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Jack Antonoff Fiance: Know Details About Margaret Qualley!



Jack Antonoff fiance

Congratulations are in order!! The noted music producer Jack Antonoff is married to the Maid star Margaret Qualley. Celebrity guests like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Channing Tatum, and Zoe Kravitz attended the star-studded New Jersey marriage ceremony. For those uninformed, Jack Antonoff fiance, Margaret Qualley, was born into Hollywood royalty (daughter of prominent actress Andie MacDowell) and has been a reckoned name in the Hollywood circle. She has had a spate of hits since her debut in HBO’s The Leftovers (2014-2017).

If you, too, are in the lovey-dovey mode, seeing the couple painting the town in red, and want to know more about her – your search ends here! This comprehensive guide will give you a glimpse into her personal and professional life, as well as her whirlwind romance with Antonoff. Stay tuned –

Who is Jack Antonoff fiance?

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Image Credit: IMDb

Her name is Margaret Qualley. Those who have recently watched the miniseries Maid (available on Netflix) would know her as Alexandra Russell, the primary character of the show, where she plays a maid out of an emotionally abusive relationship. She starred in this series, along with her mother, respectable actress Andie MacDowell, who played ironically the role of her bipolar mother.

That’s not just one-shot credit to her name. She has also starred in a handful of films, such as Palo Alto (her debut film in 2013, where she played Raquel), The Nice Guys, The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, Stars At Noon, Sanctuary (where she served as executive producer as well) and many others. Clearly, she’s a lady who not only hails from one of Hollywood’s most noted dynasties but also is pacing forth to create her own place with her impeccable performances.

What was her early life like?

For everyone who’s interested in knowing the childhood stories of Jack Antonoff fiance, here’s how the story goes –

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Image Credit: PureWow

Born to Hollywood superstar Andie MacDowell and her husband Paul Qualley (former model), the lady, who currently stands tall at 28 years of age, wanted to be a ballerina. She made her debut at the Paris Bal des debutantes. Later, when she turned 14, to formally train in the art, she went off to the North Carolina School of Arts. She also received an apprenticeship at the American Ballet Theatre.

However, after twiddling with ballet for a handful of years, she shifted gears to modeling and then acting. In terms of her modeling stints, she has been the face of – Chanel and Valentino. Apart from that, she has also graced the covers of – Elle, Jolie, Paper, Vogue, Evening Standard, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The Cut, to name a few. What’s more – she has also advertised for brands like – Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Celine and Kenzo. Thus, people may now refer to her mostly as Jack Antonoff fiance – but the lady does have a strong base in the glamour world, all thanks to her hard work and grit.

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Margaret Qualley’s acting portfolio

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Image Credit: Vogue

When she stepped into the acting world, along with her modeling career, without a doubt, Qualley scaled new heights. Her debut appearance was in the film Palo Alto, where she played a minor role. However, her foray into acting was nothing short of a fluke (since she got the part because she was visiting her then-boyfriend Nat Wolff) – she did leave an indelible imprint on the people concerned.

After her stint there, she was selected as a series regular for HBO’s The Leftovers, and went on to star in a number of films, establishing herself as one of the prominent actresses of Tinsel Town.

Her other works include –

The Nice Guys – 2016 Amelia Kuttner
The Vanishing of Sidney Hall – 2017 Alexandra
Donnybrook – 2018 Delia Angus
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – 2019 Pussycat
My Salinger Year – 2020 Joanna
Sanctuary – 2022 Rebecca (also served as Executive Producer)
Stars At Noon -2022 Trish Johnson
Poor Things – 2023 Felicity

There are 3 films that are still to be announced. They are – And, The Substance and Drive Away Dolls.

Jack and Margaret romance timeline

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Image Credit: Brides

Now that you have a fair idea about the personal and professional life of Jack Antonoff fiance – Margaret Qualley, it is imperative that you check out a bit of their love story. The couple who are currently married, have been painting the town red since early 2021. It was after a short romance that the lovebirds got hitched. Let’s quickly take you down the romance lane –

  • August 14, 2021 – The couple sparked rumors of their romance over ice cream.
  • October 7, 2021 – Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff indulge in some PDA.
  • October 12, 2021 – Margaret and Jack supposedly had nothing to hide, when they were found kissing each other on the LA streets.
  • March 12, 2022 – The couple formally announced their relationship. They jointly attended the Critics Choice Award as well as made ‘the romance’ Instagram official.
  • May 25, 2022 – The couple get formally engaged.

Post the engagement the couple stepped outside on multiple occasions, spreading love and positivity. The big shot announcement of their wedding was definitely when the couple stepped out for the latter’s film Sanctuary, on May 11, 2023.

  • August 19, 2023 – The actress-music producer couple got married to each other among close friends and relatives.
  • September 23, 2021 – In an interview with Haper’s Bazaar, Margaret Qualley called Jack Antonoff – ‘my person’ firmly establishing the love that they promised to each other for a lifetime.
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That was quite some scoop about her. But assuredly, there’s more. Read on –

Tidbits about Jack Antonoff fiance

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Image Credit: InStyle

Assuming you have been reading through this article, it is time to share some tidbits about Margaret Qualley, that you probably didn’t know. Here they are –

  • Did you know that she never owned any ‘furniture’ before meeting Antonoff? Well, in an interview to Harper’s Bazaar, she stated that – before she met Jack, she would shift places with an Ikea lamp and a mattress on the floor. In fact, more than often she would use her sister’s basement in LA to stay.
  • Surprisingly she has watched only 1 film of her mother’s films! The story goes like this: her mother, Andie MacDowell, was not so famous while she and her siblings were growing up. It is only after a substantial period that she understood her mother’s stardom and watched her in ‘’Four Weddings and a Funeral.’’
  • Her love for kids and family is evident in her words. Prior to their marriage, Jack Antonoff fiance stated that she always dreamt of being married. In fact, in that Harper’s Bazaar interview, she went on to state how she visualized her marriage as ‘big, drunken, with a dress that’s not too long.’ Additionally, she stated that she wanted kids, and a whole family for herself in the future, and would love to take up the duties accordingly.

Assuredly, these tidbits do for a fact show how the young talented actress now married to the ‘man of her dreams’ Jack Antonoff is the perfect blend of innocence and maturity.

Last thoughts

Though post their marriage news, the internet search volumes for Jack Antonoff fiance, Antonoff wife, Antonoff, and Margaret relationship status have skyrocketed; Margaret Qualley is a woman who has carved out a niche for herself. Even if she is not denoted by her spouse, her strong acting portfolio and her credibility as a model for some of the topmost brands in the world speak for themselves. If you still haven’t followed her in any of her acting or modeling assignments, it is time to check her out (you can start with the Netflix miniseries Maid, where her performance has been stupendous).

If you like this content and are looking for more entertainment-related news like this, keep watching this space for more!


1. Who is Jack Antonoff fiance mother?

Antonoff’s fiance – Margaret Qualley, comes from a reputed Hollywood family. Her mother is the noted actress Rosalie Anderson MacDowell (Andie MacDowell).

2. When did Margaret start her acting career?

Margaret began her acting career in 2013 with a guest appearance in the Gia Coppola directorial – Palo Alto.

3. Does she have any siblings?

She is the youngest of the siblings with an elder brother called Justin and an elder sister named Rainey Qualley (the noted US-based singer and actress)

4. Has she received any awards?

She has just kickstarted her acting career and it is a bit too early to receive any award as such. However, she has received a number of nominations, including Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe.

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