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What to Know About Consent Management Platform



Consent Management Platform

Advancements in technology have come with tremendous growth of data over the years. Although this is a good thing because it facilitates the various processes that are important in our day-to-day actions it has its disadvantages.  For instance, it makes the consumers vulnerable to violation of their rights as a result of misuse of the data collected on them.  Thus, it is important to have a mechanism that gives the user a certain level of control on what information is being collected about them and how it will be used. This is where a consent management platform comes in.

What is Consent Management Platform?

Consent Management Platform is a system that serves to control the collection of consumer data when they visit online platforms such as websites and social media. It does so by notifying the user that their information will be collected if they continue to use the website. 

It also prompts them to choose the type of material that they accept to be collected and decline that which they wish to remain private. 

Furthermore, it is able to give them more insight on how the collected materials will be used. Therefore, it allows the consumer to regulate the process according to their preference. Your details won’t be collected and used by the company unless you give your consent.

Why is it of importance to businesses?

The main reason why businesses implement such systems is to be in compliance with the laws that serve to protect the consumers. For example, consumer data privacy laws dictate that no personal details should be collected about a consumer without being informed first. 

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Thus, any business that doesn’t adhere to this will be in breach of the regulations and is subject to persecution according to the law. 

Regulatory bodies such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serves to ensure that regulations are clearly stated and are followed by the relevant parties. The GDPR is an international body that oversees this operation within the European Union.

Other than compliance issues, it also helps to promote trust between the provider and the consumer. The fact that the user is made aware of such actions makes them appreciate the transparency and trust in the reliability of the provider. 

This is good for the business and is a factor that can contribute to its growth. Furthermore, the information collected can be processed by the various analytics techniques to help the firm determine how they can improve their products and services to suit the taste of their consumers. Read more here 

Are there any exceptions?

The laws can vary depending on the circumstances hence there are instances in which data can be legally collected even without the consent of the consumer. 

For example, certain government entities can exercise their authority to collect information on an individual while conducting an investigation. However, this too must be done in a lawful manner and at times can require a court order.

Consent Management Platform 

What happens to the collected data?

When you consent to your data being collected through means such as cookies, it is stored and then processed to get valuable information. 

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Based on the results, the company can be able to do things such as displaying relevant ads and suggestions to you based on your previous searches. 

Thus, it allows them to provide to you customized services that suit you. Some of the data can also be sold to third parties. Thus, it is important to learn how your details will be used before you consent.

You can opt out whenever you want by simply changing the configurations to remove your consent. The materials will then be deleted after the stated period of storage has expired. Click here to find more insights.


CMPs provide an effective way of regulating consumer data collection and use by allowing the user to be made aware of the act and giving them the chance to accept or decline. This ensures that the business complies with the regulations by upholding the consumer data privacy rights. It also establishes a level of trust between the two parties. There is a variety of such platforms and so a firm should take time to evaluate and determine the one that will best suit them.

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