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Fonts in graphic design: importance, types and most used fonts



Do you go through the list of free fonts you have and don’t know which one to choose? Well, in the world of typography there are certain principles that help us choose the right font for a design, so there is no need to get lost in the sea of ​​letters on your computer.

What you should be very clear about is the intention of your visual composition; From then on, everything will be easier. To do this, we share with you this short guide that will help you understand what typography is, why it is important in graphic design, what fonts are and what they are used for, as well as the most popular fonts.

Importance of typography in graphic design

The art of typography aims to convey written messages that also imply a visual language. By establishing the characteristics of the letter such as shape, spacing, colour and thickness, the aim is to intensify the meaning or value of the message and evoke sensations in the reader.

Typography is a channel of expression to increase the effectiveness of a message, so it is crucial to know the types of letters that exist and their main uses. Their ability to attract attention is a fundamental tool in marketing because they can also communicate ideas or sensations that are related to the personality of a brand or a company.

Here are the four most common font types:

The 4 most common types of fonts

  1. serif
  2. sans serif
  3. italic
  4. display
  1. Sans serif

Contrary to the first ones, the sans serif fonts or sans serif letters do not have ornaments or skates in their endings; their shores are smooth and flat. They are considered a simplified and easy-to-read typeface. They provide a sense of modernity, neutrality and security. 

This typeface is widely used in short texts (such as in social networks or blogs), for designs that require clean printing, and for digital formats on the screens of different devices. For reference are Arial, Helvetica and Gotham. 

  1. Italic

It is also known as script or script (note: not to be confused with the slanted version of any typeface). Italics are distinguished by trying to imitate the hand-drawn stroke. The letters are often linked together and show pronounced undulations. It serves to attract attention, for example, in titles; but it is not recommended for a body of text due to its low readability.

Given its nature, it transmits closeness, warmth and certain flirtatiousness. Among the most popular fonts in this style are Brush Script, Parisienne, and Kuenstler Script. 

  1. display

Decoration typography is difficult to categorize because its design is looser and can involve flashy, custom styles that are largely used to highlight a headline. It is used in areas where legibility is not a priority, such as logos, advertising or banners.

Display-type letters are characterized by being unique and conveying ease, creativity, innovation and originality. They are definitely not recommended for long texts. Some representative examples are: Ruslan Display, Swift and Outlaw.

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