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Dobre Brothers Net Worth, Income, Girlfriends & Controversie



Dobre Brothers Net Worth

YouTube has given an edge to prevent one’s financial interest in many ways. However, it is rather surprising that on YouTube, four brothers started their career as YouTubers and came out as the sole earners on one of the favorite youtube channels in history. That’s right! We are talking about Dobre Brothers Net Worth which has astonishingly hit millions this year. 


However, up until today, you may have known Dobre Brothers from the view from behind the screen. But, thanks to our insights on Dobre Brothers, today you will come across reality. How and when did Dobre Brothers capture success? What is their channel all about? And most significant of all, What is Dobre Brothers Net Worth? Let’s get started:


To begin with, Dobre Brothers is a popular pranking channel on YouTube. Surprisingly, the channel Dobre Brothers have crossed 10 million subscribers this year. According to the insights, the Dobre Brothers channel is owned and operated by four brothers who indeed come from the “Dobre” family. Hence, they are called Dobre Brothers. 

Now, what made their youtube channel so successful? Well! The Dobre Brothers started their channel on July 17th, 2017, by publishing a video by the title “Why we are doing this?” However, in our view, what made the channel stand out was the second video published in the same month where two brothers were pranking against the other two brothers. And, don’t forget! In 2017, pranking on camera was specifically popular and widely watched for the fun of it. 

Dobre Brothers Net Worth

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So, you may be wondering who the four Dobre brothers are? The Four Dobre Brothers are Cyrus, Darius, Marcus, and Lucas. All brothers are from the mother “Aurelia Dobre” and father “Boz Mofid.” 

The usual timeline of Dobre Brothers’ videos is 14 to 17 minutes. However, it is rather shocking that these videos have filled Dobre Brothers pockets with a lot of fun money. Are you also wondering how much money they exactly got? Thankfully, we know! 

What is Dobre Brothers Net Worth? 

According to the latest estimation of the richest YouTubers in the world, Dobre Brothers net worth stands at $18 Million. 

To the reader’s surprise, according to the youtube analytical studies, Dobre Brothers’s 10 Million subscribers leave them with two hundred and six thousand dollars each month. Henceforth, leaving the Dobre Brothers with an annual income of three million one hundred twenty thousand dollars each year. If that’s not a fun shortcut to earning, we never know what is!

What is Cyrus Dobre Net Worth? 

For the most part, many other YouTubers have envied the skyrocketing success and net worth of Dobre Brothers. However, without a doubt, all four Dobre Brothers do not lack when it comes to talent. 

Cyrus Dobre is the oldest son of the Dobre-Mofid family. Born in 1993 on March 9th, Cyrus Dobre has taken the lane of talent after his mother and father, who are both gymnasts. Apart from bringing together his career as a gymnast at the age of 28, Cyrus Dobre is also acknowledged among his fans for his singing skills. His album “Next Level” was particularly famous. You can search it up on the web. 

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With so much in hand to do with life, Cyrus Dobre Net Worth has reached $1 million. Many fans have questioned that their channels’ net worth is much more than 1 million. How come Cyrus’s net worth is less? Well! According to our understanding, the rest of the money may go into maintaining the channel, property, land, assets, etc. 

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And last but not least, fans are wondering if Cyrus Dobre is single? Well! In 2019, Cyrus was dating Christina Kalamvokis. However, his current relationship status is unknown. 

What is Darius Dobre Net Worth? 

Darius Dobre is the second son of Aurelia Dobre and Boz Mofid. He was born in the year 1995, two years after Cyrus Dobre. Unlike Lucas and Marcus, Cyrus and Darius do not look anything alike. Indeed, Darius has also chosen a different career path than Cyrus. According to Darius Dobre’s profile, he is growing as a social media influencer and trying his way into modeling, which is sickly possible. Have you looked at his handsome face yet? 

As of 2021, 26 years old, Darius Dobre Net Worth also stands at 1 Million dollars only. 

In the context of relationships, Darius Dobre hasn’t opened up in public. However, in 2019, he was rumored to be dating Madeline Damskey, who is also a social media influencer. Some 18 weeks ago (4 months), Madeline Damskey uploaded a picture with Darius Dobre saying, “An oldie but goodie.” Since then, there have been no new pictures out. 

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So, it is possible that Darius and Madeline have continued dating in secret. On the contrary, the couple may have broken up. We are still waiting for an update on Darius’s relationship status. 

Although, if you are wondering, is Madeline Damskey pregnant, or is Darius Dobre going to be a father? Then, the answer is NO. 

What is Lucas and Marcus Dobre Net Worth? 

Apart from what Lucas and Marcus have achieved from their prior channel, “Dobre Brothers,” their Net Worth is set apart from Cyrus and Darius. The reason being, according to our research, twin brothers Lucas and Marcus, the youngest sons of the Dobre-Mofid Family, are the most famous ones. Indeed, they have their separate channel by the name “Lucas and Marcus.” 

Apart from what Dobre Brothers YouTube channel is famous for. Lucas and Marcus’s youtube channel is widely popular for challenging videos, gaming, vlogs, and fun experiments. 

According to the youtube statistics, Lucas and Marcus’s youtube channel holds 24 million subscribers, which is 125% of Dobre Channel’s subscribers. Henceforth, without a doubt, Lucas and Marcus are much more loaded as compared to Cyrus and Darius. 

Indeed, multiple sources on the web concluded that Lucas and Marcus’s joined Net Worth in 2021 stands at $22 Million. Has your jaw dropped yet? If not, then guess what! Lucas and Marcus’s per day income from youtube is approximately twenty thousand dollars. 

Dobre Brothers Net Worth

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Apart from net worth, Lucas and Marus are also moving towards new relationships in the upcoming years. As the fans already know, Lucas Dobre has been dating Ivanita Lomeli since the year 2018. 

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On the other hand, Marcus Dobre has just started dating Michelle. However, the couple hasn’t confirmed their status yet. 

During a recent video, Marcus took Michelle to meet his mother. Seeing her, Aurelia Dobre responded, “isn’t she too short for you?”

So, what do you think will ensue next? Keep it up with the Dobres on YouTube. 

Is there a “Dobre sister?”

Not long ago, Dobre brothers Marcus and Lucas uploaded a picture on Instagram with the caption “love you little sister, Demi.” This confused many followers, and they have been asking if they have a real sister? Or, is the dobre sister adopted? Well! The answer is no. 

Demi Adriano is indeed a youtube personality and a professional gymnast. She is only 10 years old. However, it is very popular. She is often seen collaborating with The Dobre Brothers on their channel. Henceforth, a heart-to-heart brother-sister relationship between Demi, Lucas, Marcus, Darius, and Cyrus has taken place. 

One of the major reasons why the Dobre brothers picked to collaborate with Demi is that both their parents are/were also gymnasts. 

Dobre Brothers Net Worth

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It is no doubt that when popular YouTubers like pewdiepie, Mr.beast, and Dobre brothers become a part of open shows for meet and greet purposes, fans remain extra excited. However, the meet and greet fandom press of the Dobre Brothers didn’t go that well. And after a viral glance of their tired and bored faces during this press on TikTok, a controversy took place. 

According to the insights, some fans uploaded short videos of Dobre Brother’s reaction to the press on TikTok with captions like “look at their miserable faces” or “is it for real?” Soon enough, many other YouTubers picked up on this and started making reaction videos on Dobre brothers’ meet and greet miserable looks. 

After multiple negative videos, Marcus and Lucas came out and revealed their side of the truth and apologized for their unjustifiable behavior. According to Marcus and Lucas, the Dobre brothers were filming for the past 2 days without any sleep. However, they didn’t want to cancel the meet and greet show. So, they attended anyway, which led the press to capture their bored faces. In their defense, they were just tired and exhausted. 

Dobre Brothers Net Worth

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Yet, of course, this didn’t calm the fans’ rage down as the tickets to the press were 200 dollars to 700 dollars based on seating. Henceforth, many fans requested a refund on Twitter. 

Not only this, but famous personality James Charles also commented on Dobre Brothers’ behavior by saying, “Tired is no reason to not smile or give a hug to those who have paid a large sum to meet you.” 


So, we hope that this reading has helped you to know and understand the Dobre brothers’ lives from a closer view. For more information on Dobre Brothers Net Worth, Relationship Status, and so on, keep us in your bookmarks. Get every update as it happens. Thank you!

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