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Music Meets Tech: A Game-Changer for Independent Artists!



The music industry continually evolves, and now, there’s a fresh addition designed explicitly for independent artists, integrating the tools necessary for them to leap forward in their musical journey. Welcome to “Viberate for Artists” – your comprehensive solution for digital music distribution, cutting-edge promotional tools, and intricate analytics for both social media and music channels.

Viberate isn’t new to the game. Originally a powerhouse in music data, the company has been serving invaluable analytics to industry giants. Fast-forward to now, Viberate is widening its horizon by furnishing artists with potent, data-backed tools. The cherry on top? Some of these tools are entirely free, while others come at a nominal fee of $39 per year.

So, if you’re an artist, here’s a snapshot of what’s in store for you:

Free website for musicians

Viberate’s reputation isn’t just built on analytics; it also boasts the most extensive crowdsourced artist database worldwide. With a meticulous verification process overseen by a dedicated team of curators, they assure the authenticity of every artist page. This meticulous approach has paved the way for the company to offer a free website for musicians. And for artists yet to be featured, Viberate pledges to get you onboarded.

What can you expect on this website? It’s a repository of crucial information:

  • Your genre and originating country.
  • Top tracks and music videos.
  • Forthcoming events.
  • A detailed breakdown of your audience.

This compilation isn’t just for show – it’s what music industry professionals seek when hunting for the next big talent. What’s more? Artists can personalize these websites, making them truly their own. According to Viberate, the standout feature of these artist websites is that they are “seamless, auto-updated, and primed for sharing.”

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Spotify for Artists stats

The platform isn’t solely about appearances. It’s about in-depth insights. Artists can link their Spotify accounts to get a panoramic view of their Spotify for Artists stats. Key metrics you can track include:

  • Your Spotify listenership, followers, streaming count, and the origin of streams.
  • The gender and age demographics of your audience.
  • The geographical locations where your fans reside.
  • Nations where your tunes are gaining traction rapidly.
  • Monitoring the performance of your tracks on various playlists.

By scrutinizing playlist metrics, artists can gauge the potency of their releases over time and see the trajectories of their songs. Identifying which playlists have catalyzed maximum streams or listeners can be a game-changer for formulating promotional strategies.

Digital Music Distribution

Before the promotion kicks in, the music needs to be out there. Viberate ensures artists can do this seamlessly with unlimited digital music distribution to all premier streaming platforms.

Spotify playlist pitching

Once the release is out, the focus shifts to promotion. With Viberate’s Spotify playlist pitching tool, artists have at their fingertips a chart that ranks over 12M playlists by their popularity. Artists can effortlessly shortlist suitable playlists, thereby amplifying their potential reach.

The precision of this tool is unparalleled. Musicians can sieve out playlists based on genres, sub-genres, the nature of the playlist (be it editorial, indie, etc.), song release timelines, and the popularity of the songs featured. The interface also reveals direct contact channels with some playlist curators, while others can be reached via external platforms.

To illustrate, an artist looking at indie curator playlists for House music can find 83 lists, each with a following of at least 15,000, with over 30% of songs introduced in the past quarter, accessible directly or through linked platforms.

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But that’s not all. Artists get the bonus of comparing their performance with peers and uncovering prominent playlists spotlighting their tracks.

For those who wish to harness the complete suite of offerings, including music distribution, promotional utilities, and advanced analytics, the Premium Viberate for Artists package is priced at $39 annually.

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