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Pixie Curtis Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Pixie Curtis Net Worth

We often come across life stories of millionaires with years of experience under their belt, sitting today as a world-famous CEO. But how many times have you come across a millionaire who retires at 12 years of age? Surprised? Pixie Curtis is the name! She is the founder and CEO of – Pixie’s Fidgets, which started back in 2021. Thanks to the immense popularity and increasing demand, today, the metrics of Pixie Curtis net worth stands at $13 million!! What’s more? She has decided to retire and concentrate on her studies after moving to Singapore from Australia. 

This post will give you an idea about how she gained this fortune, where she has invested her money, and her plans. Let’s get you the story – 

What is Pixie Curtis net worth? 

Pixie Curtis Total Net Worth

Image Credit: El bouquet

According to multiple news portals and credible websites, along with her mother’s formal admission – Pixie Curtis’s net worth stands at $13 million in 2024. The primary sources of her earnings are her two established companies (partnered with her mother) – Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Fidgets, and her Instagram posts. 

How did she gather this money? 

For the record, she has been garnering her millions from multiple domains. Let us give you an idea of the same – 

Her Instagram posts 

Pixie Curtis Net Worth (2)

Image Credit:

Much before she ventured into the business domain, her mother, Roxy Jacenko, back in 2014, started her Instagram account. Even when Pixie was just a few years old, Jacenko kept posting her pictures with a plan to leverage its business potential in the future. Within a short period, her account gained huge popularity, making Pixie the Princess of Instagram

Currently, she has 172K followers on her Instagram official account and charges $600 for a post, which adds up to her total net value. 

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Through her companies 

Pixie Curtis Net Worth From Her Company

Image Credit: Negolution

The key to the massive $13 million, the metric of Pixie Curtis net worth, is her business ventures – Pixie’s Fidgets and Pixie’s Bows. 

To start with, back in 2014, Roxy Jacenko, a noted PR professional, started selling hair accessories and bows, all under the name of Pixie. With time, the brand grew exponentially and became one of the bestselling hair accessory brands. This made the daughter Pixie (under whose name the business was registered) one of the youngest millionaires. 

Pixie’s Fidgets followed this hair accessory business. It is a fidget spinner business that the mother-daughter duo started during the pandemic (with Pixie officially heading the business). The business grew manifold and enhanced her already ‘millionaire’ status. Reports state that she has a monthly income of $133,000! 

Does she have any real estate under her name? 

As of now, there is no specific news that can confirm that Pixie Curtis has any real estate property under her name. We will keep you updated on the same. 

Does she own a car? 

Pixie Curtis car

Image Credit: Business Today

From what has been revealed by her family, they do own a Mercedes Benz -GLS (tagged at $270,000). However, Pixie is still underage; therefore, she does not drive the car. 

Did she spend any money on charity? 

Pixie Curtis charity

Image Credit: Daily Mail

As much as a millionaire she and her family are – Roxanne Jacenko, in more than a single scenario, has stated that, as a family, they are not ‘selfish’ and believe in charity. Multiple reports show that a significant portion of Pixie Curtis net worth is spent on charity. In December of 2022, Pixie donated gifts worth $80,000 to the Ronald McDonald House in Australia. That’s not all; she has also served as the brand ambassador of a children’s cancer charitable organization called – Camp Quality. 

Apart from that, Pixie makes it a point to contribute on multiple occasions, details of which her family has not revealed. 

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Her family life 

Pixie Curtis family

Image Credit: The Sun

Here’s quickly taking a look at her family life – 

Actual name  Pixie Rose Curtis
Date of Birth  August 16, 2011
Place of Birth  Sydney, Australia
Father  Oliver Curtis 
Mother  Roxanne Jacenko
Siblings  Hunter Curtis 

What are her future plans? 

It was only in August 2023 that Pixie announced her decision to retire and focus on her education primarily. The girl’s parents hosted a lavish birthday party, followed by a retirement party, before they moved to Singapore. However, one cannot deny that given her brand’s popularity, she might decide to take it ahead in the future. 

In fact, a rough estimate stated that – if she did manage to restart her business and carry it on with the same momentum, she might end up having a massive $21 million in her bank in the next decade. But as of now, there is no news on the same. 

Parting thoughts 

Quite like many, you too might have been shocked at the humongous Pixie Curtis net worth of $13 million, and that too at a tender age of 12 years, with no inheritance to talk of. Having said that, this is truly an example before all of us as to what a simple business idea can return if put to use correctly. Pixie’s mother, Roxanne Jacenko, being a part of the business and PR domain, clearly understood the market’s pulse and ensured that the business was headed in the right direction. 

If you liked this quirky story and want to know more about it – keep watching this space for more! 


1. What is Pixie Curtis net worth?

Standing in 2024, Pixie Curtis’s net worth stands at $13 million. 

2. Why is she suddenly retiring from her business venture? 

Pixie has decided to retire from her business venture to concentrate on her studies. The family has decided to shift to Singapore so that Pixie and her brother can concentrate better on their education. 

3. How is her mother responsible for her monetary decisions? 

Roxanne Jacenko, Pixie’s mother, was the brain behind her business ventures and Instagram account. Since she is a noted PR professional, she understood the metrics behind social media profiles and business ventures, preparing to use them beneficially in the future. 


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