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Donald Trump net worth and ten intriguing facts about him!



Donald Trump net worth

The 45th president of the States: Donald Trump net worth is not precisely known. However, Forbes magazine has estimated his net worth around a couple of billions.

He is the prevailing president of the United States of America. Before politics, he had his career in television. Along with that, he was a businessman.

In 1982, Donald’s name was on the list of wealthy individuals with a net worth of $200 million. In 2020, Forbes magazine added him to billionaires with a net worth of $2.1 billion. His wealth undoubtedly led to Donald being among the wealthiest politician in the history of the States. Additionally, he became the first-ever billionaire president in the year 2017.

Donald Trump was born in 1946 on June 14. He was born and bred in Queens, New York. From the University of Pennsylvania, Trump earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Donald Trump net worth

In real-time, Donald Trump net worth is an estimate of $2.5 billion as of January 1, 2021.
After graduation in 1968, Donald gave a start to his career by working at his father’s organization ‘Trump Management.’ The organization owned substantial housing on rent in New York. In 1971, Donald took over his father’s real estate firm and relabeled it The Trump Organization. Ten years later, in 1981, The Trump Organization was registered as a corporate business. Afterward, he expanded the operations of the company into hotels, casinos, golf courses, etc. In later years Donald also invested in other ventures. The American daily newspaper- The New York Times once while mentioning Donald Trump, said he was a millionaire while he was just eight years old.

Early life

Donald Trump net worth

Source: Vanity Fair

Donald John Trump’s parents were Fredrick Trump and Marie Anne Trump. With the professions of a real estate developer and a housewife, respectively. Donald was the fourth of the five children his parents had. He attended Kew Forest School till seventh grade. However, he was then studied at the military academy of New York at the age of thirteen.

Trump’s married life.

Donald Trump net worth

Source: The Guardian

President Trump has been married thrice. First, in 1977, he tied knots with Ivana Zelnickova. Ivana, by profession, was a model and an athlete. The couple together had three kids. Their marriage lasted fourteen years. Then in 1992, Donald was found to have an affair with Marla Maples. Due to which the couple separated their ways.

Actress Marla and Trump married in the year 1993. The couple had a daughter- Tiffany Trump. The marriage lasted for six years. However, Trump divorced again in 1999. Then in the year 2005, Trump tied knots with Melania Knauss. She is a model and entrepreneur. The couple together has a son.

Trumps’s Presidency campaigns

In 2017, after being elected as the president, Trump became the oldest first-term president of the States. Moreover, he is also the first president to not have served in the military or any government service. His election campaign and policies have provoked numerous protests. Most people recognize him for announcing false and deceitful statements throughout his election and presidency. Most of his comments consist of comments that are racist.

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Donald Trump net worth: what it consists of?

Trump initiated his career with a loan of one million dollars. He took the loan from his father and paid it back with interest.

Trump tempted the attention of the public in 1978, after his Manhattan Venture. The venture was financed by his father, which was around a cost of$400 million.

In 1985, Trump acquired a real estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Mar-a-Lago is a resort and a historical relic. He ought to take the resort at the cost of $10 million. In 2019, he declared the Mar-a-Lago his primary home. The mansion is the second largest in the city of Florida. Moreover, Forbes has now estimated the worth of this property around $160 million.

Donald procured a casino in 1988. The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Trump built the casino with an expense of $1 billion. It casino turned bankrupt in 2014 and was finally closed in 2016.

Trump’s fondness for Golf

President Trump is famous for his fondness for the sport, Golf. This might be the reason why in 1999, he started procuring and building golf courses. Donald owns approximately seventeen golf courses throughout the globe.

Apart from all this, he also has his investments for authorizing numerous consumer products and services. According to an analysis, more than fifty management deals were including the name of Donald Trump. The licensing resulted in generating around $59 million for his company as its revenue. However, in 2018, they decreased to a minimal number of two.

Ten intriguing facts about Donald Trump that might surprise you!

You might know a lot about the current president of the United States Of America- Donald Trump. The first-ever billionaire politician has several lesser-known facts about him. Hence, we here provide you with ten intriguing facts about Donald John Trump, which might leave you with an expression of surprise.

1.Donald Trump net worth started small.

Trump has officially mentioned that his first earnings were from collecting discarded soda bottles. He said that he used to do this work at his father’s construction site. He and his brother sold the bottles at a few cents each. From an earning in cents to an earning of billions. Starting small from there, now, as you know, Donald Trump net worth is in billions.

2.Trump doesn’t actually prefer shaking hands.

Donald Trump net worth

Source: Vanity Fair

Claiming himself as a ‘clean hands freak.’ Donald had once stated that he didn’t like shaking hands. But since turning his career into politics, he had to get over this issue of his. During one of his campaigns, he stated that being a politician and not shaking hands is impossible. Additionally, as the president of the United States, he shakes around 65 thousand hands.

3.The Hollywood walk of fame.

Joining Ronald Reagan, Donald John Trump is the second president of the US with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame is a platform in California that honors achievers in the entertainment industry. It has, till now, honored around 2,500 entertainers. While Ronald Reagan earned the award in 1960, before entering politics, Donald was awarded the star in the year2007. He received the honor for his work in the reality show ‘The Apprentice.’

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4.Nicknames by the Secret Service.

You already would be aware of the Secret Service and their task. The service provides exceptional security to the president. Hence for that purpose, they give nicknames to the president and their family members. The current president of the States’ has his name as Mogul. While Melania Trump- the First Lady’s nickname is Muse, Donald’s daughter- Ivanka’s nickname is Marvel.

5.Donald’s admiration for Citizen Kane.

While you might recognize a lot about the president, but what you don’t know is Donald’s favorite movie. Donald Trump’s favorite movie is Citizen Kane. Released in 1941, the movie is an American Drama film. The film is on the list of the most inclusive film that ever has been made. Donald Trump states the lesson to learn from Citizen Kane is wealth isn’t everything. As he had all the wealth, but he wasn’t happy.

6.Donald Trump is a teetotaler.

Yes, you are reading that absolutely correct, Donald Trump is a teetotaler. He does not drink, and the reason behind this is his older brother. Fred Trump Junior was an alcohol addict, and due to this, he died at the young age of 42. This hurt Donald, and since then, he made the decision never to drink ever.

7.Donald’s hairdresser is Melania Knauss Trump.

Although Melania Knauss Trump is a Solvene and American model by profession and is a businesswoman, she is a hairdresser for her husband. Apparently, she does his husband Donald’s hairs. Also, she even gives him his haircut.
Moreover, if you’re wondering, Donald John Trump’s hairs are real!

8.Donald Trump net worth is in billions, and yet he has never used an ATM!

While in an interview, President Trump once mentioned that he has never used an ATM. Yes, Donald Trump net worth might be in billions, but he has never used an ATM to withdraw money. However, this might be right, as he always has someone to do the work for him. He doesn’t need to carry his wallet or debit card around.

9.The owner of Miss Universe Pageants.

Trump is famous for owning most or all of the Miss Universe Pageants from 1996 to 2015. The largest pageant in expressions of live coverage. Moreover, it also included the pageants Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

10.President Trump-owned 21 airplanes.

Donald Trump once had bought Eastern Airline Shuttle, consisting of around 21 aircraft. For financing the purchase, Donald asked 22 different banks for $380 million. Additionally, he relabeling it with the name of ‘Trump Shuttle.’ However, when Trump didn’t gain any profit from the venture, he sold the shuttle.

Donald Trump net worth: what does he think of it?

When asked about Donald Trump net worth, he usually gives a much larger value than it really is worth it. He states that his net worth is a fluctuating number that changes according to the syndicate’s ups and downs. He says that, according to him, his net worth is around $3.3 billion. Moreover, Donald Trump always tries to exaggerate his empire’s value and especially his personal brands.

Summary of Donald Trump net worth

Donald Trump net worth is a sum of $2.5 billion. Despite the losses his estate and empire suffers from, he still has managed to be a billionaire. In fact, the first-ever politician to be a billionaire. His success tells us the moral that no matter where you start or at what age, success is definite if you decide not to give up.

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