I knew that I really wanted to be a singer.

Because of my interest in songwriting, I was invited to visit a friend in L.A. for songwriting sessions with him and his friends. We wrote six songs by the end of the weekend, and ‘Hide Away’ happened to be one of them!

My dream collaboration would probably be Sam Smith.

I think the most important thing for an artist is to stay true to who you are. I want to stay as authentic as possible, as that’s how we’re going with our team.

I have a lot of creative control, so I can decide what I want to wear, what I want my brand to look like, what I want my songs to sound like, so I don’t sound like some fake artist that people can’t relate to.

I wouldn’t use a song I didn’t think was my brand or image.

It’s always pretty amazing to hear your own voice on the radio.

Write down everything you can think of, no matter how stupid it seems. I always write down my thoughts throughout the day. Sometimes good things come out of it, and I’ll find an idea to develop into a song, so my best advice is to try and draw inspiration from everyday things.

I think I have always been a hard worker in school and in sports and everything. Growing up, my parents encouraged me to do that from day one.

If I’m going to release anything into the world, I want it to have a positive message. So I think that ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ and ‘Hide Away’ were two upbeat pieces, and their messages really uplift me the most.

We’re all humans; we all go through phases.

Wiki Data

  • Real Name: Grace Martine Tandon
  • Date Of Birth: 24th October 1998
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Hans Tandon (Father) Christine Tandon (Mother)
  • Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
  • Siblings: Rachel, Mariana, Celia, and Avery
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Net Worth: $4 Million
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