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Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2024



Digital marketing is a fast-moving juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing, with 2024 easily on pace to be the biggest year yet for online profits! New technologies blossom and grow right along with the industry, fostering even more opportunities for savvy internet entrepreneurs to make use of!

There are many ways to profit from this phenomenon, so it can be a bit confusing to navigate the plethora of possibilities. One great way to ensure your business thrives in the digital marketplace is to seek out the services of an expert agency like Australia’s excellent King Kong that has the skills and know-how to guide you to your greatest possible success! Now, with the New Year just around the corner, let’s examine some of the most exciting trends to watch!

Voice Search – Once the stuff of science fiction, now you can simply ask your computer a question and get a generally relevant answer back! Voice search technology is one of the leading sectors for growth in 2024 as millions of users clue into its ease of use! No more typing in lengthy search terms for your queries, simply state them aloud so your voice tech of choice can do the work for you! This is having a major effect on the ways websites are being constructed in an effort to optimize this amazing functionality. Longer keywords are now the best way to go, providing the search engine with more information. Whereas one might have once simply typed in ‘stairlifts’ for their search, now you can enjoy the luxury of just being able to state exactly what you want, for example “stairlift rentals in Townsville” and have the AI behind the voice bring you the tailored results!

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Chatbots – Another big up and comer is the use of chatbots, it’s hard to find a site that doesn’t have one now! The ability to interact with a chatbot is a great way to give users a more personalised experience on your company’s online platform, answering their questions and helping them to find exactly what they are looking for with speed and ease! The chatbot can assist customers with the complexities of checkout, helping to make their purchases easy, which means they are inspired to make more purchases! The chatbot AI provides great customer service at a low cost, so it’s a technology that will continue to grow and thrive.

The future is bright for online marketing, with no end in sight! Be prepared for new technologies to arise along the way, who knows, maybe the next big thing will be voice-activated chatbots! 

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