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The 9 best survey apps in 2022



survey apps

Creating regular surveys is a too boring hobby. If there is an unstoppable desire to obtain real results of research in a certain market sector, then it is necessary to expand one’s capabilities, work on the unification of survey forms, adding certain “highlights” during the design of quiz pages.

We are sure that in this way it is absolutely possible to achieve what you want and add more “positive” stars with comments to the feedback block.

Aspects regarding the concept of “the best online survey builder

Therefore, the best survey designer is one that meets all the criteria that experts pay attention to during detailed testing or analysis.

  • Personalization. Testifies to the uniqueness of ready-made quizzes. This refers to the full filling and set of tools used.
  • Ease of use. The client will always choose the most convenient and understandable software in the process of creating a project, therefore, the clearer the text in the survey and the designed form are, the better.
  • Logic/branching. As already written, the material should be presented as much as possible without unnecessary information, with logical questions and a correctly formed survey form.
  • Data analysis. Necessary for accurate verification of the provided information, by uploading the results to a certain program and using statistics for a more accurate output picture in numbers and percentages.

survey apps

The range of optimal market research surveys in 2022

In this article, we will take a closer look at only 9 programs from the main block. Let’s talk about their purpose, features, etc.

  1. Marquiz is perhaps the most popular quiz builder with a full set of necessary tools and various templates. You can create a great quiz in a fairly short period of time (about 10 minutes) It has a fairly affordable price list for the “premium version”.
  2. Typeform — considered as the best application for beginners. In addition to formulating questions, it works additionally only with the branching of the same questions.
  3. Survey Planet from the strengths we can highlight that this application is intended, again, for branching issues. The correct chain of actions regarding the work process has been formed. Also easy to use.
  4. Survey Monkey the goal of the work is the ability to use the program regardless of the type of gadget or location.
  5. QuestionPro is considered the best in improving the process of logic in relation to software. Price category of the middle type.
  6. Jotform when creating a survey, this program allows you to use widgets or applications that are used to make the moment of more convenient use and related to the quiz.
  7. Yesinsights it is allowed to add only 1 question to the form, so the algorithm of this service is much simplified, but this means that the results will contain accurate answers.
  8. Survey Bot the word “bot” speaks for itself. This software helps to distribute the finished project material and find out the results.
  9. SoGoSurvey a feature of the service is the ability to combine questions or answers into groups/categories according to the business area.
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When it comes to conducting market research, using the right survey app can make a huge difference. In 2022, there are a multitude of survey apps available on the market, but only a few stand out as the best. In this article, we have identified 9 of the top survey apps that you should consider for your next project.

In order to choose the best survey app for your needs, it is important to consider certain aspects, such as personalization, ease of use, logic/branching, and data analysis. The survey apps we have selected all excel in these areas and offer unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Marquiz is a popular choice due to its full set of necessary tools and various templates, making it easy to create a great quiz in a short amount of time. Typeform is great for beginners, as it simplifies the process of formulating questions and branching. Survey Planet and Survey Monkey are both excellent options for branching issues and ease of use. QuestionPro is known for improving the process of logic in relation to software, while Jotform allows for the use of widgets and applications to make the process more convenient. Yesinsights is a simplified option for accurate results, while Survey Bot helps with distributing the finished project and obtaining results. SoGoSurvey allows for the grouping of questions or answers into categories, which is useful for business applications.

By choosing one of these survey apps, you can ensure that your market research project will be successful and produce accurate results.

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