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Tips to Turn Your Simple Dress into Fancy One



Tips to Turn Your Simple Dress into Fancy One

You must have heard from every woman that I don’t have anything to wear, especially when there is any special event or occasion. Even girls going to college also face this daily clothing problem. When you decide to go shopping, you always first look at your wallet. Some people are lucky to have enough money to shop every day or do a lot of shopping that to make the simple dress into fancy one with their 4-door wardrobe is always filled.

Same with people when they have to attend any special occasion, they go to mall buy 100$ dress easily. Those who cannot afford to go to garage stores, secondhand clothes options. But worry, we are here today to give you some amazing ideas that will turn your simple dress into fancy one. Even if it’s for your prom dress, evening date, gala event, or any official event, business dinner, or casual attire for hangout with special friends. Don’t worry; we have got you (although for prom, we’d recommend sticking to statement dresses like these).

Let’s have some tips; you don’t even have to go to a store or shop to avail these tips to turn your simple dress into fancy one. Your wardrobe has already hidden this stuff.

1- Casual wearing into a fancy one

Let’s start with casual wearing like a t-shirt, jeans. The general conception is made that t-shirts cannot be turned into fancy. We think it indeed can. First, it’s base on where you are going; if you are going to a friend’s hangout but you don’t want to look casual for that special one in the group, and yet you want to shine in that hangout. Tuck or half tuck t-shirt, with casual /skinny, mom jeans. To make little fancier like you want to wear, everyone can afford hoop earrings (that is in every girl’s collection) and easy. Wear a dark lip color; it gives a chic look. Go with sneakers, loafers in shoes. Accessorize with belt, scarf, pendant bracelet. This is simple and yet easy to carry casually into the fancy look.

If you have simple jeans in your wardrobe, cutoff your jeans or rip off from knee, as these new trendy jeans are quite expensive, so make one at home.

2- Make a simple plain dress into a fancy one

A plain dress is simply an art piece for the wearer; it’s up to you to wear plain or make a creative masterpiece. The option for fancying this dress is limitless. Plus, the point is you don’t have fashion rules here, except size, cut, lengths. Make your style here.

If it is plain any color fancy frock or gown wear

(i)High heels with it, like make your shoes a center point.

(ii) Use costume jewelry; wear a stone necklace or choker type necklace, which also looks attractive.

(iii) Wear jeweled brooch. It adds sparkle to your outfit at once. Wear on your side of the waist or wide one shoulder.

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(iv). Carry a bright color bag or clutch; if it’s an evening event, carry a stylish clutch. It gives a classy look. Otherwise, with a plain dress, carry a bright color small bag.

(v) Wear different style makeup, or hair color is prominent, these plays catching look. Apply new color nail paint or 3d nail paint.

As said above, the plain dress is like a canvas for the wearer, style something unique and eye-catching. Above mentioned tips to turn simple dress into fancy one are perfect for galas, official events, even prom nights, or classy date night.

3- Embellishing your simple or casual outfit

Nowadays, embellished clothes have gained popularity and value in the fashion industry. Their origin makes many young girls talented by making and using art at home. Thanks to the internet that we have a new trend of DIY (do it yourself) ideas. You can create DIY unique outfits with embellish technique. Let’s see a few embellishing ideas for simple, formal, casual outfits.

  1. You must have your old sweater in your wardrobe, get a piece of applique to sew it in the center of any shoulder of the sweater, and you are ready for a new design sweater.
  2. If you have a t-shirt, dress shirt, or light sweater and you have worn it many times, but you want to keep so you must have beads, studs, at home, or any small laces pieces, sew on any of your favorite shirts.
  3. You can also put shiny beads on the skirt and jeans bottom. A plain t-shirt with beads jeans gives a new and fancy look.
  4. Embellishments on dresses are not limited to any group. Some women don’t like shiny embellishments, so embroidery patches or simple applique works pieces can go with a simple or casual outfit, making them fancy.
  5. More embellishing ideas can be different sewing sizes or other color buttons on plain fabric shirts, frock, skirt, etc.

4- Reviving an outdated style or using old clothes in a new style

Every wardrobe has a vintage dress that must have good fabric stuff that you don’t want to lose. If you have an old design knee formal frock with full style, you need to do some cutting sleeves, make half, remain length the same. And wear the belt on it. Accessorize with shoes, necklaces, purses.

You have the old shirt you liked because of the style and pattern. It becomes short and tight for you. Don’t worry, add matching color cloths on both sides of the shirt, making its size bigger. Wear with flats, gives a perfectly chic look.

A useful tip in making jeans shorts in mini skirts, take lightweight fabric matching with the color of jeans blue, sew nicely, and put some fancy lace on the skirt’s boundary. Small shorts turned into a mini skirt with fancy looks. If you are a fancy, shiny bead person, don’t shy gluing on a mini skirt.

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We all have a closet full of maxi’s, which usually wear on specific events or seasons. Here is a new tip for that make it a hi-low skirt. It gives skirt from and low and funky from the front.

5- Sustainable fashion in trend

With the population increasing, so as inflation. Everyone wants to look, wants to wear expensive clothing. And why not as a human being? It’s their fundamental right. Also, the current situation world has faced until now COVID-19; sustainable fashion becomes essential and adapted in our lives. one always thinks we need to reuse our outfits when there is plenty in the market. But the reality is affording a new shopping bill is not everyone cups of tea. Every time buying a new outfit for every new event steps in, life makes your balance nil. Using these tips and following DIY ideas on YouTube channel has changed so many girls’ lives. Make them creative. Now almost every woman knows how to use one outfit many times with a different style.


Q: How to choose a simple dress that can be turned into fancy? 

A: To choose a simple dress that can be turned into fancy, you should look for a dress made from a luxurious fabric like silk or satin, has a simple and elegant cut, fits well, and has a neutral or solid color.

Q: How to accessorize a simple dress to make it look fancy? 

A: To accessorize a simple dress to make it look fancy, you can add sparkle with jewelry, such as a statement necklace, earrings, bracelets, or rings.

Q: How to layer a simple dress to make it look fancy? 

A: To layer a simple dress to make it look fancy, you can wear a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan, a shrug, or a bolero over it. You can also wear a camisole, a tank top, or a shirt under it.

Q: How to change the look of a simple dress to make it look fancy? 

A: To change the look of a simple dress to make it look fancy, you can alter the hemline, the neckline, the sleeves, or the waistline of the dress.

Q: How to choose shoes and bags to match a simple dress to make it look fancy? 

A: To choose shoes and bags to match a simple dress to make it look fancy, you can opt for heels, wedges, pumps, or flats with embellishments, such as bows, flowers, studs, or crystals. You can also choose shoes and bags with metallic, glitter, or patent finish.


The tips mentioned above are some basic ideas for everyone’s wardrobe. Tips shared are also affordable; in fact, you don’t even have to buy, you already had in your closet. Just try your style becomes your guru. Style fashion is limited to photoshoots or magazines. one can create their own.

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