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Diana Taurasi Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)



Diana Taurasi net worth

hasDiana Taurasi, the noted US professional basketball player (Phoneix Mercury), becomes the first WNBA player to reach 10,000 points. No wonder the basketball enthusiasts went crazy, given her meteoric rise in the circuit, and her massive achievement of 42 points became the talking point. A host of news articles circulating rumors of Diana Taurasi net worth touching $5 (or even an astonishing $7 million) was also circulated. For the record, her net worth is pegged at $3.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

This comprehensive article will guide you through the true numbers of her professional value, the areas from which she gets her moolah, and definitely give you some insights into her personal life. Stay tuned.

What is Diana Taurasi net worth? 

As per records, the basketball player’s current net worth (as per financial reports in the first half of 2023) is $3.5 million. Celebrity Net Worth and other credible reports submitted by her financial advisors also point to this amount. Though it is supposed that after her current feat, her salary and sponsorships will amp up the amount, there is no specific news on the same (as of the time of writing this article). Therefore, the rumors stating some other numbers do not hold true. 

Having said that, it is time to check out her income sources – from her salary to her sponsorships and real estate. 

How did she manage to garner her wealth? 

As a noted player, apart from her WNBA salary, she has a set of sponsorships and investments to her name that pay back a hefty amount. Let’s check out the details – 

Her salary from WNBA 

Diana Taurasi net worth (1)

Image Credit: CBS Sports

The maximum portion of  Diana Taurasi net worth comes from her WNBA salary – which is roughly $221,000 per season, one of the highest in this domain. Along with her salary and other earnings from WNBA – her income amounts to $2 million per year. 

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Apart from that, when she plays for overseas teams (especially in the Russian domain), her earnings go up to $1 million and more annually. She is contract-bound by the Shanxi Flame Club – in China. Apart from that, she plays for Galatasaray Club and Fennerbache Club – in Turkey. Lastly, she plays for UMMC Ekaterinburg Club, Dynamo Moscow Club, and Spartak Moscow Club – in Russia. 

A sneak peek at her current contract shows that she has an extension up to 2025. The cash compensation goes up to $400,000+ (exact details unavailable). 

Her recent feat of reaching 10,000 points will indeed be extended into an additional compensation (details of which still need to be updated). 

Her earnings from sponsorship and endorsements 

Diana Taurasi net worth (2)

Image Credit: The Rookie Wire – USA Today

For the unaware, given her stature as a noted athlete, she is the brand ambassador of – Coca-Cola, Nike, Procter & Gamble, BodyArmor, and American Express, to name a few. It is well understood that she does get a stupendous paycheck being the face of these brands, but the actual amount has yet to be disclosed. 

Note: She has a specified shoe line with Nike that goes by the name – “Nike Le Bron Soldier 10 Diana Taurasi PE.’’ 

Her business ventures 

Diana Taurasi net worth (3)

Image Credit: Just Women’s Sports

It is a well-established fact that she has invested specific amounts in some of her business ventures (supposedly a production firm and an apparel brand), but the details of those have been withheld from the public. 

How has her net worth grown? 

Year  Growth in net worth 
2023 $3.5 million and counting 
2022 $2 million
2021 $1.5 million 
2020 $1 million 
2019 $0.5 million 

Is there any info on her real estate investments? 

 Taurasi has invested in a luxurious Manhattan Beach house, but there is no credible info on the same. 

How many cars does she own? 

There has been no credible news regarding the number of vehicles she owns. However, given her stature and earnings, she does own some high-value beasts. 

Does she do charity? 

Diana Taurasi net worth (4)

Image Credit: Good Morning America

For the unversed, a significant portion of  Diana Taurasi net worth has been invested in a range of charitable causes – from hosting basketball practice camps for young athletes to investing in Women’s Sports Foundation’s causes. She is also an active member of the American Cancer Society and has been the voice of female athletes voicing her support for them in numerous causes. She was specifically associated with an organization called Kaboom! that claimed to provide safe playgrounds for kids. 

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Along with that, she has championed the causes of LGBTQ+ multiple times. She has also supported the campaign Black Lives Matter. 

Diana Taurasi’s original name  Diana Lorena Taurasi 
Date of Birth  June 11, 1982
Birthplace  Glendale, California, USA
Height  1.83 meter 
Sibling  Jessika Taurasi 
Sexual orientation Lesbian 
Education  University of Connecticut
Children  Leo Michael Taurasi Taylor/ Isla Taurasi Taylor 

Was she involved in any controversy? 

Diana Taurasi net worth (5)

Image Credit: AZ Central

In a nonetheless rumor-free life, at one point in time, the metrics of Diana Taurasi net worth did take a hit when she was involved in a doping case with the Turkish league. However, later, she was cleared of the doping charges and continued her career. 

Quickly looking into her family life 

Diana Taurasi net worth (6)

Image Credit: Daily Update UK

Born to Mario Taurasi (an Italian soccer player) and Lilian – Diana had a highly decorated school and college life. After that she signed up for the WNBA career. Since her debut with Phoneix Mercury in 2004, she has been playing in the position of the ‘guard’ (though at times she played forward). With her professional life packed up with accolades, she has settled in her personal life as well. She is married to her former teammate Penny Taylor (Director of Player Development and Performance – Phoenix Mercury). The couple is blessed with two kids. 

Parting shot 

As they say, no glory comes easy in life, and Taurasi is an example of that. With a host of awards and accolades under her name and a figure of $3.5 million attached to the financial portfolio of Diana Taurasi net worth – without a doubt, is one of the most revered and surely the richest of the current set of female basketball players. Thus, one can surely state that it is not just her feats on the field but her determination and grit that make her the top-performing star that she is.

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1. When is Diana Taurasi retiring? 

Though there have been unending rumors about her retiring, however, she has recently signed a multiyear deal with Phoneix Mercury. Hence the chances of her retirement is next to nil.  

2. Who is Taurasi married to? 

Diana Taurasi has been married to Penny Taylor since May 13, 2017. She was her former team member and is currently associated with the Phoneix Mercury Player’s Development set-up. 

3. What are the awards she has received? 

She has received numerous awards and accolades. This includes – 3 WNBA titles, Rookie of the Year Award (2004 WNBA), 2 times MVP winner (2009, 2014), and 4 Olympic gold medals (2004. 2008, 2012, 2016). 


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