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what size football jersey?



football jersey

To be an amateur, you don’t need a color or a size. There are soccer fans worldwide regardless of age or size, which is why at least a high percentage of the population wears soccer shirts daily.

That’s why you can have football shirts at your disposal in different sizes, from children to adults. The manufacturing companies try to take into account the highest amount of publicity they can reach. 

How do I know if my size is available?

Most people know their correct size, there are standard sizes between S, M, and L, their meanings being: S (small), M (Medium), L (Large).

Just as there are sizes with the X standard, which means “extra,” with this standard, the dimensions at both ends identified, such as size XS, which means “extra-small” and size XL, which means “extra-large,” hence the sizes 4XL-3XL.

One of the things that cannot avoid even if you know your exact size is that certain manufacturers handle different size charts.

When you go shopping, you’re wearing a size M t-shirt and the one you’re going to try on being the same size should fit the same, but it doesn’t. You need to order the T-shirt in another dimension to compensate for the difference in size.

You can go personally to the department stores and try different soccer shirts in the store’s private fitting rooms; it’s a way to know what your size is in different brands. Still, many people around the world are not aware of their correct size.

One of the concerns of football fans is whether their favorite jerseys will fit them. That’s where I gathered the knowledge you should have about your sizes and measurements.

The people who look the most insecure when making purchases of this type are people in size X, whether XS, XL, 2XL, 3XL, or even 4XL. That is why it is essential to be fully aware if you can get football shirts in these sizes.

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What are the measurements for football jersey sizes?

           The sizes have a standard format that identifies them, based on the measurement of the chest, the waist, and the width of the hips. 

  • Size S: 

Chest (cm): 88-96

Waist (cm): 73-81

Hips (cm): 88-96

  • Size M:

Chest (cm): 96-104

Waist (cm): 81-89

Hips (cm): 96-104

  • Size L:

Chest (cm): 104-112

Waist (cm): 89-97

Hips (cm): 104-112

  • Size XL:

Chest (cm): 112-124

Waist (cm): 97-109

Hips (cm): 112-120

  • Size 2XL:

Chest (cm): 124-136

Waist (cm): 109-121

Hips (cm): 120-128

  • Size 3XL:

Chest (cm): 136-148

Waist (cm): 121-133

Hips (cm): 128-136

  • Size 4XL:

Chest (cm): 147-160

Waist (cm): 133-145

Hips (cm): 136-148

           You should also take into account your height, probably your measurements are between one of the sizes we have mentioned, but you may be short in stature, so you should consider trying another dimension that is the right one.

           Please note that depending on the brand you’re going to, you can request the sizes of football shirts on the web portals, where they specify the measures even depending on the person’s height concerned.

Many of these web portals even indicate the correct way to measure yourself so that the garments fit you.

If I have children, can I get T-shirts in their sizes?

The answer is: Of course it is. Most soccer-loving parents have one thing in common; they all love to combine their jerseys with their kids.

That is why you need to know that you can get your favorite T-shirt in a small size for your children; the right size will depend on their age or height. Getting it may not be an easy task, but if you look for it directly on the internet in the official pages, you will have high chances to do it.

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The sizes specified by age or height:

  • Size 16:

Age: 3/4 years old

Height: 95/105 cm.

  • Size 18:

Age: 4/5 years old

Height: 105/115 cm.

  • Size 20:

Age: 5/6 years old.

Height: 115/125 cm.

  • Size 22:

Age: 7/8 years old.

Height: 125/135 cm.

  • Size 24:

Age: 8/9 years old.

Height: 135/145 cm.

  • Size 26:

Age: 10/11 years old.

Height: 145/155 cm.

  • Size 28:

Age: 12/13 years old.

Height: 155/165 cm.

Children’s soccer jersey sizes are not as challenging to handle as adult sizes, since they are easier to determine because they are standard sizes. In case a child is asked for a bigger size, it would not affect it since children’s growth is constant, and that shirt could fit him quickly.

Could you make a custom T-shirt for me?

There are specialized services of some brands that manufacture T-shirts as the customer requests.

           Some brands have tables on which you can customize your favorite t-shirt. You can add badges, numbers, names, and colors to your preference. Best of all, you can make this combination for you and your family.

Everyone can have these football shirts customized for each one in the size they wish.

           Your best option will always be to customize your soccer shirt to your own and your family’s measurements, whether for a walk or to attend a game. For the fans, this is very representative when it comes to supporting their favorite teams.

Please note that the player version shirts tend to be tighter at the waist as they are made, especially for football players with athletic bodies.

To know your football jersey sizes, you must take into account the height may depend, and the build is an important part. These size charts are useful for people around the world since the measures used are universal. 


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