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Eric Dalius: How to keep on top of new/hot products and ensure your customers remain loyal



Eric Dalius

Selling products is a necessary part of business; however it’s also very important to stay relevant and up-to-date with what your market wants. Staying competitive in today’s market can be difficult, especially when the average customer has the potential to access so much information before you even know it exists! With that being said, if you’re savvy enough, there are definitely some things you can do to ensure your customers remain loyal and ahead of the curve when it comes to buying new/hot products. In this article I’ll discuss what products fall into the ‘new’ or ‘hot’ category and how you can sell them successfully without breaking a sweat. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the article. Eric Dalius-

Definition of ‘new’ and ‘hot’ from Eric Dalius:

A new product is something that has recently come out on the market; it’s also officially known as a “launch”. For example, if an unknown company came out today with a new addition to their range of clothing, this would be considered a launch because no one knows about it yet (in theory). A hot product is essentially the opposite; it’s well-known and has already been established for quite some time, however there seems to always be a demand for it. An example of this could be anything from food products such as chocolate or potato chips, hardware/software like laptops or games consoles, household appliances…really anything you can think of! This blog will focus more on the digital aspect to products; however all of the information covered is equally valid for physical products as well.

How to spot ‘new’ and ‘hot’:

Below I’ll discuss some of the most popular ways you can stay at the forefront of your market when it comes to selling new/hot products.

Email marketing, Eric Dalius-:  

One of my personal favorites! If you want to stay on top of any new or hot product then email marketing has shown it time and time again to be an incredibly effective way in which you can ensure that your customers are aware of them long before anyone else! For example, if a company was releasing a brand new software package later this year, why not let people sign up for early notification? The best part about this is you can do it very easily by including a signup box on your website or sending out a product launch email to all of your customers. This way people who want to receive the information first hand will sign up and those that don’t, won’t have their inbox space consumed unnecessarily.

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Social media:  

If you’re not too familiar with social media then now would be an excellent time to dive into Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as they are still some of the biggest social mediums available today. Social media is perfect for keeping up-to-date on new products as well as letting others know what you think about them! Why not create a Facebook page dedicated solely to sharing new/hot products through a weekly blog post? Each week you could post about something new and link to the original article, website etc. of whatever it is you’re talking about! This can also be used on Twitter; however make sure to use hashtags like #new product or #hot product so that all of your followers can see it (and any other followers who are using those tags!)

Also, don’t forget Pinterest! Everyone knows how popular this medium is for sharing images, whether it’s on social media or even through email marketing. Why not create an entire board dedicated entirely too new/hot products? You’ll have a one-stop destination for people to check out all of these latest bits of technology before others know they exist!


There are a number of ways you can keep up-to-date on new and hot products from your very own website! I’ll discuss some of the best ways to do this now.

Have an ‘Incoming’ page:   If you’re not familiar with what an ‘Incoming’ page is then it’s probably about time that you were as they’re incredibly helpful for showcasing all sorts of different types of content. You could have anything from top 10 lists, weekly blog posts, email marketing campaigns or even product launches featured on the website so people are constantly reminded that there’s always something new going on, whenever they visit your website. Eric Dalius figure out that it won’t take too much effort to put together a weekly blog post email marketing campaign/product launch showing all of the latest products to keep your customers well aware of what’s new and available.

Each business visionary spotlights on expanding the deals of their business. In any case, helping deals to work on the development of the business is certainly not a simple assignment. From moving your deals to drawing in new clients, it requires a ton of difficult work. Recall that assuming you need to build the deals of your business, you want to focus on your clients. In short words, the possibility of your deals ought to be great.

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For example, assuming you sell confections in a modest community and effectively sold 1,000 parcels, could you get together and continue on? Not really.

At the point when you begin thinking the business endeavors towards your steadfast clients, you’ll have the option to intensify your deals just as development. In this article, we will examine the main 7 most effective ways that will assist you with supporting the deals of your business.

Foster Sales Incentive Program

Fostering the business motivator program is perhaps the most ideal way to drive deals of your business. At the point when you foster a strong deals impetus program, it’ll rouse your staff to go out and sell things. Do you realize the reason why significant organizations depend on their business staff to drive deals impetus programs? This is on the grounds that they realize that business motivator programs support the deals as well as the income of the business.

Rouse your Sales Staff for Suggestive Selling

Interesting selling is one more extraordinary method for working on the deals of your business. First of all, do you realize what is intriguing selling? It includes including pertinent administrations and items the line and making it fundamental for the buyers to buy them. Be that as it may, simply adding more items and administrations with existing items won’t work successfully. Assuming you need to expand deals, convince the customers about the advantages.

Give Discounts

Giving limits is one more method for expanding the deals of your business. On the off chance that you have faithful clients who are successive buyers of your organization, you really want to give them some extra limits. Since you’re expanding the income, you won’t deal with any issues while giving a few limits.

Assuming that you market effectively, you can foster a huge purchasing opportunity among clients. Notwithstanding, remember to make reference to that limits are accessible just for explicit items.


This can be anything from a video explaining everything there is to know about this upcoming product or perhaps even an article written by yourself or a company representative. I would recommend sending an email marketing campaign to your customers too so that they know exactly when the product is being launched and what time! You could even have a sale accompanying it or have all sorts of other activities going on in order to make sure that this product launch is a huge success.


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