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Dave Coulier Net Worth 2023: Uncle Gladstone Is Worth $5 Million!!



Dave Coulier

Recently, there was news about the passing away of the goofy, adorable Uncle Joey Gladstone from ABC’s superhit show Full House. As the news spread like wildfire, people started checking websites for the whereabouts of Dave Coulier, the US-based actor who had headlined this role. Though the news later turned out to be fake, as confirmed by the actor himself, he did trend for a couple of days with searches like – Dave Coulier net worth (supposedly it is $5 million), Coulier’s alcohol problem, Is Full House coming back, and the likes of such.

As you, like every other curious netizen, have scrolled onto this page, TheRichNetWorth will try answering all your queries to the T. Stay tuned to this page to find out more about him, the works that he is currently associated with, and his recent whereabouts.

What is Dave Coulier net worth?

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Image Credit: SFGATE

Multiple internet sources and the actor’s publicists have stated the actor’s professional value to be currently standing at $5 million in 2023. His primary sources of income have been acting, endorsement deals, voiceover roles, being a producer, and being a member of a touring comedy troop. Though certain reports have understated his net worth to be at $4 million, or at times escalated it up to $7 million, the value that has been found as per the records is standing at $5 million.

There has been news floating about his taxation deals and certain changes in the value, but no further update is available. This is a developing story, so keep tracking this website for more updates on the same.

In the meantime, let’s check out his current sources of earnings and how he has invested the same.

Why is he suddenly in the news?

The fact that metrics associated with Dave Coulier net worth are in the news because – there were rumours about his death just a month ago. That’s not all! He had decided to pause the episodes of the Full House Podcast recently after the SAG-AFTRA strike – sparking rumours of his deteriorating health. It is an already known fact that he was an alcoholic (though he had kicked the bottle in 2020) – hence the rumours gained fire quickly.

Though both the news has turned out to be nothing but a hoax, it is time to deal with the queries the audience still has – what his current income is and how he garnered that money. Let’s proceed to know the same –

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What are his sources of income?

As per information revealed, he has multiple sources of income, such as –

His earnings from Full House

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Image Credit:

Things are quite dicey when it comes to figuring out the actual earnings of the concerned individuals in the show. A quaint old report reveals that Coulier’s character got paid between $1500 and $ 2000 per episode at the show’s start. No further updates are available on the same.

According to one of the key members of the show’s production team, unlike the other iconic shows, Full House does not have much value in terms of residuals, and the cast and crew associated with the show do not get any royalties.

His income from other shows

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Image Credit: Biographico

Dave has been an integral part of numerous shows like – Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, George and Leo, America’s Funniest People, The Thirteenth Year, and The Surreal Life, to name a few. Though the statistics are unavailable, given his popularity as an artist, he did earn stupendous salaries from all of them, which in time propelled the value of Dave Coulier net worth.

Recently, he reprised his role in the spin-off to the hit series titled Fuller House. The series has opened to positive reviews.

His salary as a voiceover artist, and impersonator

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Image Credit:

Dave is one of the noted voiceover artists and impersonators of current times with a range of appearances in – Scooby and Scrappy Doo, Extreme Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters, Muppet Babies, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, and the globally-noted Canadian series Bob and Doug.

Additionally, he has also built a credible ground with his experience as an impersonator.

He is the founder of an entertainment company

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Image Credit: Yahoo Sports

The actor founded his entertainment company specially dedicated to the kids named F3 Entertainment in 2000. In this case, no paid-up capital or profit margin was shared in any public domain, but given that the company has not defaulted in these years, one may assume that he has garnered lumpsum profits from the same.

His position in a wrestling promotion company

Proceeds from his position as the Commissioner of Chikara (a company promoting wrestling) were also added to the overall sum of Dave Coulier net worth. The Board of Directors has not revealed the exact amount publicly, but given that the Philadelphia-based company is a big name in the market, without a doubt, the actor earned a handsome amount.

Has he invested his money?

Though the man likes to keep his financial details private, a little birdie has informed that – his primary investments have been in the form of his entertainment company and real estate. Scroll down for further details.

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Is there any news on his real estate holdings?

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Image Credit: Architectural Digest

Without a doubt, from the information that the financial experts have been able to gather, a significant amount of Dave Coulier net worth has been invested in real estate. The actor supposedly owns homes in Michigan and Los Angeles.

Apart from that, there was news of him buying a lake house at Lake St. Claire – but no further details are available.

Does he own a car?

In this case, as well, specified details are unavailable. But from what has been found – he does own some big names like Range Rover, Chevrolet, and a Ford pickup truck.

Does he support any charitable endeavors?

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Image Credit: X (formerly Twitter)

He is a man who has been engaged in several charitable associations; however, he has not made the details of the same public. Despite that, his association with Detroit Red Wings (a professional ice hockey team based out of Detroit) has been revealed. A massive portion of Dave Coulier net worth has been invested in the team and its workings to promote young ice hockey players.

A quick look at some facts and figures

You perhaps did not know these details about him –

BIRTHDATE September 21, 1959
DEBUT SERIES An Evening At The Improv (TV)

Things Are Tough All Over (Film)

PARENTS David Coulier and Arlen Coulier
EDUCATION Notre Dame High School

University of Michigan


Looking back at his family life

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Image Credit: ABC News

Born and brought up in Michigan, he struggled quite hard to get into the world of showbiz. In the 1990s, he was married for 2 years to model Jayne Modean. The couple share a son, Luc. However, the marriage ended in a divorce. After that, he dated the singer Alanis Morisette, which again ended in a heartbreak. Finally, he dated and married producer and photographer Melissa Bring and the couple have been together since 2014.

Parting thoughts

Though Uncle Gladstone was as much of a fun-loving character as he was, Coulier himself as a person is very reserved and enjoys his own company. It was only when fake news surrounding him started making rounds that today you have got an idea about Dave Coulier net worth and how he chooses to spend the fortune. For the record, Fuller House is available on Netflix for all those who wish to catch it on now. Did you like this article? Would you like to know more about such famous celebs and their accumulated wealth? Then keep watching this space for more!


1. What is Dave Coulier net worth? 

His net worth stands at $5 million.

2. What is his current age? 

He is 63 years old, being born on September 21, 1959.

3. Does he own an airplane? 

According to confirmed details, Dave Coulier is a trained private pilot and both flies a B35 Bonanza. Additionally, he is also part of the famed Hat In The Ring Society (an endeavor of the AOPA Foundation) that promotes the concept of safe flying.

4. What is his height precisely? 

He stands tall at 1.8 meters.

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