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Dr. Dre Net Worth 2021 and top 10 facts lesser-known of the hip-hop artist.



Dr. Dre net worth

Dr. Dre net worth is as glamourous as his name in the music industry. An American rapper with versatile professions. He is an actor, music producer, along with an entrepreneur. Dre is on the list of most successful entertainers. For almost the last three decades, there has been no one like him. Dr. Dre has given the Grammys awards six times. Moreover, Rolling stone, an American monthly magazine, has put Dr. Dre on the list of the ‘100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’ He was number 56 in that.

Till the year 2018, Dr. Dre was the second richest entertainer in hip hop. Dr. Dre net worth was estimated to be $800 million. Producer Dre is a renowned name in the music industry. His ever-evolving style of production is one of the various reasons. He always stays rooted while enhancing the elements of previous works.

Dr. Dre net worth

Dr. Dre net worth is an estimate of around $820 million as of the year 2021. While there is no question that he has earned millions of dollars from his music career, he has also made from his various endeavors. His career, though, started as the Producer of a rap group. The name of the hip hop group was N.W.A. The abbreviation of the group is ‘Niggaz with Attitude.’ Then he became a solo artist and moved into entrepreneurship.

Dr. Dre then has also been a massive support in making rap god Eminem and 50 Cent’s career in the hip hop world. Dre launched both artists. Through his label and production company. His company is named ‘Aftermath Entertainment.’

In June of the year 2020, Dre’s wife Nicole Young filed for divorce with him. While we haven’t heard of the couple’s prenup, the estimated Dr. Dre net worth was $820 million.

Dr. Dre net worth increasing over the years.

2016 $710 million
2017 $740 million
2018 $770 million
2019 $800 million
2020 $820 million

Additionally, as of the 1st of January of the year 2021, Dr. Dre net worth is still at $820 million.

Early life

Dr. Dre net worth

Source: Hip Hop Golden Age

Dr. Dre was born in California on the 18th of February in the year 1965. Though, the name given by his parent was Andre Romelle Young. Andre’s middle name Romelle is given by his father, Theodore Young. It is a name from his father’s R&B company, Romelles. His mother, Verna Young, was married to his father in the year 1964. Dre went to Vanguard Junior High School. But due to gang violence in the area, he had to shift to Roosevelt Junior High School. His family often moved, living in apartments and houses in his home town. Although when asked to Andre, he states that he got his upbringing from his grandmother. After completing junior high school, Dr. Dre was a Centennial High School student until his freshman year. However, he wasn’t able to score good grades. Henceforth, he had to later transfer to Fremont High School in Los Angeles.

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Now that you are aware of Dr. Dre net worth, we are here with ten facts about Dr. Dre that are lesser-known by the fans.

Whenever there’s a question of who is the greatest rap producer, for decades, the answer has been Dr. Dre. From humble beginnings to net worth in millions, Dre has a lot of his stories unsaid. Here we are with ten facts that are known very little about the rapper.

1.Warren G is the half brother of Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre net worth

Source: Pinterest

Dre’s mother has been married twice after his father. Verna married Warren Griffin. Warren Griffin was the father of three daughters and one son. His stepbrother, son of Warren Griffin, later became a rapper under the name Warren G. Thus, rapper Warren G is a half-sibling to Dr. Dre. Warren G later introduced Dre to that time young and emerging rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg. After some time, Dre started inviting his stepbrother to his studio sessions of ‘The Chronic.’

2.Dre had trouble finding a distributor for Death Row.

In the year 1992, Dr. Dre came up with his now quite famous album Death Row. Everything on that album was complete, and all it needed was a distributor. While everyone appreciated how excellent his work was, no one actually took on his project. Due to previous relations of Dre with Ruthless Records, many did not want to work with him. However, eventually, Interscope agreed on signing the deal with Dr. Dre’s Death Row.

3.Dre is the godfather of many’s careers.

Dr. Dre net worth


Many people believe that Snoop Doggy Dogg was already famous before meeting Dre. But, this might surprise you that he wasn’t. According to a story, Snoop Dogg has recorded a freestyle rap for the song “Hold Up,’ and that’s when Dre spotted him. Dre has a talent for finding talents. The career of rappers known across the globe, like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, is because of Dre. Call it a mastery of Dr. Dre to spot potential.

4.Kanye West is hyper fixated by The Chronic.

The Chronic Dr. Dre is a massive hit in terms of music and production. The Chronic is an ideal example of how a hip-hop album should sound like. Although it was a release in the year 1992, there are still a few people who are awed with it. Kanye West is one such person. No question, it has set a benchmark. Kanye is still hyper fixated with the album. Moreover, he even compares all his work to The Chronic to make sure they are worthy.

5.The samples for Dr. Dre’s music are unusual.

Utilizing samples to make tracks is a well-known forte of the hip hop industry. So, it’s evident that Dre might take samples. But what admirers are unaware of is his revolutionary ways of testing with samples. For his album The Chronic, he took the test on another level. By using models from a whole different genre instead of taking the standard ones. His creative perception shows how creative he is when it comes to music and sound.

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6.Dre was on a tour when the unfortunate news of his brother’s death came.

You already know that his mother, Verna Young, has married twice. Tyree became Dre’s half-sibling when his mother married Curtis Crayon. It was Verna’s second marriage. In 1990, while touring alongside N.W.A. came the news of Tyree’s unfortunate death. Dre has a song titled ‘The Message’ dedicated to the fond memory of his beloved half-brother.

Furthermore, Dre has lost two other of his stepbrothers. He lost his brother, Jerome, while he was just at the age of one. Jerome died because of pneumonia.

7.Dr. Dre is among the only two hip hop producers to win the ‘Producer of the Year’ award in the Grammys.

You are absolutely reading that right. Dr. Dre is such a gem. There are just two producers in the hip hop industry to win the ‘Producer of the Year’ award at Grammys. Apart from the Neptunes, it is Dr. Dre who has won the award. For his impeccable work in ‘The Marshall Mathers LP.’ Dr. Dre became the second hip hop producer to win the award it was in the year 2001. The album has sold $1.76 million in just a week.

8.Andre Young Junior- Dre’s child, died at the age of 20.

Dr. Dre was at the age of 23 when he and his son Andre Young Junior. However, two years later, Jenita Porter- Andre Young Junior’s mother, sued Dre. Porter, after that, was seeking money for child support. The amount was a sum of $5000. Unfortunately, in 2008, Andre Junior was found dead. He was at that time at the young age of 20. The reason for his death was an overdose of drugs-heroine and morphine. He was found dead in Dre’s family home.

9.The world would have missed this hip-hop megastar if it weren’t for his mother.

Dr. Dre’s mother, Verna, was at a very young age of 16 when she was pregnant with Dre. Back in 1965, getting pregnant at that age was a taboo. Verna’s close friends and family members were beseeching her to get an abortion. But the headstrong mother didn’t do it. Hence, today we have a rapper globally famous for his skills in hip hop. If it were not for her mother, the famous rapper would never have been born. We definitely would have never known such amazing talent.

10.Dr. Dre net worth is the sum of the third richest rapper in the world.

Dr. Dre net worth is an estimate of $820 million as of now. This $820 million fortune makes him the third in the list of richest global rappers. Kanye West tops the list with a net worth of $3.2 billion, and the second in the list is Jay Z, with a net worth of $1 billion.

Summary of Dr. Dre net worth.

Dr. Dre net worth is a summation of his creativity and hard work. For many of the rappers that are famous on a global level, Dre has been the one helping with their career. If it weren’t for him, rappers like Eminem would have never been in existence.

Want to know more about other artists and their net worth? Keep on reading us for more.

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