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Tucker Carlson Net Worth: Is he a Billionaire?



Tucker Carlson Net Worth

Some Television hosts make a lot of money; one is Tucker Carlson. He is a host for Fox News. In the past, he also worked for CNN and MSNBC. His show is a political show called Tucker Carlson Tonight. He is one of the most respected hosts in the world. Additionally, he is also the richest television host and makes 38 million dollars every year. But do you know how much Tucker Carlson net worth is? This article will tell you his net worth and other exciting things about him.

Name Tucker Carlson
Birth Date 16 May 1969
Age 53 Years Old
Nationality American
Profession TV Host
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth 420 Million
Known For Tucker Carlson Tonight
Wife Susan Andrews
Marital Status Married
Birth Sign Taurus
Height 6 ft 1 Inch

Tucker Carlson Net Worth:

Tucker is the richest host in the world and makes 38 Million every year. Presently, Tucker Carlson net worth is 420 Million dollars, making him the richest television host. He makes the most money as the host of Fox News. Before coming into Fox News, he was a commentator for CNN from 2000 to 2005, and for the next three years, he worked at MSNBC. In 2009, He started a job at Fox News as a host of Tucker Carlson Tonight. He gets 38 million dollars annually to host this show and a 3 million bonus if the show gets good ratings.

Apart from being a host, he is also the co-founder of The Daily Caller, a daily news site. Now Let’s know some assets he owns. Presently, he owns 6 Yachts, 11 Cars and more than 13 real estate properties. He has over 100 Million dollars in Cash reserves. He has invested in 25 stocks worth 65 Million. Tucker owns stocks in these big brands, Amazon, Walmart, Pfizer, ExxonMobil and Tesla; these companies are the giants in their industry, and as their revenue increases, Tucker’s net worth will also increase. In 2019, his net worth was 280 million; now, after three years, his net worth is 420 million in 2022. He made 29 Million dollars in 2021 and 35 million this year. It will be no surprise if Tucker Carlson Net Worth crosses 1 billion in the coming years.

Cars Owned By Him:

Tucked was born into a wealthy family, and his father had a lot of money. However, he worked hard and made this gigantic net worth by himself. He owns many costly cars. The most expensive car he owns is a Mercedes Benz AMG which costs around 325K dollars. He has a BMW 440i, which costs around 80K dollars, and a Lexus RC 350, which costs about 75K dollars. Tucker also has a Porsche Panamera worth 190K dollars.

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Tucker loves to wear luxury watches. His watches collection features watches from Omega, Zenith, Arnold and Son, Bremont and Girard Perregaux, and Bell & Ross. The costliest watches in the collection are Girard Perregaux, which cost 160K Dollars, and Zenith, worth 135K.

Early Life:

Tucker was born on 16 May 1969 in San Fransisco, which makes him 53 years old. His father is very wealthy, and his mother is the daughter of Gilbert Swanson. His mother left the family when he was 6. She wanted a Bohemian Lifestyle, that’s why she took a divorce and left the family. After the divorce, Tucker’s father got the children’s custody. Tucker completed his schooling at St George School, Rhode Island. She also met his future wife there and started dating her.


After completing his studies, he started his career by working as a Fact Checker for Policy Review. After that, he worked for Arkansas Democratic Gazette as an opinion writer. In 1995, he did a job at The American Spectator. He also interviewed George Bush in 1999 for Talk Magazine. On 17 October 2001, he and his dad faced a plane crash in Dubai. He co-hosted The Spin room for CNN in 2000. The show was short and was discontinued after some days. Tucker co-hosted Crossfire in 2001 with Robert Novak. Next, he did a show for PBS called Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered.

Besides journalism, he also participated as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars Season 3 in 2006; his partner was Elena Grinenko. He got his job at Fox in 2009 as a News contributor. He also took part as a guest panellist on Red Eye. Tucker got his show Tucker Carlson Tonight on November 2016. The show had the second position in the highest rating in October 2018. The show had an average watching of 5.3 million in October 2020 and was the highest-rated show then. Tucker recently made a deal with Fox News to host podcasts and special videos on Tucker Carlson Originals.

Family and Relationship:

Tucker Carlson is married to Susan Andrews. The couple has known each other since childhood and studied in the same school. In school, Susan’s dad was the headmaster of the school. The couple loved each other and married on 10 August 1991. Tucker once said in an interview that Susan was the cutest girl in America. They have 4 kids named Buckley, Lillie, Hopie and Dorothy. Lillie is the eldest, and Dorothy is the youngest child.

tucker carlson net worth

Credit: FoxNews

Social Media Details:

Tucker is famous on Television as a host at Fox News; however, he is also prominent on social media. Starting with Twitter, he has over 5 million followers and mostly shares tweets about his show. Additionally, he also has 1.9 million followers on Instagram. He shares short clips of his show on Instagram.

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Exciting Facts About him:

  • His zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Tucker’s favourite actor is Bill Murray, and his inspiration is JP Morgan.
  • Tucker’s favourite car brand is Ford.
  • He loves the colour white, and his favourite sport is Baseball. Tucker’s favourite singer is Kenny Rogers.
  • He once interviewed famous singer Britany Spears.
  • CNN cancelled Tucker’s show Crossfire in January 2005.
  • Tucker also acted in Hard Ball Season 1’s episode 30 Rock and The King of Queens in Season 9’s episode. He also did a cameo in Swing Note in 2008. In all the series and movies, he plays himself. 
  • Tucker’s show was third in January 2019, with 2.8 million viewers.
  • Karen McDougal sued Fox in December 2019 but was later denied by the court.
  • Tucker also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement on his show because of many advertisers removed their ads from the show.
  • Tucker is also hosting a show called Tucker Carlson Today in 2021 for Fox Nation.
  • Donald Trump paid 150K to The Daily Caller in June 2017 for his presidential campaign. However, He did this to email their subscribers. Tucker sold his stake in June 2020 to Neil Patel.


How much Tucker Carlson net worth is?

Presently, his net worth is 420 million dollars, and he makes the most money by working at fox news. He makes 38 million dollars annually.

How old is Tucker?

He was born on 16 May 1969 in San Fransisco, which makes him 53 years old. 

How old was Tucker when his mother left?

He was 6 when his mother left the family to live a bohemian life.

How tall is Carlson?

He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, equal to 186 cm.

Who is Tucker’s wife?

Tucker married Susan Andrews in August 1991, and has four kids together. The couple was also childhood friends.


Tucker Carlson is a world-famous Tv host from the USA. His show Tucker Carlson Tonight has millions of viewers daily; at one time, it was the highest-rated show. Presently, Tucker Carlson Net Worth is 420 million dollars. He is the highest paid tv host making 38 million dollars every year. Besides this, he also owns big brands’ stocks, luxury cars, and big houses. Lastly, tell us your opinions about his show in the comments.

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