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Maria Shriver Net Worth Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Maria Shriver net worth

Maria Shriver is back in the news, this time with her credentials. As someone who has always complained – “grew up feeling invisible,” she was recently seen with Jill Biden, the First Lady Of The USA, at the President’s State Of The Union Address. For the unversed, she is the founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. However, it was her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger that made headlines, especially with the info that Maria Shriver net worth post-divorce was a massive $200 million! 

With the gossip mills churning out rumours one after another, it is time to reveal the truth. As you scroll down this post, you will get detailed information about – her sources of income, investments, family life, education, and charitable ventures. Let us unveil the specifics – 

What is Maria Shriver net worth?

Maria Shriver net worth

Image Credit: Fox News

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her professional net worth stands at $200 million. However, multiple publications stated that her current net worth in 2024 stood within $210-250 million (including inflation). Previously the First Lady of the State Of California (Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California), she comes from the famed Kenny family. Also, she is a journalist and has a strong media career. Hence, without a doubt, she has multiple sources of income that amount to her huge net worth. 

In the upcoming actions, we will explore her multiple sources of income and provide you with authentic information – 

Sources of Income 

The multiple sources of her income are – 

Journalism and Media 

Maria Shriver as NBC News Host

Image Credit: NBC News

Maria Shriver is one of the most notable names in the world of journalism. She has worked as a journalist for KYW-TV(Philadelphia), CBS Morning News, NBC Sunday Today, NBC Nightly News, Dateline NBC and more! Though her compensation from any of these has not been disclosed, given her immense popularity – she must have garnered some hefty amount, that adds to her total worth. 

Kennedy Family Fortune 

Maria Shriver is connected to Kennedy family

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It is no secret that Maria belongs to the famed and highly connected Kennedy family. As per the reports, Shriver gets a handsome amount of money as dividends from Vornado Realty Trust and associated. Though the exact amount has not been declared, one may assume it to be somewhere within $7 – $10 million annually. 

Divorce Settlement 

Maria Shriver divorce settlement money

Image Credit: YouTube

It is a well-known fact that Maria Shriver net worth increased massively from $170 million to the current range of $210 – 250 million due to the divorce settlement money! According to news reports, Arnold had a fortune of $300,000 million, and Maria received a significant amount of that along with child support, escalating her total worth. 

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From her website 

Maria Shriver Website Discussions

Image Credit: St. Luke the Evangelist

She has her own website,, which provides information about her protein brand, newsletters, and detailed information regarding multiple medical issues. It also provides the latest info on her Alzheimer’s projects and her brand connection with Netflix. 


Maria Shriver books

Image Credit: PangoBooks

She has also garnered quite some profits (though details have not been revealed) from her books such as – What’s Heaven, What’s Wrong With Timmy, What’s Happening to Grandpa? Just Who Will You Be? and more! 


It is without a shred of doubt that whatever the value of Maria Shriver net worth is today, it is precisely due to her humongous investments. However, the specifics of the same are not available on any public platform. 

Real Estate 

Maria Shriver home

Image Credit: Parade

When talking of the properties that she owns, Shriver has quite a collection. While being married, she and Arnold resided in their marital home which was worth $4.8 million (in 2002). One may assume that the couple jointly invested in the house. 

  • After her separation from her husband, Shriver reportedly paid $10 million for a Brentwood home, whose area space was 11,000 square feet. 
  • Along with that, in 2022, Maria bought another property for $12.2 million in the same Brentwood neighbourhood. 

Car collection 

Maria Shriver car collection

Image Credit: SeHer

It is no secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a car enthusiast. However, no specific information is available regarding Shriver’s car collection as such. Though some publications do state that she did get a couple of vehicles as part of her divorce settlement, no information is available whatsoever. 

Philanthropic Activities 

Maria Shriver charitable ventures

Image Credit: Cleveland Clinic Newsroom

For the unversed, a significant amount of Maria Shriver net worth has been invested in multiple charitable endeavours. Some of the specifics that we have are – 

  • She is the Executive Producer of The Alzheimer’s Project. As the founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, she has actively supported and participated in multiple charitable associations.
  • She is associated with the White House’s initiative to boost women’s health research. 
  • Maria Shriver’s contribution was well recognized with the naming of a nursery in her memory at the Saint John’s Health Center. 

Early Life and Education 

FULL NAME  Maria Owings Shriver
BIRTHDAY  November 6, 1955
BIRTHPLACE Chicago, Illinois, USA
PARENTS  Sargent Shriver (US politician, diplomat) and Eunice Kennedy (activist)
DESCENT Roman Catholic, of German and Irish descent 
ACADEMIC SPECIFICS  Georgetown University (BA)
TIMELINE AS FIRST LADY  November 17, 2003 – January 23, 2011
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Maria Shriver was cheated on by Arnold

Image Credit: HELLO! Magazine

Though Shriver has always managed to keep her personal life away from the spotlight, Arnold’s admission of cheating on her did bring it up before the cameras untowardly! Later it was revealed, that she had her doubts about Arnold, and it was only after she discovered the truth, that they filed for divorce. 

During that time, the cameras did try to pry into her personal space, but she managed to hold her own. After that, she has mostly managed to stay away from controversies and has rather been in the news for her contributions. 

Personal Life 

  • She was married to ex-California governor – Arnold Schwarzenegger from April 26, 1986 to December 2021. Though the couple had filed for divorce back in 2011, it only came through in 2021. 
  • The couple is parents to 2 boys and 2 girls, including Katherine and Patrick. 
  • There were reports that she was dating political consultant Matthew Dowd. However, there are no specific reports on this. 

Growth of Maria Shriver net worth over time 

2024 $210 million (could go up to $250 million)
2023 $190 million 
2022 $170 million
2021 $150 million
2020 $135 million
2019 $120 million

Did you know this about her? 

Maria Shriver awarded multiple times

Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

  • Shriver is fond of – football, volleyball, and tennis.
  • She has been honoured with multiple awards – the Peabody Award (for journalism), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Award, the 2 Emmy Awards, and the Pathfinder’s To Peace Award (Shinnyo-en Foundation). 
  • She is the first person to have been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alzheimer’s Association in 2017. 

Concluding words 

It is tough times that make or break a person. A true example of this adage is Maria Shriver. Coming from the prestigious Kennedy family, she had built a fantastic career in journalism and the television industry. When she got married to Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was termed as one of the most prominent alliances. Yet, the divorce and the additional issues came along, almost breaking her apart. However, the fact that she managed to regain her prominence and stand on her feet again is backed by the massive numbers that Maria Shriver net worth showcases. That truly is an inspiration for one and all! 

If you liked this post and want to know more about such strong personalities and their professional values, keep watching this space. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Maria Shriver net worth?

Her net worth stands within $210-250 million. 

2. What is her political inclination?

Initially, she was a Democrat till 2011. After that, she changed her inclination to the Independent Party. 

3. Is she currently dating?

There were reports of her dating a political analyst, Matthew Dowd. But nothing can be confirmed. 

4. How is she connected to the Kennedy family? 

For the unversed, she is the niece of the late US President – John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy. 


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