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James Brolin Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



James Brolin Net Worth

If you are constantly humming Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” once again, let’s tell you that the hit number was inspired by James Brolin and Barbra Streisand’s real-life romance. As Streisand’s memoir, My Name Is Barbra is making waves on the bookshelves, she revealed this snippet as well as old times with her now-husband. Soon, the internet was popping questions one after another – to start with – how much is James Brolin net worth (it stands at a strong $50 million)? When did Barbra meet him? How did they hold up to their 25 years of marriage and more!! 

As you scroll down this article, you will get a detailed insight into Brolin’s net worth, his career graph, how he reached the $Millionaire milestone, and tidbits of his love story. Stay tuned – 

What is James Brolin net worth? 

James Brolin Net Worth

Image Credit: CBS News

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning American actor is worth $50 million! His primary source of earnings is his acting profession. However, with time he has diversified his work portfolio and has tried his hand at – producing films and TV series, as well as directing. Without a doubt, he has managed to achieve success in all of his chosen domains. This accumulation of wealth has led him to become a millionaire! 

Let us now check out specifically, the areas that earn him the millions, and how he chooses to spend the same. 

How did he earn his millions? 

The source of his millions happens to be – 

His career as a filmstar 

James Brolin in Skyjacked

Image Credit: Movies Anywhere

Though his film career started with uncredited roles in films like – Take Her, She’s Mine, Our Man Flint, and a few more – with time he established himself as one of the leading Hollywood stars. With prominent roles in films like – Skyjacked, Westworld, The Car, High Risk, Catch Me If You Can, Last Chance Harvey, and more – he solidified his position, both in the entertainment industry as well as in people’s hearts. 

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He has a strong Television career 

James Brolin in Marcus welby

Image Credit: YouTube

Apart from his stint in films, Brolin has had a strong and fulfilling career on television (he to date dabbles in this medium). Whether it is his breakthrough role as Steven Kiley in Marcus Welby, MD (1969-76) or his other shows like – Batman, Valentine’s Day, Daniel Boone, Hotel, Parallel Lives, and Royal Hearts to name a few – he has managed to captivate the audience with his charm. This immense rise in popularity has proportionately raised the value of James Brolin net worth which in 2024, has touched the benchmark of $50 million! 

As director and producer 

James Brolin in Sky (2)

Image Credit: YouTube

He has directed-acted in My Brother’s War (1997) and produced the 2010 flick – Standing Ovation. Both the films recovered their basic production costs, thereby adding to the millions in Brolin’s bank account. 

Brolin’s career as a voice artist 

James Brolin in Sky (3)

Image Credit: Daily Express

Apart from being one of the most prominent TV and film entertainers, he has also acted as a voiceover artist for films like – Lightyear (2022), and TV series like – Sweet Tooth (on Netflix since 2021). As of now, no financial records of these have been divulged. 

Did he invest in real estate? 

James Brolin in Sky (4)

Image Credit:

Though Brolin is not a man who would make a show of his wealth, the Brolin-Streisand couple reside in a 3-acre Malibu Estate. It has been revealed by sources that the estate was jointly bought by the couple, investing a part of Barbra and James Brolin net worth – which makes up to a massive $450 million. The space is a distinct structure with – a primary residence, barn, mill house, and a ‘Grandma’s’ house. No further financial or otherwise details of the property have been released. 

How many cars does he own?

By his admission, he owns 3 vehicles – a Porsche, a Chevrolet pickup truck, and a RAM 1500 Rebel. 

How has he contributed to charity?

james brolin net worth

Image Credit: Contemporary Pediatrics

He is a man who firmly believes in charity and has invested a significant portion of James Brolin net worth in it. From what has been revealed by his agents, he has backed the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a global supplier of hearing aids at minimal cost. Apart from that, he has also supported the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – which works with HIV-positive kids. 

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He has actively participated in – activities of both Dream Foundation and Distinctive Olympics. However, in the above-mentioned cases, the actual financial contributions have been kept under wraps. 

What about his family? 

James Brolin net worth

Image Credit: Smooth

Here’s quickly giving you a glimpse of his family – 

James Brolin Parents  Father: Henry Hurst Bruderlin

Mother: Helen Sue 

James Brolin Wife  He has been married 3 times. 

  • Jane Cameron Agee (1st wife – wildlife activist/aspiring actress) – 1966
  • Jan Smithers (2nd wife – actress) – 1985
  • Barbra Streisand (3rd wife – actress) – 1998
Kids  Josh and Jess Brolin (from 1st wife)

Molly Elizabeth (from 2nd wife)

James Brolin is stepfather to – Jason Gould (Streisand’s only child)

James Brolin debut project 1961 – TV – Follow The Sun and Bus Stop 

1963 – Film – Take Her, She’s Mine

Some unknown quickies about him 

You have checked out details about James Brolin net worth, which amounts up to a massive $50 million. However, there are a couple of facts that you perhaps are unaware of – 

  1. Did you know that his actual name is – Craig Kenneth Bruderlin? His place of birth is – Westwood Village, LA, California. 
  2. He has a successful career as a sports car racer. 1979 he was part of 24 hours Nurburgring (AMC team). His team was placed first class.
  3. You must have heard of Friends. The 1st episode of the 8th season showed – Phoebe Buffay as pregnant with James Brolin’s kid (a diversion). 

Last thoughts 

As one of the topmost Hollywood stars of the 1960s/70s, James Brolin has been a name to reckon with. Give him any role; he made it a point to make the role his! When he showed himself onscreen, it was as if he was a revelation every time – a quality that made him one of the topmost stars of his time. Naturally, with such acting prowess and credibility, the money followed – thereby attuning the value of James Brolin net worth to a massive $50 million that it stands at today. Thus, as admirers of his acting skills, one can surely state that – working hard and facing the challenges head-on, quite like the Hollywood star, seems to be the way out for living life in general. 


1. What is James Brolin net worth? 

His net worth is stacked at $50 million. 

2. How much does Barbra Streisand earns? 

She has a net worth of $400 million. 

3. What is his date of birth? 

His D.O.B is – July 18, 1940 (he is currently 83 years old). 

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