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Gigi Hadid Net Worth and a Few Facts To Know About her!



Gigi Hadid net worth

Gigi Hadid net worth:

Gigi Hadid net worth is in significant numbers by comparing to the people in her profession. Mrs Gigi is a television reality star, just like the Kardashians. But along with it, her primary career is as a supermodel. 

By making from $9 to $10 million annually, she is among the highest paid models to reside on earth. Yet you will be taken back to know that she has been a fashion model since quite a tender age. For Guess (Baby), she did modelling for a span and when she was two years old. It must be the influence of her mother at that young age. However, till she had turned 18, she didn’t do walks on the ramp as official models. 

The primary source for Gigi Hadid net worth is basically her dazzling and flourishing career as a model of fashion. She earns by signing deals here and there and often with the top firms in the fashion modelling industry. Moreover, she has contracts with some ever flourishing companies like BMW, Evian, Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, and more. 

Hence, in this piece, we are uncovering all the facts relating to her net worth and how she made it that huge. So, let us now unearth out what Gigi Hadid net worth is in numbers and a few other things about her. 

Gigi Hadid net worth

Gigi Hadid net worth


Gigi Hadid net worth is an estimate in millions of US dollars. She has an estimate of about $29 million as of the year 2021. The sources of her ever-increasing net worth her profession as a supermodel. Moreover, acting as a cherry on top is her contracts with multi-millionaire fashion industry companies. 

However, she alone makes more than around $10 million each year by walking the ramps of fashion shows. Hence, Gigi is among those few supermodels who are paid the highest in the profession. 

If you think that is all to Gigi’s profession, you might be missing a few things then. Apart from being in front of the camera, she has also been at the back of it. But somehow, still, she was in the limelight. To start with, she has also been a photographer for professional photoshoots. Moreover, in the year 2012, Gigi Hadid was cast in a short film as an actor. The 2012 Virgin Eyes was a short film having Mrs Gigi in it. In the year 2017, she did a photoshoot with Versace’s spring/ summer campaign but as a photographer. In addition, a special summer release of V Magazine had pictures clicked by her. The photos were basically polaroids. 

Early life

Gigi Hadid net worth

Source: Pinterest

Famous as Gigi, but have you ever wondered what her real name could be? Well, it is Jelena Noura Hadid, and it is her nickname Gigi, by which the whole world knows her. 

Born in the home of Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid, Gigi is the oldest of the three biological siblings. In addition, she has two parental half-siblings. Her biological siblings are Anwar and Bella Hadid and the half-siblings Alana and Marielle. 

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Gigi’s parents sadly divorced when she was eight years old in the year 2003. Then in the year 2011, her mother, Yolanda, married David Foster. However, this marriage did not last long, and they ended up getting divorced in the year 2017. 

She was born in the year 1995, on the 23rd of April, in Los Angeles. But Gigi has grown up in the city of Santa Barbara, which is California. There she has studied at Mailbu High School and graduated in the year 2013. Then afterwards, Gigi moved to New York at The New School for pursuing criminal psychology. But she put a pause on her studies just to focus on modelling. 

After moving to New York in the same year, 2013, she signed with IMG Models. Then the following year, in 2014, came Gigi’s debut of New York Fashion Week in the month of February. Adding to the list, she appeared in the fashion cover shoot of CR Fashion Book Magazine. This was Gigi’s first high fashion shoot with the magazine. The year 2014 was flourishing for her as she following these events, got man contracts from other brands as well. Gigi got her feature in several endeavours of Tom Ford brand.

Some facts about Gigi Hadid other than Gigi Hadid Net worth

As of now, we have given you an update to you on Gigi Hadid net worth. So let’s move to a very few facts that sum up a significant portion of her life. Though, there is significantly fewer than few facts that one can hide being that big of a celebrity. Moreover, if you have such a massive following, it is tough for you to hide anything in the first place.  

Being such a big star in the world of fashion and being an aspiring character for many is not an easy job. Hence, keeping secrets from the world outside is such a tough job. 

Given are a few facts about our beloved Gigi Hadid, which are not a secret. But they are the part of her life that shape her as to how we come to know her. Adding the fact that some of these tell us how Gigi Hadid net worth is an ever rising number in millions. 

Gigi Hadid net worth is a sum-up of numerous talents.

Gigi Hadid net worth

Source; W Magazine

As we all know, she has graduated from Mailbu High School. In her high school, Gigi used to volleyball. Moreover, she was the captain of her high school’s volleyball team. Adding to that, Gigi has even known to qualify for Junior Olympic for the same game. Talking more about sports, it is known too well that she is an extremely excellent horse rider. She has won a national championship.

Adding to that, we all know that she is a supermodel. Moreover, she has been in many music videos, including that of Taylor Swift and more. Also, she has even been a professional photographer for global brands. 

Another of the things is that most of us don’t know about is she is so passionate about cooking. So, she knows to cook as well or is a food enthusiast. 

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Hence, we can really claim that Gigi is a woman of numerous talents.

Gigi has a chronic ailment issue on her plate 

We all know Gigi radiates her own calm, but she has her shares of ailment tool like every flawed person. Despite the fact, she maintains both her professional and personal life calmly. 

When she moved to New York, it was then when her doctor came up with the diagnosis. Her doctors told her that she has Hashimoto’s disease. Which, like her family member’s disease, is a chronic ailment. If you are unaware till now, all her family members, except for his father, have a chronic ailment- Lyme disease. 

Hashimoto’s disease is a diagnosis of underactive thyroid in a person. So, it is not all perfect in her life as her life looks via the photoshoots and Instagram. 

The number of famous people Gigi has dated.

famous people


We all are aware that recently our beloved Gigi Hadid as a blessing had a baby girl, with none other than Zayn Malik. After rekindling their bond, the news came out and now they already have started a happy family. But before that, Gigi has dated a few more guys other than Zayn.

Starting with Cody Simpsons, both he and Gigi have had their moments. From social media to red carpet displays, they looked cute together. Then for around five months, it was Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers who she dated. 

After this, in 2019, we have reportedly seen her with Tyler Cameron. It was the summer of the year when it spread as a rumour that they were dating. But coming fall, while asking Tyler about his relationship status, he said he was not with anyone. So, maybe they never were together, or they broke up, but they really were close. 

It was after parting ways from Joe Jonas when Gigi started seeing Zayn. It was just two months after, but since then, both of them have been together. They made the relationship official in 2015, and since then, they have been on and off in their relationship. But at the beginning of 2019, they both were together and finally as a blessing, had a baby girl. On the 23rd of September in 2020, they made an announcement of the arrival of their baby. 

Conclusion on Gigi net worth

Gigi Hadid net worth is an estimate of around 29 million US dollars as of May of the year 2021. Her dedicated efforts towards her career have made her grow over the years. Hence, helped in becoming one of the most paid or highest paid supermodels.

Despite the ps and downs of life and even health, she has remained consistent in her profession. The promising supermodel is likely to grow even more in the coming years. Her focus and dedication towards building her career show that ailments are nothing. If one has the will to achieve their plan, they can surely do it. All they need is consistent efforts towards it. 

Learn more and read more about famous personalities, celebrities and politicians worldwide, head to our net worth page. We collect the authentic and intriguing facts about the net worth of the people you want to know about. 

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