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Larsa Pippen Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)



Larsa Pippen net worth

Larsa Pippen is a true blue reality star! She simply knows how to stay on the Page 3 headlines! Whether it’s her whirlwind romance with NBA’s God Michael Jordan’s son – Marcus Jordan, or the massive hike in Larsa Pippen net worth (a staggering $10 million) that came from her divorce settlement – the newspapers/netizens have all the info! But it seems that people want to know more! Whether it is how she makes her millions or what her family thinks of her romance with someone her junior, netizens cannot get enough of her! 

Are you one of those who’ve loved the ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star? Then, this post is where all your questions will be answered! Let’s begin with the details –

What is Larsa Pippen net worth? 

Larsa Pippen net worth (1)

Image Credit: Bravo TV

Larsa Pippen (nee Younan) is an American-Assyrian model, US-TV personality, and socialite. She also has multiple business ventures under her name. 

According to data from Celebrity Net Worth and other submitted financial documents, her total worth is estimated to be $ 10 million. For the unversed, her primary sources of earnings are – through her reality TV ventures, podcast earnings, business, and money from her divorce settlement with her former husband, NBA Chicago Bulls player Scottie Pippen, with whom she shares 4 kids. 

For the unversed, when you check out multiple websites looking for Larsa Pippen net worth – some will claim it to be a humongous $26 million, while some will lower it down to $14 million. In case you are confused about the actual amount, TheRichNetWorth confirms the amount to be $10 million (without inflation). We will update you if there is a change in the value. 

Stay tuned to find out a detailed insight into her multiple sources of income – 

How does she earn her millions? 

With time, she has diversified her career portfolio, which brings her millions in current times – 

Her salary from Real Housewives of Miami 

Larsa Pippen net worth (2)

Image Credit: Bossip

Bravo’s reality show was one of her biggest works that put her at the forefront and enhanced the figures of Larsa Pippen net worth. For the unversed, specific details of her salary were not revealed by the team. But, supposedly, she was paid somewhere over $30,000 per episode, as per the news reports. Though certain news portals suggested that there was a salary hike after she returned to the show, there has been no confirmation or details of the same. 

She owns a Jewellery Line 

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Image Credit: Google Photos

The income from her jewellery line – Larsa Marie, is another source that contributes to the metrics of Larsa Pippen net worth. Her collection boasts some precious diamond sets as well as one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. The prices for the earrings start from $320, while the bracelets are tagged at $8,000. In fact, according to the website of Larsa Marie, the jewellery caters to – “…all women with a goal of giving them affordable luxury…” This is one source of revenue that will bring in its fruits over time. 

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Her Business ventures and Reality TV earnings 

Larsa Pippen net worth (4)

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

Apart from her primary reality show and jewellery collection – she also has: 

  1. A Spotify podcast to her name (Separation Anxiety), which she runs along with her boyfriend Marcus Jordan. 
  2. Also, there is a blog that documents her career and life’s updates along with motivational thoughts. 
  3. She also serves as a brand ambassador for Agadir Hair Care and Haute Living Magazine. 
  4. She has also previously modeled for high-profile brands like Pepsi.
  5. Larsa is also a member of the OnlyFans platform, where fans can pay for videos, pictures, and messages from influencers. By her own admission, she supposedly made $10,000 daily from this app, which surely increases the value of Larsa Pippen net worth.
  6. She has been part of multiple reality shows like – Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Wendy Williams Show, Selling Sunset, Dancing With The Stars: Juniors, Watch What Happens Live, Tamron Hall and others.

She did receive a sum from her divorce settlement 

Given that she and her ex-husband, NBA player Scottie Pippen, did not sign a prenup agreement prior to their marriage, as per the law, during the divorce proceedings, Larsa would get half of Scottie’s monetary fortune. 

Though the financial specifics of her divorce case were not officially revealed, according to a little birdie – Larsa would get half of Scottie’s $401k fortune that was part of the IRS Fund. Some portals, however, inflated the amount to $5,000,000, but Larsa later clarified the same in a podcast. 

These are some of the key areas from where the reality star has accumulated her wealth and made it the amount where it stands today.

Why was her divorce settlement controversial? 

Larsa Pippen net worth (5)

Image Credit: The People

It is no secret that the hike in Larsa Pippen net worth is due to a considerable amount that she has received as alimony from her ex-husband, the NBA Chicago Bulls team member Scottie Pippen. However, some stated that the actual money received was $50,000,000, an enormous amount when one thinks about it. That is where the controversy started. Since then to date, Larsa has consistently denied the claims, stating that she has no idea of the ‘actual amount’ that she is supposed to receive. 

Let us break up the divorce controversy for you – 

2016  Larsa and Scottie first split from each other, almost 20 years after their marriage (1997). 
2017 The couple reconciled and decided to give their marriage another chance. 
2018 The Pippen couple officially split, and filed for divorce – citing “irreconcilable differences’’
December 15, 2021  Divorce was finalized. The couple decided to ‘co-parent’ their kids.  
2022 The controversies started about Larsa getting $50,000,000 from Scottie’s IRS Fund. The couple had not signed a prenup agreement.
2023  Larsa clarified that she did not know the ‘actual amount’ that she would receive as part of the divorce and property settlement process. 
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Did she invest in real estate? 

As per a report from TMZ, she did own a luxurious Miami home but sold it. The monetary proceeds from the same are unavailable. Currently, she owns a posh high-rise apartment priced at $3.3 million (at the time of sale). 

How many cars does she own? 

No specifics are found of the same, but according to sources, she owns a Mercedes, Porsche, and Ferrari. 

Does she partake in charity? 

Larsa Pippen net worth (6)

Image Credit: People

For the uninformed, a major share of Larsa Pippen net worth is invested further into the Pippen Charity Foundation. This charity supports children’s causes, and Larsa actively participates in this. 

Apart from that, she has been on more than one occasion found supporting her boyfriend Marcus Jordan in events like a charity golf tournament with DJ Khaled (We The Best Foundation Golf Classic) and (D Up On Cancer) charity. Whether she has monetarily invested in these charities or not is a matter of speculation.

Quickly looking into her personal life 

Larsa Pippen net worth (7)

Image Credit: The Sun

Full name  Larsa Marie Younan
Place of Birth  Chicago, Illinois, USA
Family  Parents – No information 

Brothers – Samuel Younan, Ninos Younan

Sister – Bella Youkhana 

Birthday  July 6, 1974 
Husband  NBA Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen
Kids  Scotty Jr, Sophia, Justin, Preston 
Debut  The Real Housewives of Miami 
Boyfriend  Currently dating Marcus Jordan (son of NBA stallion Michael Jordan)  

Parting thoughts 

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Larsa has managed to chart out a path for herself from appearing in reality television shows to owning a jewellery line. All of this has contributed to the ever-increasing Larsa Pippen net worth – an amount that is worth noting in this competitive entertainment world. Therefore, taking a page out of Pippen’s career book, one may state that diversifying one’s career portfolio and investing in the right direction does yield a comfortable amount of cash over time. 

If you liked this article and want to know more about such personality and their net worth, keep following this website. 


1. Why did she and Scottie Pippen divorce? 

The official reason given for the divorce was – “irreconcilable differences.’’ The divorce settlement was ‘iron-clad’ with no details from the settlement apart from the fact that Larsa was to be paid a wholesome amount from Scottie’s IRS Retirement Fund. The couple are co-parenting their kids. 

2. Why did she leave Real Housewives of Miami? 

As you are already aware, Larsa was part of the initial cast of RHOM and then left the show after 7 episodes. She made a return in Season 4 and since then has been an irreplaceable part of this show. The reason for her departure was – her being “too level-headed” for the cast members. There were constant tussles, and the show’s ratings declined. Hence, it was cancelled for a brief period. 

Apart from that, the other news that came out was – since she was considered the “hottest” NBA wife, the show was somewhat going in the direction wherein she was glorified over others. Hence, the decision. 

3. Why did she have issues with the Kardashians? 

After a significant period of being a cast member of Keeping With The Kardashians, she took a step back since – according to the Kardashians, she was not giving her best, and it affected the show. However, according to Larsa, it was Kanye West who was the reason behind the fallout. 


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