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IPTV/OTT Platform: 5 Critical Questions Answered



IPTV/OTT platforms caused a change in the media industry. People are switching to online streaming platforms instead of being tied to long-term contracts with cable or satellite companies. They are encouraged to do that even more because broadcast companies adopt new technologies and start delivering, for example, Albanian TV channels via the Internet.  

IPTV and OTT allow people to watch VOD and television, listen to music, send messages, and make calls. Since the demand is high, businesses and companies are adopting the IPTV/OTT space. They launch their streaming services which help them deliver content straight to end-user devices. 

Another reason businesses create their streaming services is monetization. They take advantage of various revenue-generating models that IPTV/OTT solutions offer. 

Let’s explore some critical questions referring to IPTV/OTT platforms. 

Five Vital Questions Answered

#1 What is IPTV/OTT exactly?

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. This technology helps deliver TV programming through an Internet connection. OTT stands for over-the-top. It is also about delivering movies and television content over the Internet. They both allow content providers to launch a VOD business and transfer time-shifted media and live streams. 

However, they are not the same. Many consider OTT platforms to be simpler than IPTV services. OTT platforms usually deliver content via the public internet, while IPTV transmits videos via LAN/WAN. Additionally, IPTV is less dependent on internet bandwidth, whereas the quality of OTT service fully depends on the internet bandwidth and speed. 

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#2 What industries can launch their IPTV/OTT platforms?

Almost any. It can be highly profitable to opt for video streaming for government, cable or satellite companies, ISPs/MSOs, churches, educational institutions, sports centers, health instructors, producers of content for kids, and other content creators. 

An IPTV/OTT platform can help you deliver your content straight to viewers, bypassing third parties. Also, you will be able to establish strong relationships with them and, of course, generate money.

#3 How to monetize video content with an IPTV/OTT platform?

There are the following revenue-generating models in the IPTV/OTT video streaming industry: 

  • Subscriptions: viewers purchase access to your content once a month or a year. Usually, a subscription is easy to cancel. 
  • Ad insertion: viewers usually don’t pay for watching content. They view ad commercials instead. 
  • Pay-per-view: unlike a subscription that gives access to all videos, a pay-per-view model requires purchase for every video on the platform. 
  • Hybrid: a content provider combines several models to create a diversified revenue stream. 

Remember that your monetization capabilities will depend on the IPTV/OTT solution you obtain to run a video streaming service. 

#4 What to pay attention to when choosing an IPTV/OTT solution?

For a start, keep in mind your business goals. It will help you choose the solution you need. 

It is better to understand what kind of content you want to deliver from the beginning. Some platforms are developed for live streaming, and others are more suitable for VOD content. If you want to deliver all types of content, look for the appropriate solution

You can also check if the platform has the following components: IPTV/OTT middleware, applications, encoder/transcoder, and a CDN. Make sure you have monetization, analytics, and customization functionality. 

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#5 How to start an IPTV/OTT video streaming service?

Starting an IPTV/OTT video streaming service requires a number of steps to make:

  • Research your target audience
  • Choose the monetization model
  • Ensure you have all necessary licenses and permissions
  • Obtain an IPTV/OTT solution 
  • Produce content
  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Create a user base
  • Launch the service
  • Receive first analytics data

Final Thoughts

IPTV/OTT video streaming businesses are in demand among viewers and companies. For this reason, it is beneficial to create a platform and monetize your video content through it. Research the market thoroughly before the launch to know which niche you can occupy.

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