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Justin Timberlake Net Worth Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Justin Timberlake net worth

The ‘Like I Love You’ hitmaker is back in the news! Not that he manages to stay away from the tabloid headlines for a long time, but this time, Timberlake is warped up in an old controversy. His ex-Britney Spears apologized to him publicly, and he dissed her apology. Instead, he went ahead to announce the ‘One Night Only’ show in LA! Apart from mixed reactions online, netizens have delved deep into other facets of the ‘Prince Of Pop’s’ life. From queries about Justin Timberlake net worth in 2024 to how much he sold his music catalog for, there’s a lot of gossip! 

Steer clear from it all, because we have the correct answers for you! For starters, his professional value is stacked at $250 million, and his music catalog was sold for $100 million! Scroll down this article to know more about the sources of his income – 

What is Justin Timberlake net worth? 

Justin Timberlake net worth (1)

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lifestyle Asia as well as multiple other credible publications – his estimated net worth stands at $250 million in 2024! The key sources of his income are his music sales, concerts and tours, film earnings, assets he holds, advertisements, and campaigns, along with a horde of other investments! 

Let us get to the specifics of the same – 

Sources of his income 

Timberlake earns his moolah from multiple sources like – 

His music albums 

Justin Timberlake music shows

Image Credit: CNBC

Timberlake, as a musician, has been a ‘forever hitmaker.’ His studio albums – The 20/20 Experience, Man Of The Woods, Justified, and Future Sex/Love Sounds have been money-churners! Additionally, his singles like – SexyBack, Cry Me A River, Selfish, This I Promise You, Bye Bye Bye, and more have all gathered massive moolah! 

Earnings from the band 

Justin Timberlake band

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Though no fixed amount has been revealed in terms of his earnings from the band, sources state – that Timberlake supposedly has earned close to $70 million from his collab with NSYNC. 

Selling his music catalog 

Justin Timberlake music catalog

Image Credit: Capital

For the unversed, Timberlake recently sold his music catalog of 200 songs for $100 million to Hipgnosis Song Management! 

World tours 

Justin Timberlake world tour

Image Credit: Adam Blackstone

He has headlined and co-headlined multiple world tours like – The Justified World Tour, The Forget Tomorrow World Tour, Justified and Stripped Tour, Future Sex/Love Show, and The Man Of The Woods Tour, to name a few. Reports state he has garnered over $300 million from his global outings. Last news obtained, he has announced his LA concert. 

He is a noted actor 

Justin Timberlake films

Image Credit: Roger Ebert

Timberlake has been the star of multiple movies like – Friends With Benefits, The Social Network, Yogi Bear, Edison, Palmer, Trolls Band Together, Reptile, In Time, and Runner Runner, to name a few. Most of his films have performed extensively well globally, and therefore one may assume that this has reflected positively on the metrics of Justin Timberlake net worth.

His participation in multiple campaigns 

Justin Timberlake mc donald's advert

Image Credit: Spoon University

To start with, he was paid a whopping $6 million for his McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It campaign, which multiplied the values of Justin Timberlake net worth to a great extent! 

Apart from that, he has participated in a range of adverts and campaigns like – Givenchy, Sony, Levi’s, and Walmart (a collab with Taylor Swift)! According to reports by MoneyNation, he has earned $42 million from endorsement campaigns. 

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Justin Timberlake has authored a book 

Justin Timberlake book

Image Credit:

He has authored a book in collaboration with HarperCollins by the name of – Hindsight & All The Things I Can’t See In Front Of Me. It is a collection of his anecdotes, observations, and reflections on life, along with a range of candid images. However, the proceeds of the sale have not been released. 


Justin Timberlake net worth

Image Credit: MEGA 99.3

Did you know Timberlake has invested a significant amount of his property in his production house and business ventures? Here are the specifics – 

  • He is the Executive Producer of the FOX TV show – Spin The Wheel. 
  • Timberlake has co-owned and endorsed 3 restaurants in the USA. They are – Chi (California), Southern Hospitality, and Destino (New York).
  • He invested in the William Rast clothing line in 2007. This includes polo shirts, cord jackets, jeans, and cashmere sweaters.
  • Timberlake invested $16 million in the Big Creek Golf Course (Millington, Tennessee) and redeveloped it into the Mirimichi Golf Course. 
  • Fresh Leaves is another clothing line that Timberlake invested in along with Levi’s. 
  • Justin also joined hands with Sauza Liquors to create his personal franchise – Sauza 901. 
  • His other investments include – stakes in Bowery Farming, The Ugly Company, Hydrow, and TMRW. 
  • Jessica and Justin also have minority stakes in the Memphis Grizzlies. 

Real estate he owns 

Justin Timberlake home

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

In August of 2023, Timberlake listed his 127-acre Nashville property for a massive $10 million. For the unaware, he bought this property back in 2015 for a whopping $4 million. With the sales proceedings going on smoothly – he supposedly did make good money out of it. 

Apart from that, the sale of his 3000-square-foot Tribeca penthouse in 2022 (for $21 million) substantially helped in escalating the already humongous metrics of Justin Timberlake net worth.

The real estate assets that he currently holds are – 

A penthouse in Soho Mews (NYC) for $7.65 million 
His 1230-square-meter Hollywood Hills mansion for $8.3 million 
Premium property in Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana 
Added a private basketball court (all blue) to his LA home

His car collection 

Justin Timberlake cars

Image Credit: AutoBizz

Apart from massive investments in multiple spaces, he is a man with a passion for high-end cars! Credible sources confirm that he owns a – Audi S5 Cabriolet, that came at a jaw-dropping cost of $70,000! Apart from that, his other beasts include – the Lexis RX350 and Audi Q7! 

Philanthropic activities 

Justin Timberlake charity purpose

Image Credit: UPI

Quite like other celebs, a significant amount of Justin Timberlake net worth is invested in charitable endeavors. 

The proceeds (over $9 million) from Follow My Lead went to the pediatric department of the Shriners Hospitals For Children in 2008.
His Justin Timberlake Foundation (2001) started by funding music programs in schools. However, now it has expanded its horizons to cover multiple domains. 
During his stint with NSYNC, he in collaboration with others founded the Challenge for the Children fund, which aimed to assist in multiple domains. 
He partakes in non-profit charitable endeavors like – the American Century Championship, and AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. 
Timberlake is involved in charitable auctions for MusiCares and Ten O-Clock Classics. 
His wife Jessica Biel and himself were frontrunners in helping out in the – Hope For Haiti Now telethon, and Hurricane Sandy volunteering activities. 
He, along with Eminem raised funding of $2 million for victims of Manchester Arena bombings in 2017. 

Early Life and Education 

FULL NAME  Justin Randall Timberlake 
PARENTS   Charles Randall Timberlake (Baptist church choir director) and Janet Lynn Harless 
SIBLINGS  Half brothers – Stephen and Jonathan

Half-sister – Laura Katherine 

NSYNC BANDMATES  Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and JC Chasez 

Personal Life 

Justin Timberlake wife

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

Timberlake’s personal life has always been mired by multiple controversies. 

  • Back in 1999, he dated Toxic singer Britney Spears. However, the couple broke up in the early 2000s, with the reason being that Spears was pregnant and Timberlake was not ready for fatherhood. Later, the baby was aborted. 
  • In 2003, he briefly dated ‘Baby Spice’ – Emma Bunton. 
  • Then, in April 2003, he was in a relationship with Cameron Diaz. The couple broke up in 2006. 
  • Finally, in January 2007, Timberlake started dating actress Jessica Biel. Though they briefly broke up, in October 2012, the couple exchanged vows at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in Italy. The couple is blessed with two kids. 


Justin Timberlake SuperBowl controversy

Image Credit: Vogue

Timberlake likes to hit the headlines once in a while for the wrong reasons. Whether it was exposing Janet Jackson’s breasts on TV during Super Bowl XXXVIII or the latest being shoving off Britney Spears’ apology – he makes it a point to be on the wrong side of the limelight. 

A few years ago, it was about an investment deal with Justin Bieber. To make the story clearer – back in 2008, Timberlake had escaped the boy band curse and established credibility for himself. He was to start his record label, Tennman Records (2007), and wanted to secure a deal with the upcoming pop star Justin Bieber. As per the press report, Timberlake was to be the CEO and Chairman of that label. 

However, the story goes that this deal fell through, all thanks to the interference of Usher, who signed Bieber! The result – Justin Timberlake net worth was hit by a massive $40 million loss ( amount that Usher garnered for this album). However, much water has flown under the bridge, and today, Timberlake’s professional value is higher compared to both Usher and Bieber. 

Financial facts you cannot miss

These are some of the key financial facts that you cannot miss out on – 

Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel’s prenup infidelity clause goes up to $500,000. 
A Forbes report stated that he earned $44 million in 2008. 
Forbes further went on to state Justin Timberlake net worth to be $57.5 million in 2019. 
In 2013, he was the highest-paid musician, as per Billboard (earned $31 million). 
Timberlake earned $57 million (2014) and $63.5 million (2015) on record. 

Concluding thoughts 

From ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ to ‘Rock Your Body’ – when talking of pop music or R&B, Timberlake is a name to reckon with! Even for the tone-deaf, he’s the man for almost every moment. The estimates of Justin Timberlake net worth speak for itself of his outreach globally. Having said that, the journey has been full of ups and downs. What has remained noteworthy amidst it all is – his patience and persistence in creating music that touches the souls of everyone. Thanks to it all, today he is one of the most famous musicians of all time! 

If you liked this post, and want to know more about celebrity net worths and all facets of their lives – TheRichNetWorth is the website to check out! Leave your comments below and keep following this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How rich is Justin Timberlake? 

Justin Timberlake net worth is $250 million! 

2. Who did Timberlake date after Britney Spears? 

He dated Cameron Diaz and Emma Bunton after his breakup. He is currently married to Jessica Biel.

3. How much did he invest in MySpace? 

Timberlake had invested $35 million in MySpace along with Specific Media in 2011. 

4. Did he cheat on his wife Jessica Biel? 

There were reports back in 2010 that he had cheated on Jessica with Olivia Munn and with Alisha Wainwright in 2019. However, nothing has been proven as of now. 


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