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Tristan Thompson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Tristan Thompson Net Worth

Tristan Thompson is a man of controversies! From slam dunks on the court to headlines about his love life (cheating allegations!) – the man does not leave aside the Sports page taglines! The latest that we hear is that he has been handed a 25-game suspension without pay for breaching the anti-doping protocol of the NBA. This has led to speculation about his financial arrangements (he has to pay child support to 3 of his partners). However, the data revealed from authentic sources state that the official value of Tristan Thompson net worth stands at $45 million! 

The man still has the reputation to gather some moolah, it seems! As you scroll down this content, you will get clarity about his multiple sources of income, the controversies that have been bothering him (and his income) as well as glimpses of his personal life. Here’s all of it for you – 

What is Tristan Thompson net worth? 

Tristan Thompson Net Worth

Image Credit: The US Sun

According to Celebrity Net Worth and a range of other noted websites, and official documents, Tristan Thompson’s net value (in monetary terms) stands at $45 million! Though his primary earnings are through the NBA’s salary (supposedly $17 million), he also has a huge social media presence, endorsement deals, and reality TV presence, all of which translates into some hefty millions. 

Currently, he is associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he has previously played for – the Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics. He has also played for the Canadian National Basketball Team and won some tough challenges for the country. No wonder, given his mostly successful professional career, he has managed to amass both wealth and a fan following. 

Let us check out the specifics of the same – 

How does he manage to earn the moolah? 

Let us check out the specifics – 

His NBA earnings 

Tristan Thompson NBA player

Image Credit: NBC News

For the unversed, a significant portion of Tristan Thompson net worth comes from his NBA salary of $17 million. According to reports by Spotrac, Thompson reportedly earned $16,700 (2022-23 season) from the LA Lakers. For the 2021 season, he earned $6.3 million with the Sacramento Kings. 

During the 2020-21 season, he was associated with the Boston Celtics which earned him a $18.9 million deal! His deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers was worth $82 million and lasted for 5 years previously. Therefore, if we talk of his 12-year basketball career, without a doubt, he has reportedly earned somewhat $116+ million from the same.

Earnings from social media presence 

Tristan Thompson Insta posts

Image Credit: POPSUGAR

As one of the top NBA players, Thompson has a notable presence on social media. From 4M followers on Instagram to YouTube features, he marks his presence at every step. Supposedly, he is highly paid when it comes to posting on social media, and that sustains his ‘additional’ income outside of his NBA career. 

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His earnings from endorsement deals 

As the face of brands like – Nike, Beats By Dre, Moet & Chandon, Mountain Dew, and more, endorsements contribute heavily to the value of Tristan Thompson net worth. However, the exact fees for the adverts have not been revealed. 

Reality TV presence 

Tristan Thompson Khloe Kardashian

Image Credit: CNN

Apart from his earnings from multiple domains, Thompson earned quite well from his appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is no secret that Thompson and Khloe were in a serious relationship and her mother Kris Jenner was his manager. Taking that into account, he joined the show. However, his representatives have not divulged the exact amount that he earned from the show. 

Some quickies about him 

Date of Birth  March 13, 1991
Birthplace Toronto, Canada. 

He has now acquired US citizenship. 

Favourite food  Chicken wings 


Credit to his name  1st Canadian to win an All-Rookie Team Honour in the NBA. 
Weight  254 lbs
Favourite colour  Blue 
Current Team  Cleaveland Cavaliers

How much has he invested in real estate? 

Tristan Thompson home

Image Credit: The US Sun

In terms of real estate, the now-temporarily-suspended NBA’s big shot has acquired some premium properties. 

  • Located within a two-mile distance from the Kardashian’s residence at Hidden Hills, Thompson has acquired a 10,584-square-foot property. The estimated price of this stands at $12.5 million. 
  • He also previously owned a gated mansion in Encino, LA, and a house in Cleveland. He sold off both properties at a profitable rate. Supposedly, the upscale LA home was sold at – $8.5 million (in 2020) and so was the Cleveland home (details withheld). Without a doubt, the sum from both these properties propelled the value of Tristan Thompson net worth to the lavish $45 million, as it stands today. 

Does he own a car? 

Credible news reports state that Thompson has a lavish car collection that amounts to $3.2 million! This collection includes three Rolls Royce’s that amount to a whopping $993k. 

Apart from Rolls Royce’s (Ghost, Wraith, and Cullinan), he also owns a Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover, and Mercedes Maybach. 

What was the NBA controversy? 

Tristan Thompson NBA issue

Image Credit: Lakers Nation

The key reason for his NBA suspension was that – he had tested positive for a growth hormone called ibutamoren and a non-steroid, muscle enhancer called SARM-LGD 4033. This led to him being handed a 25-match suspension notice and the cancellation of multiple deals. He starts serving the suspension on January 24, 2024. 

How much child support does he pay? 

Tristan Thompson with his kids

Image Credit: People

Though the man has managed to earn millions, he has been embroiled in multiple cheating and drug-related controversies. This has resulted in the metrics of Tristan Thompson net worth being hit, untowardly. We’ll give you the details – 

For starters, the NBA veteran has 4 children from 3 different ladies. 

  • In 2023, his ex-Jordan Craig, mother to his baby Prince (born in 2016), filed a lawsuit regarding child support. Thompson pays her a monthly child allowance of $40,000 (a lump sum of $200,000). Since he was suspended from the NBA, which led to a financial loss, Craig wanted to ensure that the child support continued. Though the details have not been made public, assuredly, Thompson will lose some money in this process. 
  • After breaking up with Jordan, Thompson started seeing Khloe Kardashian. The couple welcomed a daughter in 2018, True. In 2019, they split and Thompson accorded child support to Khloe. After that in 2022, the couple confirmed, after a brief reunion and split, that they were expecting a child via surrogacy. The son, Tatum was born in 2022. 
  • During Khloe’s pregnancy, Tristan cheated on her with his trainer Maralee Nichols. Though he initially denied it, but later accepted the paternity of his love child. 

From what has been revealed, close to $120,000 of the massive Tristan Thompson net worth goes for monthly child support. Now with the NBA suspension, his finances will be affected, though nothing has been revealed. 

How does he contribute to charities? 

Tristan Thompson at charity event

Image Credit: Fox News

As controversial as he may be in his personal and professional spaces, he is a man with a big heart. He has established The Amari Thompson Fund (in support of his youngest brother). This fund works in coordination with Epilepsy Toronto and provides consistent mental and financial support to patients and families suffering from this neurological condition. A significant amount of Tristan Thompson net worth is invested in this charity fund. 

Apart from that, back in 2022, news came about that – Thompson had donated blankets to the Downtown Women’s Center, LA on Christmas. This is not it. Thompson, during his time at the Cleveland Cavaliers, had visited the Cleveland Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital delivering groceries and gifts. He has time and again stated that – community service is mandatory for him and he will continue giving back to society. To date, he has managed to stand true to his actions. 

A quick glimpse of his personal life 

Tristan Thompson family

Image Credit: BET

Full name Tristan Trevor James Thompson
Parents  Father: Trevor Thompson

Mother: Andrea Thompson

Girlfriends  Jordan Craig, Khloe Kardashian, Maralee Nichols
Kids  4
Teams he played for  Cleveland  Cavaliers, LA Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers. 

Parting thoughts 

Though currently, the NBA star scorer is under the weather, the metrics of Tristan Thompson net worth state that he is a fighter. Though he has been controversy’s favorite child for an eternity, nothing can change the fact that he is a man who shines on the court like no other. As a fan, one can only await his return and see him slam baskets like no other. 

If you liked this post and are looking for more celeb articles like this, keep watching this space for more! 


1. What is Tristan Thompson net worth?

His net value is touted to be at $45 million. 

2. What are his familial roots? 

He is a Canadian-American basketball player who has his roots in Jamaica. 

3. How long did Khloe and Tristan date? 

The couple dated for close to 6 years. They have 2 kids together. 

4. What is his height? 

From what has been recorded on the track, he played center with a height of 6 feet 9 inches. 

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