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Sheryl Crow Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Sheryl crow net worth

Sheryl Suzanne Crow has a lot on her plate right now! From talking about  AI’s inadvertent services to the music industry, prepping for the post-release activities of her album, to praising Taylor Swift’s ‘powerhouse’ singing – the American 9-time Grammy winner songstress is on the news every day! As much as people are grooving to her Alarm Clock number, queries about Sheryl Crow net worth remain abound! For the record, the 2024 statistics clock the amount at $70 million! The primary sources of her staggering net worth come from – her record sales and tours, while another portion of it comes from her acting gigs and endorsements! 

Apart from the sources mentioned above, people also wish to know more about her varied income sources, personal life, and upcoming music sessions. Assuming you, too are looking for that information, this post has all the details for you – 

Sheryl crow net worth

What is Sheryl Crow net worth? 

With over 50 million album sales globally (and more), this nine-time Grammy winner with 32 nominations has a massive net worth of $70 million. Though the primary source of her income is through her music (albums, concerts, royalties), she has expanded her financial outreach with time. From lucrative endorsement deals and TV appearances, she has gone forth to launch her cookbook that gives detailed recipes for a healthy diet that she follows. 

Let us now explore more about how she has diversified her income portfolio over the years. 


Background Vocal Group of Michael Jackson

Sources of her income 

Before she ventured into professional music, she had already created jingles for advertisements and also sang commercially for Toyota and McDonald’s jingles. It was later that she was inducted into the background vocal group of Michael Jackson, where her professional journey started. 

The multiple sources of her income that have contributed to the gigantic figures of Sheryl Crow net worth include – 

  • Her music sales 

The biggest and most prominent of her income comes from her music albums, some of the most famous ones are – The Globe Sessions, C’mon C’mon, 100 Miles from Memphis, Detours, Wildflower, Feels Like Home, to her latest album Evolution. Her hit singles include – All I Wanna Do, Can’t Cry Anymore, Strong Enough, If It Makes You Happy, Everyday Is A Winding Road, Picture, Soak Up The Sun, Love Me Like That, and many more! 

  • Tours, Music festivals and concerts 

Along with album sales, she has also partaken in a range of tours and concerts that have bulked up her net wealth over time. She kickstarted her stage appearance as a background vocalist for Michael Jackson. Since then, she has matured into one of the most successful singers of all time. Her stage collaborations include – ones with Peter Frampton/Stevie Nicks/Olivia Rodrigo (2023 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame), upcoming stage with Pink, and past shows with Eric Clapton. 

  • Acting career 

For the unversed, her acting career has also significantly contributed to raising the mark of her net worth. She has made numerous appearances in – Cougar Town, One Tree Hill, Cop Rock, 30 Rock, GCB, and NCIS: New Orleans to name a few. 

  • Strategic collaborations 

Apart from her music career and acting gigs, another source that enhances the metrics of Sheryl Crow net worth is her strategic collaborations with varied brands. Crow’s endorsement deals with Revlon and American Express have brought her in the millions that she has today! 

  • Royalties from her music 

Lastly, the royalties from her music make for a significant portion of her substantial net worth. She has had some of the most famous tracks in her career, and to date, she receives a handsome royalty amount on the utilization of those tracks. 

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Real Estate 

Investing in profitable real estate ventures has been one of the ways how the colossal Sheryl Crow net worth has been utilized. Her properties have returned her with massive benefits – both physically and materialistically. 

  • Currently, Crow and her boys are put up at her West Nashville mansion in Tennessee. 
  • She has invested in a property in one of the upscale areas in Destin, Florida.
  • Supposedly, she had bought a loft apartment in Lower Manhattan (NoHo neighborhood) in 1998. She sold it off in 2017. 

Early Life and Education 

BIRTHDAY  February 11, 1962 
BIRTHPLACE  Kennett, Missouri, USA 
EDUCATION  Kennett High School

University of Missouri, Columbia 

PARENTS  Wendell Wyatt Crow (trumpet player, lawyer)

Bernice Crow (piano teacher)

SIBLINGS  Elder sisters: Karen and Kathy 

Younger brother: Steven 

EARLY CAREER  Music teacher at Kellison Elementary School, Fenton (Missouri)
GENRES OF MUSIC  Folk, blues, heartland rock, pop, country rock

Car collection 

From what was reported back in 2011, she owned a two-seater Mercedes that she had auctioned off to assist in the rebuilding of Joplin schools in Missouri (after a devastating tornado occurrence). Since then, there has been no formal news of her assets in terms of vehicles. Fans and admirers can only speculate that she has a spectacular vehicle collection, all thanks to her massive net worth.

Philanthropic Activities 

Though she prefers to keep certain things under wraps, we have laid our hands on information about how a significant portion of Sheryl Crow net worth is used for charitable ventures. 

  • Crow partnered with her surgeon – Kristi Funk to open up the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center to make breast cancer detection quicker and less expensive. 
  • She has helped raise money for Stand Up To Cancer charitable cause.
  • Her performances have brought in investments for – El Faro Orphanage and a breast cancer center at Sunnybrook Hospital. 

She has supported multiple other charitable agencies at various points in her life. 

Career highs 

FIRST GRAMMY AWARD  All I Wanna Do (Best Female Pop Vocal Performance) 
DEBUT ALBUM  Tuesday Night Music Club (1993)
SIGNATURE MODEL GUITAR  Initially performed with Gibson Country Western Guitar 

Later was introduced to – the Sheryl Crow model (Signature Artist Series)

SHERYL CROW COOKBOOK  If It Makes You Healthy: More Than 100 Delicious Recipes Inspired By The Seasons – listed on Amazon 


Sheryl Crow Personal Life

Personal Life 

Apart from Sheryl Crow net worth if people are constantly wanting to know something more, then that is her relationship status. She has been in several high-profile relationships, though never married. The most famed one that people are aware of – is her relationship and engagement with Lance Armstrong. The famed cyclist met the global singer at a charity event in 2003. They went strong for a couple of years and even got engaged before calling it quits in 2006. 

However, for the unversed, before this linkup, she had dated – actor Owen Wilson and musician Eric Clapton. Even after the Armstrong heartbreak, she did date (names not revealed) but was left high and dry when it came to getting the happy ending. 

The latest information that she has released is that she has formally embraced motherhood and adopted two boys (Wyatt and Levi) in 2007 and 2010, respectively. As of now, she is content in this role and wishes to keep making heart-touching music for as long as possible. 

Sheryl Crow Controversies


Though a woman who likes to keep her views to herself, Crow unwittingly was embroiled in some controversies a couple of years ago. It was back in 2007 when Crow penned down a post on the reduction of carbon footprint (Huffington Post) and stated that people could use less toilet paper (one square per restroom visit). Naturally, this led to certain untoward comments and very soon she found herself in the midst of a controversial soup! 

Apart from that, she was recently in the eye of the storm for slamming fellow musician Jason Aldean’s track – ‘Try That In A Small Town.’ She took to Twitter to record her displeasure towards the song and stated vehemently that Aldean should have judged the mood of the crowd better. 

Apart from some guffaws here and there, Crow has resolutely kept to herself and rather concentrated on creating some classic music. 

Parting thoughts 

It is in human nature to assume that celebs have a categorically different lifestyle and that the simplest of things do not affect them. However, that is far from the truth! At times, they, too, face similar trials and tribulations, physically and mentally, quite like the commoners. Despite the challenges that she has faced, the immense value that Sheryl Crow net worth holds today mirrors her determination to move past everything. She has not only spread positivity through her music, but her personal battles have also played a significant role for her fans worldwide. She is truly the beacon of hope for one and all! 

If you enjoyed this post and want more like these, keep checking into TheRichNetWorth! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are Crow’s views on politics and society? 

She describes her political viewpoint as that of a liberal. On more than a single occasion, she has spoken about the US invasion of Iraq(2003) and the military invasion of Syria(2014) in a deriding tone. 

Q2. What medical issues she was diagnosed with? 

Sheryl Crow has been in the news for the series of health problems that she has been facing in recent times. Her health scares include –  depression, ductal carcinoma in situ, and benign meningioma. However, she has managed to overcome it all and stand strong. 

Q3. Is she a basketball fan?

Crow has admitted to being a massive basketball fan, and she and her son Levi are massive Milwaukee fans! In fact, she has revealed that Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo are her all-time favorites! 

Q4. What is her What I’ve Learned column?

In a recent post named – What I’ve Learned – Sheryl Crow stated all about her learning curve in which she details ways to keep herself mentally fit, her routine, her gratitude practice sessions, and her lessons from her private and business experiences. In that same post, she mentioned how inspirational and phenomenal she finds Taylor Swift to be – solidifying their friendship.

Q5. What are her thoughts on the current music domain? 

Talking about the current music scene, she states that authenticity is a must while writing songs. She has a negation for trends and wanted to create music that was far and wide-reaching. In her latest tour with Pink, she intends to concentrate on the same. 

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