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Chevy Chase Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)



Chevy Chase Net Worth

A few days back, former NBC sitcom Community members – Chevy ‘Pierce Hawthorne’ Chase and Joel ‘Jeff Winger’ McHale were engaged in mud(word!) slinging. While Chase said that he did not like to share his space with the cast members and that he was ‘happier’ without them – McHale retorted with – “Hey, the feeling’s mutual, bud.’’ Naturally, one dissing led to another discussion, and suddenly topics like Chevy Chase net worth – recorded at $50 million, Chase’s controversial statements, his family, and Chevy Chase’s works started trending online. If you are one of those netizens, who have been looking up these queries, it’s time to get the answers! 

This post will give you a detailed outline of his net worth, how he has managed to earn that money, his professional accomplishments, his investments, as well as a glimpse into his personal life. Time for the unveiling – 

What is Chevy Chase net worth? 

Chevy Chase Net Worth (1)

Image Credit: TCM

As per confirmed news from Celebrity Net Worth, the renowned American actor, comedian, and writer, once dubbed as the ‘funniest man in America’ by an NYT magazine has a net worth of $50 million. 

The primary sources of his income are – through his appearances on television, films, career as a writer, and hosting shows (his Weekend Update was a staple of Saturday Night Live!) 

He was a man who gave nothing but ‘hit-shots.’ However, in the middle, there was a lull in his career. But soon NBC’s Community brought back the best of him and he was again reigning the entertainment portals like before. Today TheRichNetWorth will give you an idea about his professional achievements and the money garnered from those, and expose some other facets of his life. 

How did he earn this money? 

In this section, you will get an idea about the sources of his income and how he managed to garner such an impressive amount – 

His television appearances 

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Image Credit: Biography (Bio.)

The biggest addition to Chevy Chase net worth came from his presence in Saturday Night Live. he supposedly earned $7 million, and an additional couple of million from this successful show – making him one of the richest show hosts in those times.  

Chevy Chase in films 

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Image Credit: GoldDerby

This was one of the biggest sources of his earnings. He kickstarted his career with Walk…Don’t Walk in an almost insignificant role, but soon rose to the high ranks with Foulplay, Caddy Shack, Fletch, and National Lampoon’s Vacation. 

  1. For his roles in Fletch, and Fletch Lives, he earned $7 million. 
  2. In his role in Christmas Vacation, he earned $6 million. 
  3. For Memoirs of an Invisible Man, he earned $6 million. 
  4. He earned somewhere between $2-$4 million, for his other film roles – out of which the highest was for National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. 
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For the record, the National Lampoon series grossed a massive amount globally (all the parts) ranging from $70-$130 million. 

Hosting gigs on TV and radio 

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Image Credit: Groovy History

He has been part of multiple shows as a host, The Chevy Chase Show, The Paul Simon Special and The Larry Sanders Show being the top hits. That’s not all! He also successfully hosted The National Lampoon Radio Hour which gave him a handsome $3 million in those times, thereby enhancing Chevy Chase net worth momentously. 

Coming back with Community 

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Image Credit: Rolling Stone

After his stint with television was almost over, there was a lull period in his career. After that, he came back with Community, one of the biggest sitcoms ever produced by NBC. For that, he was paid a handsome $8.3 million. 

Endorsement deals 

As one of the noted celebs of the US entertainment ecosystem, Chase was the face of multiple brands – a prominent car company being his biggest project. 

A note: Before he became famous, Chevy Chase worked in various roles such as cab driver, fruit picker, produce manager at a supermarket, and construction worker. It is his variety of experiences in different roles that make for the person that he is, and traces of those are found in his comedy, which makes it all the more reliable. 

How much did he make from NBC Community? 

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Image Credit: Hipertextual

For those who have just been introduced to one of the best comedians on US television, NBC’s sitcom Community was about – an unlikely group of friends who went to the same community college and participated in a study group. Chase was seen in the character of Pierce Hawthorne, an old man with hordes of money, enrolling in the Greendale Community College with a desire to find himself. 

The show was a huge hit and went on for 6 seasons, out of which Chevy was part of 4 (almost 83 episodes). This show propelled his market value, and the metrics of Chevy Chase net worth increased by $8.3 million ( supposedly he was paid $80 – $100k per episode) during its run. 

Though he had a huge public fallout with the show’s creative director, Dan Harmon, he did appear on the show’s fifth season in a cameo role. 

Does he invest in real estate? 

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Image Credit: Urban Turf

Credible sources have revealed that – Chevy Chase along with his current wife Jayni, owned a prime 5-acre property in Pacific Palisades. Initially, the couple spent $1.2 million on it, but later listed it for $3 million. The property was sold off in 2005, but no details of the monetary aspects were shared with the media.

After that, the couple invested a portion of Chevy Chase net worth in an upscale New York property, where they currently reside.  

Which car does he own? 

Though there has been no specific news on the same, it is stated that Chevy Chase does own beasts like – Chevrolet and Mercedes Benz. 

Did you know this about him? 

Full name  Cornelius Crane Chase 
Birthdate  October 8, 1943 (80 years) 
Educational Institutes  Riverdale Country School 

Stockbridge School

Haverford College 

Bard College (passed out with Bachelor of Arts in English) 

Awards  Primetime Emmy Award (performance and writing for variety program) – Saturday Night Live/ The Paul Simon Special 
Hall of Fame  September 23, 1993 – Received star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame 

Chevy Chase’s financial controversies 

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Image Credit: The Vintage News

More often than not, his controversies have shaken the official numbers of Chevy Chase net worth. Whether it is his dressing room fistfight in 1978 with Bill Murray (at Saturday Night Live) or his latest hurl at his Community co-stars – he has garnered unwanted eyeballs. All of this has led to losing him some plum projects and that downgraded his professional value to a great extent. He was found to use a racial slur (towards co-star Donald Glover) for which he was fired from a show that took a toll on his market value. Along with that, his problematic behavior on the sets of his shows has been widely reported. 

There were also reports that he was involved in substance abuse and alcoholism, for which he was admitted to a medical center – Betty Ford Center (for over-consumption of prescription painkillers) in 1986. After another bout of alcoholism in 2006, there has been no news of him going out of control. 

However, somehow or the other, he has managed to maintain his popularity in this industry, and people love his acting skills irrespective of his controversies. 

Any news on his charitable ventures? 

Chevy Chase Net Worth (9)

Image Credit: The Howard Stern Show

 He is one of the most controversial stars working in the American entertainment fraternity, and also one of the most charitable ones. For the unversed, a significant value of Chevy Chase net worth is invested in multiple charities such as – preserving wildlife and ecosystem, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and National Children’s Museum. However, no specific monetary details are available since he prefers to keep them under cover. 

Officially he is part of philanthropic domains like – Amnesty International, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Earth Day Network, and Andre Agassi Foundation For Education to name a few. 

A quick look back into his personal life 

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Image Credit: People

Chevy Chase, born and brought up in Lower Manhattan and then Woodstock in New York, has been married thrice. His initial 2 marriages ended in divorce. Currently, he is married to Jayni Luke and the couple share three daughters. Apart from that, Chase also has a son Bryan Perkins with an unidentified woman. No details as such have emerged about the father-son duo. 

Final words 

Controversial or not, Chevy Chase makes it a point to stay in the news forever. He did leave an imprint wherever he went – from his initial presence on television to being one of the biggest stars on Saturday Night Life and also being the first to leave it.  This heightened professional career with a range of hits happens to be the key reason behind the estimated $50 million, that we know as the value of Chevy Chase net worth. However, putting everything aside, there’s one thing that is inherent in him – his never-give-up attitude and his will to come back stronger than ever. Today’s youth who are looking to make a place in the industry must adapt these qualities for a better future. 


1. Why did Chevy Chase leave the Community? 

As per news reports, Chevy Chase was removed from the show Community due to his unprofessionalism and clashes with creator Dan Harmon. 

2. What is his most recent work? 

He was last seen in 2019 in films like – Panda vs Aliens (King Karoth), and The Last Laugh (Al Hart). Regarding television, he was last seen in – A Christmas in Vermont. 

3. What is the Hasty Pudding title of the year? 

Back in 1993, his comic timing earned him the title of Hasty Pudding’s Man Of The Year. This award is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. 


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