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Melanie Griffith Net Worth 2023: The Working Girl owns $40 million!



Melanie Griffith has always managed to stay in the news! A couple of months earlier, it was about an Antonio Banderas tattoo that she covered up as a family tribute, then her casual walk down the salon – she knows how to make heads turn. Recently trailer of her 1980s classic Something Wild went viral, making Gen Z curious about the actress. Did you know that she is the mother of actress Dakota ‘Anastasia Steele’ Johnson? With more prying, came news of Melanie Griffith net worth which stands at $40 million, her relationship with her now ex-husband, and details of her kids. 

In this article you will get insights about her professional value, how she managed to stack up the humongous amount, how she has invested her money, and glimpses of her life. Let’s check out what it looks like – 

What is Melanie Griffith net worth? 

Melanie Griffith net worth (3)

Image Credit: The Today Show

According to the data revealed by her financial experts and as per the Celebrity Net Worth website, her net worth is $40 million. The primary source of her income is her films, but apart from that, she has managed to replicate her financial success in theatre, television, independent films, and production. She is also a sensation on social media, which generates quite an amount for her, though its details are unavailable. 

In the upcoming sections, you will see a breakdown of her income sources in detail. Scroll through – 

How did she earn her money? 

Let’s check out the specifics regarding her income – 

Her earnings from films 

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Image Credit: The Guardian

She started out as an actress in the film Roar (before her list of small appearances as extras in films), and followed it up with a list of films such as Body Double, Something Wild (watch the trailer if you haven’t till now, it has become viral for being a movie that was way ahead of its times), and Stormy Monday to name a few. 

She supposedly charged $1 million for Bonfire at the Vanities and $2 million for Milk Money! 

Though her salary from her other movies and TV appearances has never been revealed, there was confirmed news that she charged a whopping $1.5 million (the highest paid for those times) for Working Girl, her benchmark role to date!  

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Massive brands in her kitty

Throughout her career, she modeled for Revlon and Max Factor which increasingly propelled the metrics of Melanie Griffith net worth.

She earned well from theatre and television 

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Image Credit: Pinterest

After her stint with films, she ventured into theatre and TV, wherein she went on to star in a host of projects such as – Chicago (Broadway), No Way Around But Through, Twins(WB sitcom),  and Hot in Cleveland to name a few.

Proceeds from her production house 

Green Moon Productions Company, produced a host of films – Tart being one of the most notable ones. Though details are unavailable, but she has received quite some profit from the company (that she shared with her husband). 

Monetary support after her divorce 

Melanie Griffith net worth

Image Credit: Getty Images

Lastly, there was news that when finalizing their divorce, Banderas and Griffith decided to equally distribute their total wealth, and proceeds from other productions. However, Banderas had to extend spousal support of $65,000 per month and a total of $780,000 per annum for a specified period, which was added to her net value. 

Is there any detail on her investments? 

As per the reports, she has invested a weighty amount from Melanie Griffith net worth in her production company – Green Moon Productions. She also got involved in a range of fashion-related projects, an example of which is her creation of handbags in tandem with Loewe. In 2019, she launched her own jewelry collection – Melanie Griffith for Broken English. 

Does she invest in real estate? 

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Image Credit: Pinterest

Just like any other star, under the advice of her property dealers, Griffith invested a hefty portion of total Melanie Griffith net worth in real estate. In 2019, she bought a Spanish-style 3000-square-foot mansion in Hollywood for a massive $3.7 million. 

Then in 2002, she and her now ex-husband, Antonio Banderas invested a massive $3.5 million in their Aspen mansion. However, it was sold off and the proceeds (of $4 million) were divided among the couple. The couple also owned a home in Los Angeles that they sold off for $10 million. 

How many cars does she own? 

It is given that she is one of the finest actresses of Hollywood and hence would have a fleet of cars at her beck and call. However, there is no official information on the same. The only confirmed news that is there is – during the divorce, she got two cars from Banderas, a Picasso and a Porsche.  

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Is she associated with any charity? 

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Image Credit: Closer Weekly

Griffith is one of those stars who firmly believes in giving back to society. Amongst many other charities that she supports, she has been associated with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (the noted Mexican singer Jenni Rivera was also a part of it) for a long time. She has led the campaign Walk For Kids, to raise funds, for the inauguration of the pediatric inpatient facility. She also presented the hospital’s Courage to Care Award. 

Griffith also actively participates in anti-substance abuse campaigns, as she is a survivor herself. 

Quickly looking at some facts 

FULL NAME  Melanie Richards Griffith
DATE OF BIRTH  August 9, 1957
ETHNICITY  English, Scottish-Irish, Norwegian, German and Swedish. 
PROFESSION  Actress, Producer, Voice Artist, Philanthropist.
CITIZENSHIP  She is a dual citizen of the US and Spain. She speaks Spanish and English fluently. 

Her family life at a glance 

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Image Credit: Hollywood Life

She was born in Manhattan, NYC, to advertising executive Peter Griffith and actress mother Tippi Hedren. She started her career as a child actress, but later abandoned the same, citing ‘extreme shyness.’ However, she later resumed it and became one of the most noted actresses of all time. 

She has been married thrice, first to actor Don Johnson and gave birth to noted actress Dakota Johnson, then to Steven Bauer, and finally to Antonio Banderas. All her marriages ended in divorce and she has two more kids, Alexander Bauer, and Stella Banderas from her last two marriages. Currently, she is single, a cancer survivor, and has maintained a cordial relationship with all her exes. 

Parting words 

Melanie Griffith’s life is no less than what is portrayed on celluloid, a journey that started as a childhood actress and then grew into one of the most noted stars of all time – with a Golden Globe under her belt. It is, therefore, no wonder that the metrics of Melanie Griffith net worth is valued at $40 million (and counting)! Clearly, she has been a fantastic example of a person, who every time the world has thrown back, has decided to make a comeback. Whether you are a fan or not, hers is a life story that you cannot miss out checking on! If you liked this story, and want more exciting celeb content like this – keep checking this space! 


1. What is Melanie Griffith’s most notable role? 

Her character of Tess McGill is unarguably her most notable role to date.

2. What has she struggled with? 

For a brief period of her life, she suffered from substance abuse. However, she quit and later spoke briefly about her struggles with addiction. 

3. Did she win any awards in her career? 

Throughout her career, Griffith won numerous awards, the most noted of which was – The Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy role for Working Girl.

4. What did she do before acting? 

Before she ventured professionally into acting, she assisted her mother, former actress Tippi Hedren. 

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