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Five Live Cash Player Mistakes in Poker




Live cash poker is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. The atmosphere is tense when you face your opponent across the green baize and know that every move you make could win or lose your real cash. OKBET live cash games are nothing like poker tournaments or online casino games based on luck. They have deep stacks, strategic challenges, and constant money pressure. Because of this, people who play for real money often make the same mistakes. We’ve talked about five of the most common ones so you can learn how to play poker for real money in person or online.

Scared of Playing

Fear is one of the most common mistakes cash players make. What do you fear? Fear of losing all their money and getting stacked, that’s what! It’s a natural thing to do but it can also have bad effects. If you play scared, you will do better than you did. In the long run, this will affect how much money you make. You must face that sometimes your choices will make you money, and sometimes they will cost you money. OKBET Poker is about getting closer to the edge over long periods. To get the most value in the long run, you have to accept that you will lose money often in the short run. Don’t make bad business decisions because you don’t want to lose money. These choices will hurt you, and you’ll be taken advantage of. Instead, it would help if you always tried to play your best.

Playing too sloppy pre-flop

Beginners at cash games are known for being too passive, calling too much, and playing too loosely before the flop. It’s wrong to do this. Most of the time, if you’re not in the big blind or on the button, the best thing to do when someone raises is to either fold or 3-bet instead of calling. It is because you don’t have a good chance of winning the pot if you call, especially if someone raises a lot. Also, multiple players behind you can pressure you and 3-bet you out of the pot. So go big or go home! Play with a clear mind, and don’t waste money by playing badly.

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Medium-handedly bloating the pot

In cash games, people often make the mistake of throwing money into the pot when they have average hands. A jack of diamonds and a ten of diamonds on a jack of spades, an eight of spades, and a six of spades would be an example. It’s a good hand at first, but it gets worse as more bets and raises are added to the pot. It’s better to play medium-strength hands as bluff catchers, that is, hands that aren’t good for value betting but win by calling other players’ bluffs. Most of the time, it’s best to check at least one street with a hand of average strength. If your opponent shows weakness by checking back or checking to you twice, your hand is worth more, and you can start betting to get more value.

Not considering stack depth

In OKBET online poker tournaments, stack depth is the most important thing. It’s just as important in cash games, but for some reason, cash game players tend to pay less attention to stack depth than tournament players. It could be because, as players buy more chips in cash games, the differences in stack sizes tend to be smaller. Whatever the reason, good cash players know that the size of their stacks should determine how they re-raise before the flop. When you are playing deep, make your 3-bets bigger, and don’t give your opponents pot odds that let them call with weak hands. When playing short, use 3-bet or 4-bet sizes that leave room to fold later. It will let you use bluffs without putting all your chips in the pot.

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Too little bluffing

If you don’t bluff enough, people will start to figure out what you’re doing and fold more often to your value bets. It makes your value bets less exciting. One way to avoid this is to think about what hands you would use to bluff if you were making a value bet simultaneously. Think about how much you want to bet on the river (as a percentage of the pot) and use this formula:


Bluffing rate = Bet size divided by (1 + Bet size * 2) * Bet size


You can use this to figure out how often you should bluff. Say you want to bet 75% of the pot on the river. It gives you 0.3 when you divide 0.75 by (1 + 0.75*2). In other words, about 30% of the time, you should bet on the river.

Poker tournaments vs. cash games

The main difference between cash games and poker tournaments is that in tournaments, the winner takes all and the losers only lose their buy-in. When people play cash games, they always win and lose real money. Also, cash games tend to have a lot of players, which requires a different strategy. When players have short stacks, they usually only have to make decisions before and after the flop. Cash players, on the other hand, have to make decisions all the way to the river. So, cash players have to always look for value and push the margins. This makes it very difficult to play!


In conclusion, avoiding the common mistakes made by cash players in poker is crucial in improving your game and maximizing your winnings. By being aware of these mistakes and working to eliminate them from your game, you can become a more successful and profitable player in the long run. Additionally, it’s also important to continuously educate yourself, develop new skills, and stay patient and disciplined while playing.


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