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Conor McGregor Net worth and some amazing facts about him



Conor McGregor Net worth

Conor McGregor net worth

Introduction to Conor McGregor net worth 

Conor McGregor net worth is just like his name in the athlete career- which is, no question, massive! 

So, how much is his worth? Well, to start with, Forbes magazine has put the MMA fighter at the top of the highest-paid athlete of the year 2021. 

McGregor is a professional Irish MMA fighter born in the year 1988. In addition to that, he has fought in the featherweight and double-lightweight categories and has remained champion in both categories.   

Also, he has had a tremendous performance in his career of MMA fighting and has fought against many strong opponents, including Dustin Poirier, Eddie Alvarez, Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes, Khabib Nurmagomedov many other UFC fighters. However, his career went on a hiatus due to his injury in a fight in September 2014 in the fight against Dustin Poirier. He broke his shin bone while kicking his opponent, and the injury was really terrible. 

Conor lost to Dustin Poirier in January 2021, and it was his third match since 2016 after properly recovering from his leg injury.

Also he is back in the game, and the word of his fight against Jake Paul is already starting to spread around. 

Conor McGregor net worth

Conor McGregor net worth

Source: CNET

Currently, Conor McGregor net worth stands massive at around 200 million dollars. His Net worth includes the amount of 100 million dollars he earned in his fight with Floyd Mayweather and the 50 million dollars in his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Also, McGregor’s pre-tax earnings ($200 Million) include the worth from his whiskey brand, which was sold to another firm. The brand is named Proper Number twelve. And the money was split between McGregor and the co-founders of the company. Although McGregor holds a small number of shares of the firm, but still he uses his vast number of fan following to promote the sale of the brand. So, in total, his career in MMA to date has given him a rough amount of $115 million. 

Apart from his fights, Mcgregor also earns from brand endorsements with numerous branded companies. Companies like Burger King, which is a global name in the global fast-food chain company, have approached him. He has also signed endorsement deals with Anheuser- Busch and even Beats by Dr Dre. With these global and renowned brands, Mcgregor has managed to earn an estimated amount of around $14 million. 

Lastly, in the year 2019, there was a cryptic tweet from our guy indicating that he might retire from his career. So, if the news is correct and McGregor truly retires, he will go home with around $235 million as his total career earnings. 

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Now, moving on, let us just know a bit about the beginnings of Conor McGregor. Hence, we will start with his early life and then how he became the highest-paid athlete around the globe. 

Early life

Conor McGregor net worth

Source: News18

Mcgregor was born in Crumlin, Ireland, on the 14th of July 1988. He was excellent at sports at a young age and especially in soccer. However, he started to train at a boxing club at the age of 12 in order to defence himself against the seniors or the bullies and increase his confidence. Thus, he took a good step for his life in the present and in the future. He began to earn his own money at the age of 17 by doing plumbing apprenticeships. Later on, he was introduced to UFC by the fighter Tom Egan with whom he soon started to train with. 

In 2008, he joined Dublin’s Straight Blast Gym (SBG) and learnt the required skills under John Kavanagh.

 John Kavanagh was the first Irish to get a black belt in jiu-jitsu of Brazil. Before entering into the MMA fighting career, Conor was also trained in Karate, Capoeira, Taekwondo and Kickboxing. McGregor was a strong guy from the beginning; he needed the required skills to fight, which he got from his trainer John Kavanagh. 

Career Debut to Conor McGregor net worth

He debuted in MMA at the age of 18 and won his debut match by Technical Knockout in the initial round. However, he performed significantly well in his next matches in MMA and made his name in the base of the MMA.  

The UFC signed McGregor in a multi-fight contract in February 2013, and he was the second person from Ireland to get such an opportunity. The first person to get to fight in the UFC from the Republic of Ireland was Tom Egan. 

Conor debuted his fight against Marcus Brimage on the 6th of April in 2013 and won by Technical Knockout under one minute of the first round. He performed with full enthusiasm and confidence; McGregor is known for his attitude towards his opponents, and the TKO did earn the first Knockout of the Night award that day.  

McGregor is known for his striking style in his fights, and his left-handed fast jabs are the most talked-about technique of striking his opponents. 

Facts about Conor Mcgregor 

Till now, we have told you about his net worth, early life and career advancements of Conor. And now we’ll talk about the facts for which he is famous and for which people admire him and take inspiration from him.

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The career he is pursuing is a challenging one, and he has to train regularly to keep his international level strength and remain on the list of the top 10 UFC fighters around the world. However, the hard work he or any other fighter invest in the sport is always commendable, and it should be for their hard work.  

Anyways, the facts about Conor McGregor are as follows.

As a child McGregor was a victim of bullying

Many of the fans will be shocked to know that their UFC champion was a target of the bullies. But this fact is true and legit. This is the main reason why he joined a boxing club at such a young age. He is now due to the decision that he took years ago; the aim was to protect himself from the bullies, as he was a small child and attracted the attention of the seniors or the bullies. 

McGregor currently talks about his experience of getting bullying, and he also spreads awareness of bullying. And the bad consequences among the students of many areas. 

Conor has a high finishing percentage 

19 of the 21 matches he had fought ended before the final bell rang. Because of his well finishing ability, Conor is famous as the expert finisher in the UFC championships . It takes a lot of stamina, energy, power and dedication to finish the match before the final bell rings. Or to take down your opponent in a TKO, especially against the international level UFC players. 

McGregor keeps fighting even after getting severe injuries

Conor McGregor net worth

Source: MMA News

Even after getting an injury, the fighting spirit is just an example of sheer willpower and internal strength. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) while fighting against Max Holloway. 

The tearing of ACL is a painful situation. And all the athletes who know about it are afraid of such injury. But in that match with the Featherweight champion. But Conor kept fighting even after the injury. And not only that, he managed to win the match by out-grappling Max.

The bottom line for Conor McGregor Net worth

So, Conor McGregor net worth is worth 200 million dollars. And he deserves such worth for his hard work, dedication and consistency in terms of the sport. He is the inspiration of millions and has a sheer will to fight against his opponents. We wish him many victories ahead in his future and a healthy life. 

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