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Know The Latest Scoop About Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend – Elsie Pearls Richter! 




Finn ‘Mike Wheeler’ Wolfhard knows how to stay in the news! Whether it was the insane popularity that he had garnered from Stranger Things success, or his confession about his fan’s madness about whereabouts of Finn Wolfhard girlfriend – he made news, everytime!

Yes! Here’s the update that fans have been waiting for! Finn Wolfhard is no longer single and has officially declared to be in a relationship with Elsie Pearls Richter. This article will give you more info on the same. Let’s get started –

Who is Finn Wolfhard girlfriend?

Finn Wolfhard girlfriend (1)

Image Credit: Gluwee

For those who’ve come in late – Finn Wolfhard just announced that he was in a relationship with Elsie Pearls Richter. She is a fellow actor and social media influencer with a huge fan following on Instagram. She has starred in a hit 2013 HBO series – Doll & Em, in a recurring role, April, and a host of other television series (including a short stint in Di Bibl in 2019). Apart from that, she has close to 160,000 followers on Instagram and over 40 million views on most of her TikTok content.

Hailing from a family of actors – her father is Mischa Richter, and her mother is Dolly Wells, she has cemented her position as a notable content creator and entertainer in this industry. Through her social media profile, she gives her fans a glimpse of her personal life, her professional commitments, and her close-knit set of friends. However, quite surprisingly, or maybe deliberately, her boyfriend Finn Wolfhard’s picture happens to be missing from that list – clearly indicating the couple’s wish to keep their relationship a secret.

For all those who are asking why this declaration was so sudden and how did the couple’s story start, this content will give you an insight into the same.

Why was this relationship declaration so sudden?

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Image Credit: Google Pics

The news related to Finn Wolfhard girlfriend started trending some time back. In fact, fans who had spotted the then ‘rumoured’ couple back in March 2021 (approximately the time they had just started dating) went into a tizzy and turned quite toxic. In an interview with The Washington Post, Finn stated that he was blackmailed by the fans to reveal his relationship with Elsie. A particular fan actually went ahead and threatened to disclose Elsie’s address if Finn and Elsie did not confirm their relationship status.

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It was under this scenario of blackmail that Finn had to confirm the relationship. In his interview with the daily, he went ahead to share his disappointment – “Oh, okay, I’m so sorry. We love her.”

Though the official confirmation came in that way, however, the couple is rarely spotted together and does not share many pictures of each other on their social media. To date, they have kept their relationship private.

How did the love story progress?

Finn Wolfhard girlfriend (3)

Image Credit: Exclusive Hollywood

As private as the love story may be, it seems like media and fans have somehow managed to bring out some tidbits of their love story from multiple sources.

The couple sparked dating rumours when they were caught watching an NBA game back in March 2021. Since they have a lot of common friends and belong to the same industry, so supposedly, they met through them and got to know each other well (no specific details of the same were divulged). After that, the couple were spotted together numerous times, with Elsie sharing photos of their outings together – at times at an indoor rock climbing gym or in some vlogs with her friends where the Stranger Things star made a cameo.

The rumours became stronger with Elsie posting a parodied video of Millie Bobby Brown – which sent fans into a tizzy since they thought that the actors did not see eye to eye with each other given their common connection to Finn.

However, it was the blurry kissing video of June 2021 of the couple that ‘almost confirmed’ the relationship. They were also seen in multiple pictures that their friends shared on social media, albeit without any confirmation. After that, the couple was seen on red carpet events, and it seemed that the fans finally had the much-wanted confirmation.

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It was during the premiere of Stranger Things Season 4 that the absence of Finn Wolfhard girlfriend on stage went to everyone’s notice. The breakup news started making rounds. However, the nosey fanbase, after a lot of threats, did make Finn confess that he was indeed dating Elsie and that they had not broken up. As of now, the couple likes to keep their private life under cover and are seemingly going strong.

Why does the couple keep their relationship private?

The couple have somehow managed to keep their relationship private from the prying eyes of the media and their nosey fans. Though they had been together for a considerable period before their dating news came out but, the news came out in a very wrong way. Finn Wolfhard was almost blackmailed to give in to this romantic story and that did not go down well with the couple. Since then, the couple has kept their liaison under wraps and does not speak or share publicly any couple photos or news about their personal lives.

Who did Finn Wolfhard date before?

Finn and Millie at a premiere

Image Credit: J-14

This was not the first time that Finn Wolfhard girlfriend has been in the news. Finn has quite a dating history and was previously linked to his Stranger Things lead heroine, Millie Bobby Brown. However, the couple has squashed multiple dating rumors. For the unversed, Brown is currently engaged to be married to Jake Bongiovi, whom she has dated since June 2021.

Apart from that, Finn was also linked to Jack Dylan Grazer – however, nothing was confirmed. Thus, one may take it that, finally – it is only Elsie that he has dated. Finn Wolfhard is a man of few words and more work and strictly wishes to keep his personal life separate from his professional. Currently, he is busy writing new scripts and looking towards exploring multiple horizons of direction – while fans are looking forward to Stranger Things Season 5!

Final thoughts

Are you happy knowing about Finn Wolfhard girlfriend? Did you get all the info that you wanted about Elsie Pearls Richter and like the same? Well, in that case, let’s wish the couple the best. If you want to keep track of their love story and follow such cute romantic stories – keep following this website.


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