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When Is the Best Time to Start Your Move?



When moving to a new place, people have a lot of tasks to consider, such as obtaining appropriate packing supplies, scheduling and reserving trustworthy moving companies, like The Smooth Movers, and determining the ideal time to begin the move. Yet, often, people fail to realise the significance of selecting the best time to relocate, even if they have several weeks or up to a year to plan.

When people need to relocate, they usually receive enough notice to plan their move more efficiently. Choosing the right date and time to move can affect both the cost and efficiency of the moving process. To select the best time, it’s essential to consider factors like weather conditions, the movers’ lifestyle needs, and the financial implications.

Best Time to Move Based on Lifestyle Preferences

The choice of the best time to start a move is also influenced by the lifestyle of those moving. Most people who are employed prefer to avoid moving during the middle of the week or month because it can disrupt their routine and may require them to take time off from work.

Individuals who have children attending school or college commonly relocate towards the conclusion of the academic year. This helps them have sufficient time to find a new school for their children and settle in before the new session starts. Some people prefer to move when their apartment lease expires, while others like to move on weekends or public holidays, like Memorial Day, to save time.

Ideal Seasons for Moving Place

Choosing the ideal time to move to a new location extends beyond just weather conditions. Each season has its distinct challenges, which can significantly affect various aspects of the moving procedure. It’s important to take into account relevant information about each season when picking a date and time for your move.

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Spring and Fall Time

Relocating locally or long-distance can be done during the early spring or fall seasons due to the good weather. The favourable weather conditions during these seasons shorten the moving process time.

Movers work more efficiently when there are no weather-related or holiday rush challenges. To avoid these challenges, it’s best to plan a move in the mid-month of low seasons, like mid-September or mid-April, rather than in early spring or late fall.

Summer Time

During the high season when moving services are in high demand, moving companies generally increase their rates. In Australia, the summer season is the busiest time for moving companies. Due to longer days, a lot of individuals opt to exercise in the morning and keep the afternoon available for leisure activities.

If you’re planning a local move during the summer, it’s a good idea to ask the moving company to start early to avoid working in the hot afternoon temperatures. In addition, starting early is generally cheaper, so if you want to save money, avoid scheduling your move for early morning hours. Remember, this advice applies specifically to local moves.

Winter Time

Winter is a great time to get affordable moving services because the weather conditions discourage many people from moving. In addition, the moving industry receives less demand during the winter due to the persistent bad weather, making it the least preferred time for long-distance and local moves. Consequently, moving companies usually offer lower prices for their services during this period to attract more customers.

Best Time to Move Over Long Distances

When travelling long distances during a move, choosing the right time can be difficult. It is recommended to avoid peak moving season since most moving companies are hectic then.

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To save money, experts suggest moving during the off-season for long-distance moves.

Starting the moving process in the early mornings can save time and money. In addition, some relocation services offer discounts or special offers for those who move on a specific day or during the middle of the week.

Final Thoughts

We to ensure that you comprehend the process of selecting a moving date. Although there is no perfect season for moving a house or office, choosing a time when relocation service providers are less busy is best. 

September is the most popular month for hiring relocation services. However, the best season could be either spring or fall, and the best week of the month will depend on your needs and preferences as a client.

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