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Sundar Pichai Net worth-Interesting facts about the Google CEO



Sundar pichai net worth


Google is now a normal regular part of our life. Can you ever imagine a day without google and internet services? Many people can’t even imagine this aspect of life. But have you thought about the brains or the main heads behind google? Some people might be, but others no. Here we will talk about the genius personality Sundar Pichai, who is famous as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google and Alphabet Inc. Let’s have a closer look into Sundar Pichai net worth, his lifestyle, career, and so on.

Sundar Pichai Net worth

Sundar Pichai is the most celebrated Google CEO as of now. Indeed, it creates a curiousness among people to know more about his life, especially his net worth. According to the latest sources, Sundar Pichai’s net worth is $600 million. So this Indian- American genius has taken google to further heights. 

Sundar Pichai Annual salary, Net worth, and Background

Pichai Sundararajan is now popularly known as Sundar Pichai, born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The high school and higher secondary education of Sundar were in Chennai. Later he is doing his IIT in Kharagpur then went to the United States for his further studies. Indeed, that laid a strong foundation for Sundar in his future endeavors. In 2004 he joined google, and in the year 2015, he became the CEO of Google. The annual income of Pichai is estimated to be $100 million. 

Career growth and Sundar Pichai Net worth

Sundar, after his academics in started his career as an engineer. However, in the year 2004, he joined google. The primary work of Sundar was in the innovation and project management section. His ideas and contributions to google set up new standards. Indeed, it was helpful for the company to grow and expand. For example, in 2010, Sundar came up with a new concept of a new video code format. In the subsequent years, 2012 and 2013, chrome Books and android were introduced. 

Sundar Pichai during his early career stage.

Adding android with google products in 2013 was a significant thing. The range of Google products and google increased to a high level. Considering Sundar’s contribution towards google, he was on the list to become the next CEO of Google. Finally, in 2015 Sundar became the CEO of Google. His step into the new post was unique and helped the company to grow further. 

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Now being a famous and celebrated figure. Pichai attends many international conferences related to his field. At the world internet conference, 2017, held in china, Sundar Pichai was the main speaker. Different and innovative ideas were part of his speech. In 2019, Pichai took another post as a CEO of Alphabet inc. So currently, he is the CEO of both google and Alphabet inc which he handles brilliantly. 

The celebrated Google CEO 

It is interesting to see that Sundar Pichai is one of the most celebrated and popular CEOs globally. Pichai’s Indian roots and connection gave another publicity in India and other sub-continental countries. Also, Many speeches of Pichai are inspirational, especially for youngsters. Another interesting fact about Sundar is that he is the most searched CEO in the world. All these statistics clearly show that how people are curious to know about him.

Service activities and net worth

The actual quality of a person is directly evident from service activities. Sundar is one of the successful business personality always shows a keen interest in philanthropy works. In many instances, he had done many charity works. In recent times, he was active in collecting covid relief funds. His genuine interest in philanthropy activities is very evident in many ways. 

Other aspects related to Sundar Pichai net worth

Google Holdings: Before becoming the CEO of Google, Pichai had shares in the company. An estimation of 3.5 lakh private shares was there for Sundar. A few years later, in 2018, the value of his holdings was around $380 million. Indeed, it made a positive impact on his total net worth. Later, after taking the position of CEO, his shares in the company were high. It is interesting to see that all his holdings had huge benefits. Furthermore, in 2019 his salary rose to $2million. All these things certainly made an increase in his total net worth. 

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Personal life

 Sundar Pichai, born in Tamil Nadu, India, has strong Indian roots. His mother Lakshmi and father Raghunathan are both from Chennai. He got married to Anjali, who was his batchmate in IIT Kharagpur. Both are settled in the United States and are having two children.

Sunder Pichai net worth

Sunder Pichai with his wife Anjali Pichai.

Life style

Even though Pichai is a millionaire, he lives a modest life. But his likeness for cars is evident. He is having a couple of luxurious car collections. Sundar currently lives in San Francisco with partner Anjali and two kids. The house he is residing in is vast and classy. A total of 10,000 square feet house is in the 3acre land of Pichai. From the very beginning, he had opted to stay away from main crowded city areas. 

Latest News and more

The covid pandemic has forced people to do work from home. In the latest circulation, Sundar Pichai informed the googles staffs about company reopening. He mentioned in the letter that the company would start office work from October 18, 2021. However, flexibility for the employees in the company will consider for exceptional cases. 

On the other hand, Pichai shared some of his experiences during the pandemic period. He shared that he couldn’t stop his tears after seeing thousands of people die due to covid. Furthermore, he expressed that he witnessed the truck carrying hundreds of dead bodies who died in the pandemic with pain. Sundar expressed his particular concern for India and its situation in covid. He also stated that he was heartbroken to witness the case of India in the covid pandemic.


To reach a high position in any sector or organization needs high talent and hard work. Especially in a world unknown company holding the CEO seat is not an easy thing. Sundar Pichai, the Indian American man who is CEO of Google, is an inspiration for millions. His dedication and sincerity towards his job are the fundamental secrets to his success. Pichai’s growth is so high that people are eager to know his net worth. Google as a company is flouring to its peak under his guidance and supervision. Undoubtedly, Sundar is one of the best CEO personalities that the world has witnessed. 


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