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Jay Z Net Worth… And 10 less Known Facts about him



jay z net worth

Born in Brooklyn, Shawn Corey Carter, aka Jay Z, is a versatile American rapper. He is also a songwriter and a record producer. Jay Z became the top-selling musicians of all time after selling 100+ records. He has been on the list of Grammy nominations 80 times. Out of which, he received 22 Grammy Awards for his contribution to the music industry. Jay Z holds the distinction of the rapper with the most wins in history for Grammy. He has earned the title of hip hop’s first billionaire in 2019. Let’s read more about Jay Z net worth through this article, along with ten lesser-known facts about him. 

Jay Z Net Worth

jay z net worth

Source: Bloomberg

Jay Z has had a copious amount of success in multiple industries. In the year 2020, Jay Z net worth is estimated at approximately around $1 billion. He has a diversified career and investment in various industries. To start with, he has his finances in nightclubs, restaurants, clothing line and record label, etc. Apart from these, he has also made an enormous investment of around $70 million in Uber. In between the year 2018-19, Jay Z net worth was $81 million. 

Combined with his wife, Beyonce, Jay-Z has a net worth of $1.4 Billion. In 2007, they purchased a mansion worth $8 million on an ultra-elite Indian Creek Island in Maimi. 

Jay Z first became a billionaire in 2019. the credit goes to his vast business empire that includes touring, endorsements, merchandise, etc. He has invested through Marcy Venture Partners(named after the housing project where he grew up). Marcy Ventures raised an investment capital of $1 million in the year 2019. In addition to this, his collection of art is worth $70 million. Also, he has an investment of $310 million in Armand de Brignac. 

Family Investments

Jay Z has benefited millions of his fans in tutoring themselves. His investments, both cash, and liquid are worth $220 million. Jay Z lives in New Orleans, in a former church, costing almost $2.4 million. That includes three master bedrooms.

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Early Life of Jay Z

jay z net worth

Source: Hip Hop Scriptures

Born in 1969, in-state Brooklyn on the 4th of December- the upbringing of Jay Z is of Marcy House. After his father left him, he was raised by his mother along with his three siblings. 

Initially, he was enrolled in a High School till it closed down. After that, he attended George Westing House Career and Technical Education High School. However, he wasn’t given his graduation degree. 

Jay-Z’s Career

When Jay-Z started his career, no one signed him for any deal. So he tried everything to sell his albums. Jay Z was trading the records in the trunk of his vehicle. 

Later he found a record label titled Rock-A-Fella, with artists like Damon Dash and Kareem Biggs. That turned out in signing a deal of distribution with Priority. Afterward, this deal in 1996 allowed Shawn to release his first debut album, titled “Reasonable Doubt.” 

Now talking of 2020, this artist holds the history of most ranked one music albums by a solo singer

Lessons From Jay Z For Those Who Aspire Success

Source: The Undefeated

  • Inspiration strikes untimely

He says that he bought bottles utterly for the paper to pen down lyrics or his ideas coming to mind. Ideas can strike at any time, and he was ready with everything when they did. 

So you better keep yourself prepared when inspiration hits you as well.

  • There’s no escape from the hustling.

By this time, you might know that Jay Z’s net worth is $1 billion, which is unlike any other rapper. The reason behind this is that he never stopped rapping. Moreover, he entrusted in entrepreneurship, endorsements, and nightclubs.

  • Never wait for long.

He had a humble beginning and no equipment or even the money during the start of his career. He cracked a good deal with the things that he had available and began to find the opportunity. 

Waiting till you have everything is probably the primary reason people don’t start working on their desires. While these people take this as an excuse, victorious people always find ways and opportunities where ever they can.

  • Clear Planning

He is an enthusiastic businessman. Jay Z never hurried or took any step without thinking about it first. He created a thorough business plan and made sure of what he was doing before jumping onto decisions. 

Once you have created a roadmap, you get a clear idea of your plans and how you can execute them. 

  • Skills are transferrable. 

Jay Z didn’t even graduate from high school. He acquired most of his talents while growing up and dealing on the streets.

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 He gained a lot of insight about sales and management from his drug dealings and later transferred them into his professional and legitimate business.

Unknown facts about Jay Z net worth to blow your mind. 

Now that you know about Jay-Z net worth, career, and even learned lessons from him, accompanying are ten facts lesser-known about Jay-Z.

1.Micheal Jackson secretly sang in his hit ‘Girls, Gils, Girls’

In an interview, Jay Z revealed that Micheal Jackson was on his song singing the background vocals of ‘Girls’ Girls, Girls’ and he didn’t even put his name on the song.

2.Jay Z lived in London through the 1980s

During the late 1980s, Jay Z lived in London before moving back to the States. There he recorded music with Monie Love and soaked in the culture.

3.Jay Z’s father abandoned him while he was just 11-12 years old.

After his father abandoned him and his family, Jay Z had to be the man of the house at a very young age. After that, later in 2003, the pair reunited. However, due to liver disease, his father died a few years later. 

4.Jay Z net worth has its journey.

Starting from Brooklyn’s disreputable Marcy Housing, his journey is quite impressive. Jay Z was a drug dealer before making music as his career. However, almost a decade later, Jay Z’s net worth has made his hip hop’s first billionaire. 

5.Jay was something like a child prodigy

According to one of his former teachers, Jay Z was something of a child prodigy. He was already testing for a twelfth-grade level at the time when he was in his sixth standard.

6.The rapper’s influence is Homer’s Odyssey.

When it comes to what influences Jay Z, it is not anything or anyone from the music industry. He mentions that the Greek literary epic Odessey, which is written by Homer, is among his biggest influences. Jay Z describes having a beautiful rhythm.

7.At age 12, Jay thought his life was over.

When Jay was 12 years of age, he shot his younger brother in an altercation over a ring. At that moment, he thought this life was over and that he would end up in jail forever. However, his younger brother did not press any charges against him. 

8.Jay once lied to composer Charles Strouse

Jay Z once lied to composer Charles Strouse to clear the ‘Annie’ sample on his ’98 track ‘Hard Knock Life.’ He told him that he had seen the musical on Broadway when he was a child. Including that he had also written a competition-winning essay on it.

9. Third best selling rap artist of all time

With more than 27 million sales worldwide, he is the third bestselling rap artist. Jay’s ‘Vol 2: Hard Knock Life’ is one of the most significant rap records ever. It has marketed more than 5.2 million copies in the States alone.

10.Jay’s biggest single has 3 Grammy nominations 

The Empire State of Mind is Jay-Z’s most prominent single with three Grammy nominations. In addition to that, it has stayed rank first on the US Billboard chart for more than four weeks continuously. 

So that’s a wrap on this post where we covered Jay Z net worth and some unknown facts about his life. Let us know if he is among your favorite artist or not. We’d love to hear your opinions about him. 

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