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Christina Hall Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Christina Hall Net Worth

If you are not living under the rock, you know who Christina Hall is. From HGTV’s Flip Or Flop to Christina on the Coast to Christina in the Country – she’s known for her hit shows and escalating real estate business. There have been frequent speculations about Christina Hall net worth, stated to be $25 million (as of 2024). The recent book release of her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa’s Flip Your Life: How To Find Opportunity in Distress – in Real Estate, Business and Life has brought this topic to the forefront. In his book, he has given insights about certain segments of her life, previously unknown. 

This post will give you an idea of her professional value, her income sources, her real estate properties, and her investments. Let’s explore the specifics – 

What is Christina Hall net worth? 

Christina Hall Net Worth is $25 million

Image Credit: Fox News

According to public records and the latest data obtained from multiple sources, her net worth stands at $25 million. As one of the noted American investors, television personalities, and social media influencers, she is professionally worth more than her spouses as well. 

For the unversed, she has been the face of HGTV for close to a decade now. Her shows Flip Or Flop (with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa), Christina on the Coast, and the currently airing Christina in the country are big hits. Apart from that, her multiple investments, shared properties with ex-husbands, books, and real estate earnings have added to her humongous net worth. 

Sources of her income 

In the previous section, you have got an idea of the value of Christina Hall net worth and the sources. In this section, we will give you better clarity on these sources – 

Her Real Estate ventures 

Christina Hall real estate venture

Image Credit: New York Post

She has been a part of real estate since she passed out of college. Initially, she worked for Prudential as a real estate agent. It is from here that she took baby steps to enter the world of American real estate. 

For the record, she and Tarek worked together at Prudential, and the couple started selling real estate in the southern part of California. In fact, it has been found that one of their deals earned them a massive profit of $30,000! 

Till the 2008 stock market crash, the couple went on to carry on their housing business. However, the crash affected the housing market, which substantially reduced their income. 

Earnings from her TV shows 

Christina Hall in Flip or Flop

Image Credit: Fox News

Christina got to be part of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, along with her then-husband Tarek El Moussa. The show was based on how the couple bought old houses, renovated them and then attempted to re-sell them at a profitable margin. The show was a huge hit, with a host of spin-offs attached to that. 

This propelled the market value of Christina Hall net worth at that point in time. One success after another followed, and she was soon leading another show – Christina on the Coast. She started by renovating her post-divorce house and then continued renovating other houses. The show was a huge hit and continued garnering more eyeballs. 

  • Hall earned $10,000 for Flip or Flop’s each episode. Thus, for the whole season, she supposedly went on to earn $130,000.  
  • For the 3rd season of this show, she was reportedly paid $40,000, which escalated her net worth to $600,000. 
  • For Christina on the Coast, she was supposedly paid $50,000 per episode, with her season total coming to $500,000. There was news that annually, she earns $2 million from her multiple ventures. 
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Her social media profile and endorsement deals 

Christina Hall Net Worth

Image Credit: The Columbian

Christina’s Instagram profile has 1.8M followers, and her promotional posts earn her quite a hefty sum. Apart from that, she has endorsed a range of products, mostly for HGTV – Jacuzzi Bath Remodel TV Spot, to Mattress Firm. 

Last noted, she has partnered with Spectra Furniture to endorse and creatively partake in their products. The latest from the lines are – Christina Hall X The Lace Project, Christina Collection, and Christina HOME. All of these projects, in the upcoming times, will enhance the value of  Christina Hall net worth. 

She is an accomplished author 

Christina Hall Net Worth

Image Credit: OK Magazine

Back in 2020, Christina released her book of healthy recipes under the title – The Wellness Remodel: A Guide To Rebooting How You Eat, Move And Feed Your Soul. In this book, she has also opened up about her health battles, from – her diagnosis of an autoimmune disease to her infertility and mental health problems.  

This book, co-written with nutritionist Cara Clark and published by Harper, had received positive reviews that translated to high sales. This substantially enhanced her income. 

Appearance in magazine covers 

Christina Hall magazine cover

Image Credit: PicClick UK

Hall, as one of the topmost recommended faces, has appeared on the covers of magazines like – Orange County Register, People, HGTV magazine, and Good Housekeeping. Though there is no specific information on the remuneration she received, one may assume it to be somewhere around $100,000 to $1 million (standard rates). 

Her production house 

Christina Hall Joshua Hall

Image Credit: Deadline

She, along with her now-husband Joshua Hall, started her own production house called – Unbroken Productions. Though the investment or the return details of this venture are unavailable, it is no doubt a profitable one! 

These are some of the key areas in which she earns her money. Let us now see the investments she has made – 

Real estate she owns 

Christina Hall Net Worth

Image Credit: TMZ

As mentioned before, Christina Hall is one of the most noted US-based real estate investors. By her own admission, as she stated in her show’s first season on HGTV, she does own a couple of prime properties. 

For the record, she had a beach home in Newport that she remodelled (as shown in the first season of her HGTV show). The invested amount was $4.1 million in 2018. Later, she sold it for $5.4 million. Currently, a massive portion of Christina Hall net worth has been invested in – a Nashville home ($2.5 million) and a California property ($10.3 million). 

Cars collection

Christina Hall range rover car

Image Credit: Page Six

The girl from the coast already had a Range Rover in her possession. Added to that, her husband Joshua Hall gifted her a Bentley Convertible (tagged at $240K) for her birthday. 


Christina Hall Net Worth (11)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery

Though there is no specified information about her investments, she serves as Executive Producer for both – Christina on the Coast and Christina in the Country. Hence, a significant portion of Christina Hall net worth has been invested in these ventures. 

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Philanthropic activities 

Christina Hall Net Worth

Image Credit: People Magazine

Most of the charities that Christina Hall is associated with have not been disclosed. However, in an old interview, Hall stated that – to date, her most powerful renovation project was one for Cassie’s (her best friend) relative. This project gave her ample joy and satisfaction. 

Early Life and Education 

FULL NAME  Christina Meursinge Haack. 
BIRTH DATE  July 9, 1983
BIRTHPLACE  Anaheim, California, US
EDUCATION  San Diego State University 
HEIGHT  1.75 m

Personal Life 

Christina Hall family

Image Credit: People Magazine

Her personal life has always been a matter of speculation for one and all. She was initially married to Tarek El Moussa, her business partner from Prudential. The couple called it quits after 9 years and 2 kids together. She was then married to Ant Anstead from 2018 to 2021. The couple have a son together. However, this marriage also fell apart. Christina then dated and married Joshua Hall in 2022. Currently, they are in a happy space. 


Christina Hall Net Worth

Image Credit: Us Weekly

Hall has been controversy’s favourite child for years together now! It all started with the ending of her marriage to Tarek El Moussa, her first husband. In a recent tell-all book, Tarek claimed that after a massive fight, he had left the couple’s home with a gun. Though he wanted to simply clear his head and hence carried the gun for safety purposes, Christina called 911 on him, and he was almost on the verge of being arrested. The couple’s marriage broke down soon after. Then, this incident had created a huge impact on social media. 

There was also news that she had refused to work with female costars on her projects. However, she quashed the rumours. 

Concluding thoughts 

As one of the most popular television and social media influencers, Catherina has managed to garner both the money and the celeb status in a short period. This clearly shows how good she is at her job and assuredly a credible name when it comes to making real estate decisions. The commanding estimate of Christina Hall net worth is a true recognition of her capabilities. Added to that, it shows that when someone can put behind past matters and prominently act toward their goals, nothing can stop them from achieving them. She may have had a tumultuous past, professionally and personally, but she stands steadfast today, moving towards greener pastures. 

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1. What is Christina Hall net worth? 

She has $25 million in her bank. 

2. What did she want to become originally?

She originally wanted to be a sports agent. It was only later that she followed her intuition and became a real estate agent. 

3. What health issue did she have?

She had faced a miscarriage back in 2015. After that, she suffered from mercury and lead poisoning in 2022, which had come as a side effect of her breast implants. 

4. Does she have pets? 

She has been a dog lover ever since. She already had a French bulldog called Cash and later embraced a cancer survivor, Stella. 


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