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Pat Robertson Net Worth 2023: Televangelist Leaves Behind $100M!



Pat Robertson net worth

A piece of sad news for you. Televangelist Pat Robertson is no more! The media mogul who brought the Christian religion into the political and media spheres passed away on the 8th of Jun, 2023. From his rants about how AIDS-infected people were ‘hellish’ to his Islamophobic and misogynistic comments, he was one of the most controversial men in the public domain. However, people becoming curious about the fight regarding his estate and how the value of Pat Robertson net worth, which stands at $100 million, will be divided – shows that he remains controversial even in death. 

This article will give you a glimpse of the person, his professional worth, his controversies, the rise through echelons of power, and his family life. Let’s start – 

What is Pat Robertson net worth? 

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Image Credit: CNN

According to Celebrity Net Worth and other notable financial websites, his net worth at the time of his death was $100 million. Though certain websites have claimed it of a higher value (given that his estate is under contention), his family and financial advisors have refuted the claim. From his television appearances to his businesses, there were a host of profitable domains that he was associated with. Therefore, according to credible sources, this amount is an uncontested number. 

Having said so, it is imperative to check out the sources of his income and how he has invested the same. The next section will give you an idea of the same. 

How did he earn his money? 

Pat Robertson has a career that spans almost 5 decades. Within this period, he was associated with multiple domains such as – Regent University, CBN, American Center For Law and Justice, ABC Family Channel, and 700 Club, to name a few. Getting to the details – 

Christian Broadcasting Network

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Image Credit: Relevant Magazine

His initial and supposedly biggest investment is this Christian-agenda-motivated channel, of which he was the director till his death. Established in 1960 in Virginia Beach, it started its broadcast in 1961 and started the series The 700 Club in 1962, of which Robertson was the co-host. 

In 1977, he also launched the cable network – the CBN Satellite Service, which was the first satellite channel in America to connect the country’s cable system. Though no specific amount is detailed, it may be stated that Robertson invested a wholesome amount in the same. 

Founder of the American Center for Law and Justice and Regent University 

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In terms of business, he is a man of multiple talents. He founded this private Christian university in Virginia Beach, offering Bachelor, Masters and Associate programs. In 2023, this was ranked as one of the best grad schools globally. 

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Along with that, Robertson invested in the American Center For Law and Justice, which was a Washington-headquartered public interest law firm. This not only defends constitutional freedom but is also in tune with Regent University’s care of defending conservative Christian ideals. Without a doubt, this venture, both singularly and jointly, does amplify the current value of Pat Robertson net worth.

Business Ventures 

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Image Credit: Vox

Along with being an evangelist and involving religion in the domain of politics and media, Robertson invested significantly in a host of business ventures. From broadcast entities like International Family Entertainment to multiple organisations – Robertson founded some and invested a hefty amount in others. 

A particular transaction in this domain that gained media attention was – when Robertson sold the holding company of The Family Channel to Fox Broadcasting in 1997. The deal cost $1.9 billion, and it propelled the value of Pat Robertson net worth by a whopping $227 million. 

In another piece of news, Robertson was said to have dealings with Charles Taylor, the president of The Republic of Liberia. The deal was supposedly associated with gold mining operations and earned Robertson millions. However, specific monetary details have yet to be found regarding the same. 

Listing out Pat Robertson’s dealings, it seems like there is no end to it. The man is also known to invest in racing Thoroughbred horses at the Tega Farm. Again, there is no specific information regarding the monetary trail available, but it may be stated that he must have earned a handsome amount from the same. 

As a notable author 

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Image Credit: MarketWatch

Apart from all his afore-mentioned ventures, a significant amount of Pat Robertson net worth was accumulated from his published books (20 of them) – some of which were on the NYT Bestsellers List! For those who are unaware- here’s a list of his published books – The New World Order (which became a bestseller), Beyond Reason: How Miracles Can Change Your Life, Six Steps to Spiritual Revival, The Power of the Holy Spirit in You, and America’s Dates With Destiny to name a few! 

Does he have any notable investments in real estate? 

It has been in the news for a significant time as to how a chunk of Pat Robertson net worth that was invested in his Virginia Estate has been under contention (an 11,000 square feet luxury retreat home is part of it). Though the exact amount associated with the same is unavailable, it is a lumpsum amount that he had invested (as per his legal associates). Apart from that, he breathed his last at his Virginia Beach Home, USA,which was solely under his proprietorship. Though its actual value is not estimated, however, without a doubt, it comes at a hefty price. If at all there are other properties under his name, his family has yet to make any announcement publicly. 

How many cars does he have? 

A man with $100 million in the bank will undoubtedly sport some of the finest cars. However, there is no specified news on the same. The only word that we have is that he owns a Corvette. However, there is no confirmed news on the same. 

How has his net worth grown over the years? 

2023 $100
2022 $90-95
2021 $80
2020 $70-75
2019 $60
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Did his controversies affect his net worth? 

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Image Credit: CNN

Those who have known the American for a significant amount of time clearly state that – if it not had been for his controversies, the metrics of Pat Robertson net worth would be double what it now stands at. The televangelist has been at the helm of a host of controversies, from his views that Protestants harboured ‘AntiChrist’ spirits and named Hinduism as ‘Demonic’, calling Islam in the same phrase as ‘Satanic.’ 

Apart from that, he denied giving homosexuals their basic rights, while his views regarding feminism and abortions were derogatory to the core. That’s not all! He went ahead to have business dealings with some of the most notorious people in the world and stated that natural calamities like Hurricane Katrina that ravaged New Orleans and the Haiti earthquake – were simply part of God’s punishment for non-Christian practices. He again courted controversy when he stated that – Buddhism was nothing but a disease and that schools must promote Christian prayers among students. 

Without a doubt, his controversial statements did cost him some moolah, details of which are not available to the public. 

Did he partake in any charity? 

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Image Credit: Reuters

Though he was a noted activist who brought the Christian ideology into politics potently, there is not much that we get to see in terms of his direct investment to charitable purposes. For the uninformed, a significant amount of Pat Robertson net worth was invested in – the Christian Coalition (a Christian Rights organization of 1.7 million), which served conservative individuals. 

Another crucial investment that he made was in Operation Blessing. Launched in 1994 in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, Robertson launched this non-profit service to launch donations for those who lacked medical care. From Zaire’s refugees to a host of other people, this Op was nothing short of a miracle. According to a Forbes ranking, it came at the 44th position among the 100 Largest Charities in the world. 

Apart from that, he did get involved in a couple of other charities (a supposed Trust is also part of it), the details of which are unavailable. 

A quick glimpse into his family life 

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Image Credit: Newzillo

Christened as – Marion Gordon Robertson at birth, he was part of a political family, with his father being a conservative Democratic Senator. He completed schooling in Baltimore and then was drafted into the army. His wife, Adelia Elmer, was a fashion model, and they were married till her death. They are parents to 4 kids – Gordon P. Robertson being the most famous, as the President of the Christian Broadcasting Network. 

Here are some quick facts to check out 

Name  Marion Gordon Pat Robertson 
Birthdate  March 22, 1930
Died  June 8, 2023 
Place of birth  Lexington, Virginia, USA
Education  Yale University and Law School

McCallie School

New York Theological Seminary

Washington and Lee University 

Kids  Gordon P Robertson, Elizabeth Faith Robertson, Tim Robertson, Anne Carter Robertson 

Parting thoughts 

The fact that the discussion around Pat Robertson net worth has heated up after his death clearly shows how controversial the man was. From being a religious broadcaster to a failed presidential candidate to a political commentator – he held multiple positions, albeit stirring some wind in every domain. Without a doubt, the media Mogul will be remembered with a pinch of salt by one and all! In the following part of this article, you will get some answers regarding him that you may not have been previously aware of. So keep scrolling. Also, if you liked this post and want to know more about controversial individuals like him, keep following the RichNetWorth website. 


1. What is Pat Robertson net worth at his death? 

As per his financial associated, it was $100 million (including inflation). 

2. Who is currently heading the CBN? 

Currently, his son, Gordon P. Robertson, heads the organisation. 

3. What controversies did he create? 

He was a staunch Christian who negated anything that stepped aside from the traditional domain of Christianity – from homosexuality to other religions (Hinduism and Islam) to patients of AIDS and a range of misogynistic thoughts. 


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