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How to Promote Your Film on IMDb : Paid Votes and Cross Promotion for Beginners




Filmmakers are more likely than others to experience some difficulties in promoting their work on the Internet. While artists publish their paintings on Pinterest and Instagram, singers share videos on TikTok and YouTube, filmmakers are forced to use other non-standard ways to attract attention to their creation. IMDb is a huge database that contains everything related to cinema, more than 6 million films and about 10 million people who somehow influenced the formation of cinema. Your film should definitely be here if you want as many people as possible to see it and start following your content. By the way, it is on this platform that big film studios are looking for new faces and highlighting those makers who have stood out among millions of others.

However, promotion on the site can be a big challenge for the makers, especially if they have never done it before. Fortunately, today you have the opportunity to attract the attention of the target audience in simpler, more effective and comfortable ways. In this article, we’ll talk about two of the best ones: the opportunity to buy IMDb votes to support your creativity and increase the rating of the film qualitatively, and cross-promotion to increase visibility. By applying this knowledge wisely, you’ll be able to grow quickly on the platform and demonstrate your creativity to millions of people.

How do you support your movie through paid votes?

Gone are the days when people associated paid PR services with something illegal and unsafe. Now such services are used by literally everyone who wants to contribute to audience growth, increase the ratings of a page (or a movie, as in your case) and win in a competitive race for fame. Entrepreneurs, well-known creators and influencers – all of them somehow enjoy additional third-party support, but someone with a large budget can spend a lot of money on SMM specialists, and someone with a limited budget prefers to use boosts from advertising companies. In fact, they all perform the same task – increasing the loyalty of the audience to the customer, improving the image and expanding the fan base. 

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In the case of buying IMDb votes, you get overnight what thousands of other creators on the platform are striving for – support, loyalty and love for your creativity. The more votes you have, the more attractive your movie is to other users – this is exactly what you need for effective promotion.

But there is something you should know about : there are still companies that offer their customers substandard services and use mechanisms with bots and fakes. Let’s be honest: their main goal is to get money from you and deliver some “dead” votes, not caring about the consequences. To avoid problems and blocking, always check the reviews about the company before making a purchase, or if you don’t have time for this, just click on the link at the beginning of the article to make your promotion safe and high-quality.

Cross promotion – how to use other resources to boost your film?

Never focus on one platform – this is the golden rule of successful creators who have reached the heights of online. Use the opportunities that you have: tell about your creativity on Instagram, share teasers on TikTok and write a link to your IMDb account everywhere. The more people know about your film, the better – you’ll get support not only from friends and family, but also from people who will like your film. Good luck!

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