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10 Wealthiest Sports Bettors



The world of sports has many stars. Some have achieved amazing things in basketball, football, baseball, and more. They continue to push the limits and set the bar higher for the ones that come after them. In other words, they leave their marks on history.

The same can be said about the world of sports betting. Several legends have made names for themselves by placing legendary bets throughout the years. In addition, many sites cater to sports betting. is one such site. It has an extensive casino section but also offers an excellent sportsbook. When you look at their platform, you’ll see it covers many sports and promotions for bettors. In addition, bettors are welcome to many exciting features and coverage of various events and tournaments. Furthermore, if you look at any review, you’ll see how happy the customers are.

So far, there have been several legendary bettors. They’ve made a fortune and have left their marks on history. Some have stuck to specific sports, while others mixed and matched.

Billy Walters

When it comes to legendary bettors, Billy Walters always makes the list. He’s known for his strategic approach to betting. His meticulous planning and placing bets have put him among the most wealthy sports bettors. Billy’s analytical approach allows him to go over various odds and make the best decision whenever he places a bet.

Tony Bloom

The Lizard is another analytical mind in the world of sports betting. He was a poker player and decided to try his luck at sports betting. He’s an avid bettor who doesn’t shy away from showing other interests. His betting career has led him to become the owner of a Premier League football team. He dedicates various resources to the club and has prepared it for future matches and competitions.

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Haralabos Voulgaris

When it comes to basketball, there are many legendary players. Michael Jordan may be old now, but he’s got a legacy and the staggering assets that go with it. Basketball betting is the domain of Haralabos Voulgaris as he has intimate knowledge of the sport, which allows him to place successful bets. Like Bloom, he’s a former poker player, hence his analytical abilities.

Zeljko Ranogajec

The Joker is another famous bettor. Zeljko has taken a different route to other bettors, focusing on horse betting. He got the hang of the details of the world and used them to place strategic bets. His strategic bets paid off, as he’s one of the wealthiest bettors around. You’ll find plenty of articles about The Joker detailing his vast empire.

Matthew Benham

Benham is a name synonymous with data analytics in sports betting. He’s the owner of Smartodds. It’s a company that provides statistics of matches and tourneys for sports events, something every club needs. Thanks to this competitive edge, he has climbed up in sports betting.

Bob Voulgaris

Bob is the younger brother of the famous Haralabos Voulgaris. He shares his brother’s insight into the world of basketball. He’s exceptionally knowledgeable about the NBA and has used that knowledge to help various teams. His deep understanding of the sport has gotten him a consulting spot, giving insight into the various details of a team’s performance.

Alan Woods

Alan Woods is another expert in the world of horse betting. He also takes an analytical approach like most of his predecessors. Unlike them, though, he relies on computer programs to analyze the odds of various bets and races. With the results, he places the bets and gets the wins. Thanks to his approach, he’s a global sports betting legend.

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David Walsh

Cycling is a sport that gets a lot of attention. However, most people choose not to bet on it. But David Walsh isn’t one of those people. He’s analyzed race dynamics and has taken the time to increase his knowledge of the sport. His experience has helped him become a successful bettor. In addition, he’s a journalist and uses his deep understanding of cycling to uncover doping scandals in the sport.

Jimmy Snyder

Snyder was another famous bettor. Although he’s no longer with us, he made a name for himself in the day. He was one of the pioneers of sports betting and shared his insights and predictions on national TV, showing you how popular he was.

Anthony Bloom

Anthony Bloom may be the final one on this list, but he’s a rightful member. His passion for football leads to a detailed understanding of the game and his success in the betting world. He’s one of the wealthiest bettors in the world.


1. Does passion for a sport usually lead to betting?

Passion for a particular sport will help people become specialists. They can use their insights to bet or help teams and players perform better.

2. Do everyone on this list focus only on sports betting?

Some of them have careers in other fields, but most of them do.

3. Is it possible to learn from them?

It’s possible to get in touch with them and try to get them to be a mentor.

To Sum Up

Just like sports legends, there are sports betting legends. Some chose to focus on different sports, such as football and basketball, and even provided their insights to sports teams. Others go for an analytical approach for several sports and even find their own companies that deal with analytics. Either way, each bettor of this article has left a mark on history.


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